Why Video Marketing is essential for Startup- 5 Amazing Benefits You Can Derive From It

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As soon as you open your smartphone, you will see videos all around. Most startups are using video marketing as their strategy to build communication with customers. Videos are engaging, entertaining, and interesting for both startups and customers. They connect with the masses through video.

Videos show the reality of the business, which a picture cannot tell. Video marketing statistics say it all by 2022, the online videos are taking up at least 82% of the internet traffic. It is actually 15 times higher compared to 2017. In the year 2018, internet consumers watch online videos that sum up to 85%. In the year 2022, almost 83.3% of people will access online video content.

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For engaging sellers and buyers, video marketing is a powerful tool. Video content is an engaging one where you get to watch the real market scenario. Compared to traditional marketing approaches like brochures and banners, videos are more effective. The audience engagement is high and lively.

Also, the share of videos all through the platforms is incredible. The revenue increases up to 49% when people watch videos online. In addition, 92% of viewers of mobile phones share videos with family and friends. 

Internet users believe what they see, and hence, they share, save, and like the videos they love or the videos that create excitement. Moreover, the format of videos is easy to grab compared to long-length texts. Hence, today’s startups are using video marketing as their main strategy to blow up the business.


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Therefore, 87% of the video marketers are satisfied with the Return of Investment with video marketing. Now you can imagine its popularity and why video marketing is essential for startup companies.  

Amazing Five Benefits of Video Marketing for Startups

1. Videos Are Educative & Informative

As technology is explored, access to the internet is an essential thing. There is no single person these days who cannot operate the internet. Through the internet, startup companies easily make a swift reach to the target audiences. With high-end smartphones and high-quality cameras, they encourage startups to make short videos on their products and services. 

These videos are more informative and educational rather than promotional. There are many social platforms like Instagram and YouTube to get topics on tips, hacks, and product reviews. It helps not only the brand but also the customers to get valuable information on various topics.


Every week, almost 78% of people watch videos online, and 55% of people watch online videos every day. This year, consumers of around 54% watch video content. Studies show that more people want to watch video content that comprises 54%, supporting business and brand.

2. Videos are Competitiveness

Nowadays, knowledge is available everywhere, and it is only possible because of the online presence. An entrepreneur can put an advertisement that will help and improve the size of the market. The demand for high-quality videos is incredible, and it is more like advertisements.

If the video related to marketing must be eye-catching and high quality, then only there are chances that it will reach the trending section. When a video is designed with the right keywords, great description, eye-catchy thumbnail, and title, it will break the traffic of the company’s visibility. This traffic will maximize sales and maintain the competitive edge of the sellers. 


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3. Boost the Conversion

When you click a photo of the product and write its description or USP, it does not create that impact that a visual product display will create these days. When you show the in and out of the product, then people find it more pleasing and trust your brand. The consumers can see the videos of the product and even turn into loyal customers. Video marketing helps in the conversion of the startup business.

Therefore, you must be using videos for your business growth. 84% of people said they convinced themselves to buy a product only after watching the good video. When viewers watch a video, they message the brand about the inquiry that comprises 95% as per Insivia. Therefore, almost 86% of startups use video marketing tools as their primary strategy to gain customers.


4. Affordable Video Marketing

Due to advanced technology, videos are watched in large numbers. Hence, the demand is high, and so the production cost is minimum. Also, if you consider the effective video marketing option, then you are on the right track.

One can watch video advertisements at any time and share them easily. If you compare telemarketing and salesperson, video marketing is affordable, and it covers a big market. Video marketing is like a funnel, and there are three steps to funnel. 

  • Awareness- The video contents create awareness to the people, and they know about the brand. It helps them get an idea of the brand’s product and services. 
  • Consideration- When you want to connect with consumers, you create a consideration type of content, which makes things different for you. 
  • Conversion: The viewers are convinced with your video; they turn into loyal consumers, giving you great conversion.
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So, overall, video marketing is an affordable form of marketing strategy with quick response. 


5. Engagement is High

The number of shares, likes, comments is high in video content compared to any other thing. Therefore, it makes a great difference in the engagement process, and Startup gets a great signal to communicate with audiences. Also, add CTA so that you can interact with your viewers and fetch for good business.


These amazing benefits are incredible for startups where video marketing plays an important role. Try using video marketing in your business strategy and see the growth with your own eyes. Use video marketing for your business, and you have to be consistent in your approach. Post, interact and address the viewers regularly so that you can get maximum support from them and you can create a better online business presence for your customers. 


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