The Hardest Canada Quiz You’ll Ever take


The Hardest Canada Quiz You'll Ever take. Do you know enough to move to canada?

This is the hardest Canada quiz you'll ever take. Do you think you know enough about Canada to go there.

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What is the Canadian healthcare system known as?

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Which Canadian city is known for its large Nigerian community?

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Which document is most important when applying for Canadian citizenship?

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What is the name of the Canadian program aimed at skilled workers?

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Which of these is a popular Canadian dish?

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What is the official language(s) of Canada?

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What is the largest national park in Canada?

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Which Canadian city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics?

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What currency does Canada use?

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What legal document do you need to work in Canada as a foreigner?

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Which province is the most populous in Canada?

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Which Canadian city is known as the "Silicon Valley of the North"?

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What is a popular Canadian winter sport?

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Which is a famous Canadian landmark?

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What is the capital city of Canada?

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