8 Best-Paying Jobs in the Cyber Security Space


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The world is almost entirely dependent on technology, data, and the internet. While this has simplified and streamlined business operations, it has also led to massive problems such as cyber threats.

Cyber attacks are growing at an alarming rate. According to research, each organization faces over nine hundred attacks per week globally. This led to many tangible and intangible losses for organizations.

This increase in cyber attacks has also led to the rise in the demand for cyber security experts. Organizations need professionals who can help protect organizations against such attacks. As stated by a report, cybersecurity jobs are the fastest-growing career options in the United States. They are expected to grow at a rate of thirty-one percent through 2029.

Over the years, cybersecurity has evolved into an industry with specialized, high-paying roles. Each role has a different need, skill set, and vantage point. Here is a look at the eight best-paying jobs in the cybersecurity space. (Salaries are all according to indeed.com)

Best-Paying Jobs in the Cyber Security Space

1. Information Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts are responsible for implementing cyber security measures in the organization. For example, information security analysts are in charge of installing firewalls. They add an extra layer of network protection.

The average base salary of an Information Security Analyst in the United States is $93,861 per year. They also receive an average cash bonus of $5000 and other benefits.

Similarly, they are also responsible for implementing other protection software like high-speed residential proxies. Residential proxies protect your organization from internal, as well as external cyber threats. They limit internet access, provide anonymity, analyze web pages for malicious content, and enhance network speeds.

2. Cloud Consultants

The average cloud consultant salary in the United States is $126,105 per year. They work exclusively with cloud storage systems. They are involved with designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud applications, processes, or services. They examine the organization’s data. 

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Based on their analysis, they determine the best possible cloud solution for them. They also provide consultations to organizations about cloud security. They analyze the various cloud services the organization uses. Then, they offer solutions that can help improve its security.

Cloud consultant jobs are set to increase in demand in the future as we move towards cloud-based solutions.

3. Penetration Tester

Penetration testers help organizations identify and resolve security issues by carrying out simulated cyber attacks. Their national average salary in the United States is $115,170 per year. Based on their findings, they implement security measures that can help prevent such attacks in reality. Thus, they are the ethical hackers of the organization.

Organizations that deal with sensitive, personal, and confidential information hire penetration testers. They even have them as part of their in-house cybersecurity team.

4. Network Security Architect

The average salary of a Network Security Architect in the United States is $128,028 per year. They are responsible for the organization’s network. They build, implement, and test networks to ensure their safety from cyber attacks and compliance with security measures.

They are also responsible for developing the organization’s LAN, WAN, and other data networks. They also provide consultations. These include improving the network, identifying network vulnerabilities, and preventing network attacks.

5. Application Security Engineer

The average base salary of an application security engineer in the United States is $128,001 per year. They are responsible for making sure that the organization’s software products work safely and securely. They also guarantee the security of the organization’s network and data.

Application security engineers work with developers and product managers. They collectively work to plan, facilitate, and support security releases that can ensure the safety of applications and software.

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6. Director of Information Security

The Director of Information Security is a senior-level post. Their average base salary in the United States is $138,162 per year. They also receive yearly bonuses that take their salary to around $180,000 per year. They are responsible for designing strategies that can help improve the cybersecurity of the organization. They manage and oversee various aspects of the organization’s cybersecurity plan.

Some organizations also entrust the extra responsibility of hiring, training, and reviewing cybersecurity teams to ensure they are functioning efficiently.

7. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The average salary of a Chief Information Officer in the United States is around $107,821 per year. They are also provided yearly bonuses and incentives that take their gross pay to a higher level.

The CIO is a senior-level position, and they work in a similar capacity as the Director of Information Security. They are one of the highest-paid cyber security professionals.

They are responsible for assessing the organization’s security processes, leading security teams, and overseeing company data management. They also look after various management-level processes related to cyber security.

8. Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

Cybersecurity sales engineers are responsible for working with the sales team. The average base salary of a cybersecurity sales engineer is $121,395 per year. They advise the team on the sales process. 

They make use of their cyber security technical knowledge and sales skills to explain to clients the various features and functional aspects of a cybersecurity product. They also help clear any doubts or questions the clients may have about the product.

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A cybersecurity sales engineer is a diverse role. It includes Enterprise Security Sales Engineer, Network Security Sales Engineer, and many others. Individuals can choose a niche in which they would work as a sales engineer.

Parting Thoughts

We see that there is a myriad of high-paying jobs in the cyber security space. Even entry-level jobs offer handsome pay. Naturally, the salaries increase with experience and performance. Now is the right time to find a job in the cyber security space if you want a successful and prosperous career.

You will need to have a cybersecurity certification or degree to enter the cyber security industry. There are various colleges and universities offering the same. You can enroll in a course that is best suited for you. Wishing you the best of luck and success as a cyber security professional.

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