How to tie a balloon

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We want to share with you how to tie a balloon! It is so easy and straightforward, that even someone who has never tied anything before can do it. Follow these instructions and soon you will be able to decorate your home or party with colorful balloons.

So, in other to tie a ballon:

  1. Inflate the balloon
  2. Hold the base of the balloon and stretch it
  3. Role the stretched part around two of your fingers
  4. And Finally, tuck the mouth of your balloon into your finger.

See the video below:

How to tie a balloon with a String easily

There are two ways to tie a balloon with a string, both are actually very easy.

Let me show you how below.

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1. Prepare your materials:

The first thing to do when trying to tie a balloon with a string is to prepare the material you’d need. You’ll need a thread, a pair of scissors, a latex balloon and that’s it.

The first method of tying a balloon with a string

How to tie a balloon

This first method is simpler. First, tie the balloon like we showed you at the beginning and then, simply tie a string or ribbon at the tip of the balloon after you are done tying the balloon.

Easy peasy

The first method of tying a balloon with a string

The video above explains how to use the second method of tying a balloon. So this method starts by stretching the base of the ballon like we did in the first section, but this time around, you have to stretch the balloon alongside the ribbon or string. This way, your string goes through the loop with the balloon and now you can pull your balloon with the string.

how to tie balloons without hurting fingers

Using the knot described above, you can tie several simple (you can also make them more complicated), decorative or funny balloons. You can write, draw or decorate them with colors, letters or any other things that you like.

if you are worried about tying a balloon without hurting yourself, then its safe to guess that you’ve hurt yourself at least once trying to tie a balloon, or at least know someone who has.

Well, the secrete to not hurting yourself tying a balloon is to not make the knots too tight while you are still doing the knoting.

Give plenty of space, that is, make the length of the stretch long enough that it can go round your fingers without feeling tight.

Only when you are done knotting or tying the balloon are you then allowed to tighten the knot. Hope this helps.

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How to make a poodle-dog balloon animal

The first thing you should note about this kind of balloon is that you don’t make them with your regular balloons. They require special types of balloon.

The video above explains it perfectly.

Tie a knot at end of the thread, put it over the “X” at your hard surface. Now, with scissors or by hand, make small incisions in your latex balloon in front of each ear and in a place where there are legs. Then, with hands (or fingers if you are brave enough) squeeze the balloon in the direction of incision – be careful not to pop balloons.

  1. Put the balloon over the “X” on your hard surface.
  2. Cut off one of the ends of the thread close to where you first tied it
  3. Now tie a knot at least 2 times on top of the “X” with this thread, so that you can pull it into your balloon later.
    3-1. Tie another knot on top, slightly on one side of letter E, so that it does not fall off – see photo
    4-1. Place a small latex balloon inside a larger one and tie it in the way you did with the first balloon.
    4-2. Tie a knot on top of your letter “E” so that it does not fall off – see photo.
    4-3. Take a very simple knot and tie it as shown in photo.
    5-1. Take next thread and tie a knot at least twice close to where you first put thread – this is to form the second part of the letter “E” (see photo). Repeat with next thread. Now you should have an L shape. Put one balloon inside another and put it over the “L” shape.
  4. Take a very simple knot and tie it as shown in photo.
  5. Tie a final knot on top of your letter “E” so that it does not fall off and you will be able to take it off easily later.
  6. Tie a loop at the bottom of your letter “E” and hang the first part of the letter “E” over it (see photo). Tie that in both directions – in one direction, where there is no stem, in the other direction where there is stem (see photo).
    9-1. Tuck end of thread for legs under loop on bottom of letter “E”.
    9-2. Do same for other legs.
    10-1. Tuck remaining thread for top of letter “E” under loop on bottom of letter “E”.
    10-2. Do same for other parts of the letter “E”
    11.Draw or decorate balloons with colours, letters or any other things that you like.


After having made this simple project you will be able to have fun with children, entertain them or just practice your hand skills.


We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur by using the instructions above. These instructions are for educational purposes only. These balloons can be dangerous if misused or used without adult supervision. Be careful and do not pull the balloon into the mouth, nose or eyes!

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