Would You Make A Good CEO, Find Out

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Will you be a good CEO

The quiz tries to assess decision-making skills crucial for CEO success. Through 12 questions with graded answers, it reveals participants' leadership strengths and improvement areas, helping gauge their executive potential. This concise evaluation aims to foster self-reflection and growth in aspiring leaders. This is not to say that if you have a low score, you will be a bad leader. Make sure to leave us a comment after the quiz.

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1. What about growth? What's your take on Global Perspective?

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2. What would you say is your Financial Acumen?

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3. What is your take on Ethical Decision Making?

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4. When Facing Uncertainty as a CEO, what do you do?

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5. As a CEO, how do you deal with new Innovations and Changes in the work place

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6. As a CEO, how do you deal with Failure?

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7. As a great CEO, how do you deal with Risk Management?

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8. How do you handle resource allocation as a CEO?

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9. As a CEO, how to you handle Crisis Management?

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10. What about Team Leadership?

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11. As a CEO, how would you handle customers?

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12. What is your take on Strategic Planning as a CEO?

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