How to Get Rent Now, Pay Later in Nigeria

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If you are in Nigeria and are interested in a flexible rental payment system, this post will walk you on how to get rent now, pay later in Nigeria.

In recent times, property technology (proptech) seems to be the new development in the real estate space. Many real estate companies now use technology to present options to people.

Examples are the different listing websites where potential tenants can find other apartment options in a particular location. 

Also, proptech is the primary reason the rent now, pay later option is effective in Nigeria.

This means you can see various options and access any offer from the comfort of your home.

Current State of Rent Now, Pay Later in Nigeria

It’s a fantastic offer, no doubt, but what’s the present situation of rent now, pay later in Nigeria?

This option is not quite popular yet in Nigeria. The economic hub of Nigeria (Lagos State) and its capital (Abuja) have enjoyed them more than other states in the country.

Why is that? The reason is simple:

Due to the rising population and business activities, there is high demand for real estate offerings in these locations.

Tenants can pay monthly, quarterly, or half of a year as opposing the conventional per annum payment or upfront for another year – yes, some landlords request for two years.


Reasons for Rent Now, Pay Later in Nigeria

First, the competition among real estate startups and old firms has given rise to the need to win new clients and keep existing ones for recurring business deals.

Another reason is that this development is a means to avert the complexities of yearly rent.

Although it is sweet to collect a considerable sum at a go for a year, some complications are attached.

One of them is the legal issues, as confirmed by Spleet’s founder.

He said the Nigerian rental law allows landlords to provide a six-month notice before excusing an owing tenant out of their house.

Is waiting for six months while a tenant still has the opportunity to stay a business gain or loss?

Which landlord wants to wait for that long?

No one. Because it’s a loss on investment.

That is why this arrangement is not only beneficial to prospective tenants who might not have the funds to pay for a whole year.

It also helps homeowners stay away from legal issues and steadily make money.

For these reasons, flexible rental options and offers emerged. These rental options include installments, monthly payments, apartment sharing, etc.

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Observable Features of Rent Now and Pay Later in Nigeria

There are notable features of these rental agreements as opposed to the regular rental arrangements. They include: 

  1. As mentioned above, such is more prevalent in Abuja and Lagos. In recent years, other cities in Nigeria will hopefully experience its proliferation.
  2. Many of the houses eligible for rent now and pay later have their essential needs in them already.

By essential needs, we mean utilities such as furniture, gas, electricity, water, etc.

Rent Now, Pay Later Companies in Nigeria.

Moving forward, let’s consider some companies facilitating the rent now and paying later. They are:

1. Spleet

Propelled by the need to find flexible rental agreement options, Adetola Adesanmi founded Spleet in 2018.

Spleet is interested in ensuring all and sundry access to efficient and affordable living spaces.

Also, they believe finding an apartment is tedious, and paying for it doesn’t have to break anybody’s back.

Furthermore, their approach is to provide loan facilities to worthy individuals.

As a result, they pay the rent upfront on your behalf, and the monthly repayment (as you earn), if you are a salary earner, is scheduled.

Another good thing is that no collateral is involved.

That means you don’t have to own an asset, e.g., land or car, to obtain the rental loan.

According to the information on their website, there is no discrimination as anyone deemed eligible can obtain the loan.

In addition, the process is devoid of any unnecessary bureaucracy.

So, it is a fast and easy process that makes the rent loan available to you in just 24hrs.

To obtain a rent loan from Spleet, you need to create an account on their website. After that, you will answer a few questions to confirm your identity and link your bank account.

And if you are wondering how much Spleet can loan you.

The amount you are eligible to obtain depends on your credit history.

But anyone with a positive history can obtain up to ₦1,000,000.

And, of course, you pay interest on the amount obtained. The amount of interest is not static.

It depends on the amount you collected and the duration of repayment.

For instance, if you are repaying in just three months, you will pay a lower interest rate than someone repaying for one year.

In all, you can spread your repayment as convenient for you, usually within one year. That is, it saves you from the pressure of finding every means to pay for a year or two years upfront.

2. Kwaba

Founded in 2019, Kwaba is one of the proptech companies helping qualified individuals finance their annual rental obligations.

Basically, a Kwaba loan is not limited to renting houses alone.

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You can leverage their service to rent a house, an office and even a shop. What they are particular about is that you are renting a physical space.

One thing about Kwaba is that they have a variety of offers.

Firstly, whether it’s a new space or you are just renewing your rent, you need to contact Kwaba, tell them your landlord or estate agent, and leave the rest to them.

If that’s the case for you, repayment is every month.

Also, repayment is spread between 6 to 12 months.

Secondly, if you currently don’t have a sufficient amount in your bank account or cash in hand but have digital assets with any of their partners, Kwaba is excellent for you.

Kwaba partners with third parties like piggyvest, Cowrywise, and Buycoins.

So, if you have digital assets like cryptocurrency, stock, or savings, they can help you pay your rent instantly.

Kwaba’s technology facilitates the retrieval of the value of the payment made on your behalf from these digital assets platforms.

Thirdly, Kwaba does something you may not find on many other platforms.

They help you solicit rent support from your family and friends.

So, if you don’t want to obtain a rental loan or have any digital assets, you can take advantage of this option.

According to the information on their website, this will be done in a way your reputation is protected.

That’s not all…

Kwaba provides rent insurance which protects you again uncertainties such as job loss.

Also, when you obtain a rental loan and pay it back as when due, you will have access to higher loan offers.

3. Rent4less by Alpha Mead

Alpha Mead is a brand that works with individual, corporate bodies, and government agencies.

They provide real estate research advisory, development, infrastructure development, property management and other real estate solutions.

They have a rental scheme called Rent4less, an exciting initiative targeting middle-income earners to rent homes and offices. And this rental programme is designed to provide flexible rental options.

You can spread rent payment over a year and pay a specified monthly fee for an apartment or office in available locations listed on the company’s website.

That is, you can access their list of properties and select your preferred choice.

What are the perks of this scheme?

FIrst, you don’t need to pay agent’s fee. Second, no commission, and lastly, pay and pack in.

4. Rent Small-Small

With a personal love for their slogan, “Pay as you stay, Stay as you need, “this brand aims to provide convenient rental options for Nigerians.

In other words, the need to make properties accessible to tenants drives this company.

Furthermore, they want to make sure home-seekers stay within budget and pay in a flexible manner.

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Plus, they don’t charge agency and legal fees. Also, they provide rental insurance if a tenant defaults in paying rent.

Another good is that they not only make home rental affordable for home-seekers, they support home owners in making their properties rentable and profitable.

Kindly note that their service is only available to Lagos and Abuja residents.

To rent a property:

  • Select your preferred location.
  • Choose the property type from this list and search.
  • On the new web page, you will find the available options.
  • Select the one you prefer.
  • Schedule a date and time for inspection
  • If you love it, proceed to pay the rent.

5. Fibre

This brand was founded in 2016, and they are based in Lagos.

Primarily, they help young professionals and families find suitable accommodation in Nigerian cities. That is, they help make homes available to you, whether for rental or purchase.

Also, Fibre has different payment plans and house options.

To rent a home:

  • Search the list of ‘shared or entire homes’ by the location you prefer to live in and how frequently you want to make your payment.
  • When you click on “browse,” you can use the filter options available to streamline your search.
  • Proceed to schedule a tour or start booking.
  • You can schedule a visit to inspect the apartment you have chosen or go ahead and book.

Note that the inspection comes with no fee. This is unlike what regular agents do.


Proptech is the new wave in the real estate industry.

The companies are regularly doing their best to ensure homes are easily accessible to home-seekers.

However, not all proptech companies offer the rent now pay later option.

Some only offer listings of available homes, while others provide real estate investment opportunities.

But this post on how to get rent now, pay later in Nigeria, has a list of 5 different proptech companies you can contact to take advantage of the rent now pay later rental option.

Each listed company has its uniqueness included and the link to its website.


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