How to Transfer Data From Airtel to MTN (Updated 2023)


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There is no specific method on how to transfer data from Airtel to MTN, but you can share/transfer data from Airtel to another Airtel user by dialing *312# and selecting Gifting or Me2U. You can purchase a data bundle package for another customer using your airtime. 

Do you need to transmit data or mb from one Airtel to another network? I am sure you have folks who continually run out of MB and beg you to turn on the hotspot for them or share MB with them, especially if you are an internet fanatic like me who never runs out of MB.

Turning on hotspots for your friends might be unpleasant since you must continually be in close contact with them, draining your phone battery or the Mifi. If you are not watchful, other people nearby will instantly connect and squander your valuable data without your knowledge.

Going out without data these days is difficult and tedious. You can always find something to do online, whether speaking or going through your social media timeline, watching YouTube videos, streaming your favorite tunes on Spotify, playing HD games online, or watching Netflix. The list is endless.

If you see the significance of data, you would want your friends to be involved, even if they lack the financial means to obtain data.

Airtel Telecoms, one of Nigeria’s largest service providers, now allows you to transfer or gift data to family and friends on the Airtel network.

You may, however, use Airtel Smartshare to share with relatives and friends in Abuja while remaining in Lagos. Are you taken aback? So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

At this very moment, there is no verified means on how to transfer data from Airtel to MTN. If you need to allow an MTN user access to your Airtel data, you can allow them access to your mobile hotspot or via the Airtel Mifi or Router. 

how to transfer data from airtel to mtn


  1.  Dial *141#  to send data or gigabytes from one Airtel to another.
  2.  Select 6 (Gifting and Sharing). 
  3. Choose 4 (Data Me2U). 
  4. Choose option 2 (Send Me2U from current allowance). 
  5. Choose 4 (Data Me2U). 
  6. Enter the Phone Number of the Recipient 
  7. Enter the Data Allowance (the data you want to send to the individual). 
  8. Enter your PIN and Send

You may only transfer 200 MB at a time to a maximum of two persons per day. That is, you may only send 200 Mb to two persons each day.

But did you know you can use Airtel to transfer unlimited data to your family and friends? It is known as Airtel smartshare.

If you have gigabytes on your SIM, they may keep streaming, downloading, and conversing endlessly. Do you want to know how? Continue reading.

how to transfer data from airtel to mtn


You may quickly share your Data with family and acquaintances by typing a few codes, and do you know what is even better? Unlike a hotspot, which needs you to be close to the person with whom you are exchanging data, there is no range restriction with this.

Transferring data from Airtel to Airtel. Sharing and transferring megabytes are not synonymous. This is how to transfer MB from Airtel to Airtel. You cannot, however, move data to family and friends who consume a large amount of data; you can only donate or gift data to them.

Airtel smartshare allows you to share Airtel data plans with family and friends. There are two approaches here.

how to transfer data from airtel to mtn


You may have heard these two terms before but have yet to learn what they mean. Using your SIM and account, purchasing data bundles for family or friends is known as data gifting.

If you run out of data for your family or friends, you can purchase another Airtel data bundle from your sim, and the cost of that data package will be deducted from your airtime.

It is the same as purchasing an Airtel data plan, but the data goes to someone other than you. If you do not have any data to donate or transfer to your relatives and friends, you can gift them data from an Airtel data plan and pay for it with your airtime.


  1. Dial *141# from your Airtel sim to provide data.
  2. Choose 6 (data providing and sharing) and 2 (data gifting).
  3. Select your data plan (monthly, weekly, daily, and so forth).
  4. Enter the phone number of the receiver here.
  5. Enter your PIN and click Send.


This entails sharing your data bundle with another person. No matter where you are, the person with whom you are sharing your data plan will have access to the internet on their device as long as you have data.

You can share data from your data plan if you need more airtime to send data to your family and friends. Airtel me2u was built so that you may only share your data with four individuals at a time, all of whom must be on your Airtel family list.

You already have the default pin 1234 for data providing and sharing, but you would not want to utilize it, would you? I propose changing your pin to a personal one you can remember unless you wish to give and share your info with unauthorized persons.

how to transfer data from airtel to mtn


  1. To update your Airtel data transfer pin
  2. dial *141#
  3.  then choose 6 (data gifting & sharing)
  4. Dial 1 (change pin)
  5.  follow the on-screen instructions.

You may also use this method to change your PIN at any time.

Consequently, you will be able to share your data with others. To add to the list, send via SMS “ADD Recipient’s number.” If the number you wish to add is 080XXXXXXXX, text “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121.

After receiving a confirmation message, press 1 to confirm. Unless you cancel or delete them from your list, the receivers will have access to your data on their device from that point forward.


You can erase someone from your Airtel family list if you have unintentionally added them to your list. It is pretty easy to prevent them from obtaining your Data as such. 

  • Text “DEL Receipient’s number” to 121 from your message.
  • Send a message to prohibit 080XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from accessing your data.

DEL 080XXXXXXXXXXXXXX to 121, and that person will no longer be able to access your data; if you want to add them again, follow the steps I mentioned before this one.


Can I transfer data to another network?

To guarantee a successful data transfer from any network, ensure you have enough data or the monetary equivalent of whatever data bundle you intend to transmit. You may make MTN transfers by dialing *131*2#. Specific instructions will follow.

How can I transfer MB from Airtel?

How to Send Data to Airtel Using SMS. To send data over your Airtel connection through SMS, Open your text messaging app, enter DATA space> recipient’s phone number space> quantity of data, and send the message to 321. 

DATA 09046633579 100, for example, and send to 321.

Can I transfer MB from MTN to Airtel?

Even if you can not genuinely transfer data from MTN to Airtel, there are easier ways to gain airtime without using USSD numbers.

How can I share my Airtel data with another number?

Dial *312#. Choose the option to Gift or Share Data. Then, choose Data Gifting. The maximum data amount per day is 200MB.

What is the code for me2u Airtel?

*432*AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g., 080X XXX XXXX) is a simple call to action. There is no service charge.

Conclusion: How to Transfer Data From Airtel to MTN

The question of how to transfer data from Airtel to MTN is still a mystery. As at this moment, there is no valid and accurate means on how to transfer data from Airtel to Mtn. To transfer data from Airtel to another Airtel user is very possible.

Airtel allows you to share a bundle plan with family and friends across devices . Here are two simple ways to share an Airtel data plan:

Data Me2U (Data Share): You can “share” or “transfer” data allotment from an existing data bundle to another user using Data Me2U. If you have a 1.5GB Monthly subscription, for example, you can transfer 100MB to another client.


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