How to start your own religion: what it takes and how many people you need?


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Nothing can stop you from becoming the newest entrepreneur in the biggest stage of spirituality if you can follow the basic directions that will be discussed, sooner,  on how to start your own religion.

While religion is a system of worship and faith, like culture, it could mean a way of life too.

So if you are a fanatic of the ever-increasing number of adults who choose “other” when enquired about their religious affiliation, then this is meant for you.

At least, you are being honest to yourself without claiming to be an atheist. Honest enough to realize that as a human you are designed to be religious.

How to Start a Religion

How many people do you need to start a religion?

There is no definite answer to the question: how many people do you need to start a religion. It depends on how good you are in convincing people to share the mythology with you.

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Islam is, no doubt, the major religion in most parts of the Asia and Africa continent. Religion started with a single person.

Christianity dominates America, and the European countries, Zoroastrianism is there too, they are all old religions that start with individuals propagating people to become their devotees.

Just like Eckankar, a new religion, this article will teach you how to start your own religion too, what it takes and the number of people you need to get going.

How to start your own religion

Nowadays, the young adult, more than any other generation, have the resources and freedom to create or choose their religion.

Hence, you can start your religion and grow it by adopting the following conviction:

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1. Choose a focus 

Choosing a focus in the process of starting your religion is very necessary if you wish to get to the promised land.

You need to provide an answer as to why you are so interested in starting your religion in the first place.

And such will be your focal point as well as the propelling force.

Many faith and religious belief have been crafted and created because people were so discontented with the existing state of things.

Remember that Buddhism was initially created as a protestant movement among Hinduism, and later broke with the social classes as a kind of social protest.

But obviously, you will agree with me that not all religion began their propagation as a radical movement.

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So check yourself and look at your motives for starting a religious system. Does it revolve around an idea, physical object, or person?

Is it just for fun, to test an idea, or revolutionary? Religion can be used to serve all kinds of purposes, so pick what works well for you and focus on it.

2. Craft your scripture

 More so, starting a new religion from the scratch requires one to craft its scripture. Every religion needs a holy book to be its guiding principle.

To do this, make a comprehensive list of all the passages, quotes, songs, poems, eulogy, and whatever that you believe to carry the weight of utmost truth for you.

Once you are done arranging them into a single book, then you have your new religion personal Bible.

3. Create your rituals.

Also, you must note that sacred rituals are the structure of every religion. You must create one in other to succeed in your new faith.

To do this, take a look at your own life and carefully observe what rituals you follow, already, without knowing or realizing it.

See if they have an empowering as well as trans-formativee effect. If they work for you, they will work for your followers too.

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4. Pay ultimate attention to aesthetics

This particular stage on how to start your own religion is very crucial. You must pay attention to materials and aesthetics to see if they conform with your belief and faith.

What is your faith theme going to be? Have you considered colors? What about the design, knick-knacks? Etc.

Being a new spiritual gathering, you must gather all of your tools, and work on the appropriate symbols and artwork that will depict your new regime.

How to start your own religion

What type and color of clothes should your devotees wear? What symbol will you use to easily identify them as one of yours?

Having an appropriate solution to the above mentioned should be your priority. The new religion’s visual appearance is going to be your calling card, sooner or later, in the world.

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5. Find out what to worship

You are the founding father of your new religion and the prophet of your devotees, there is no doubt about that. But remember that you are not God.

So for you to make things happen, you are obliged to figure out whom or what to worship.

Is it truth, collective humanity, love, the cosmic mystery, the human-made garbage, stone, or the God himself?

Well, that is all up to you alone to decide.

How To Start A Religion legally

Nonetheless, one common element in most of the religions out there is that they worship some version of a strong, powerful, or higher power.

That is to say, it’s not you to be worshipped. If you will be worshipping yourself, then it is not religion again, it’s psychosis.

6. Choose your day of worship

Once you must have gotten a scripture and identify what to be worshipping, up next in your sojourn to start a new religion is to choose the day of worship.

The Muslims pray five times a day and even go to Jumu’ah on Fridays. The majority of Christians go to church every Sunday for praise and worship.

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And so is all other religions. Hence, you must choose your days of worship and identify how you intend to say your prayers.

7. Propagate or advertise your religion

While answering the question: how many people do you need to start a religion earlier on, I replied that there are no fixed numbers.

Well, here is how to make things happen. Advertise your religion using the instrument of social media.

Propagate and tell people about your belief. Share with them your mythology, faith, and godlore using whatever medium you deem fit.

There are people out there who think the way you think and reason in the same direction as you are.

They will follow you, they will buy into your idea. Even if they are too small, you will build the ministry together.

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If you don’t fancy the standard of religious choices presented on the menu list and you’ll like to establish your own faith and worship, the above discussed on how to start a religion should be your guiding principle.


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