How To Check A Plate Number Owner In Nigeria (2 Simple Steps)


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plate number owner in Nigeria

Are you curious about how to check a plate number owner in Nigeria? This article is for you.

Plate numbers determine who owns a car or vehicle in Nigeria and many other places worldwide. They help people figure out who they are. In addition, it is used to find out who the owner is and helps keep the vehicle safe.

No matter how long you’ve been driving or how new you are, you should always follow the rules of the road. But, unfortunately, you obey the rules of the road and expect everyone else to do the same to protect our lives and health. 

But many people have never taken a driving course or don’t have the common sense to know how to drive safely. At least, they bother other people. In the worst case, they hit and run.

In any of the above situations, I bet all you want to do is find out who is driving and curse them to death. So, here’s how to check a plate number owner in Nigeria. Keep reading!

How To Check A License Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

plate number owner verification

If you work for the Federal Road Safety Corps, finding the license plate number owner would be easy. 

Unfortunately, most of us don’t because it’s not easy. First, remember that you need a legal reason to use a car’s number plate to find personal information about someone else. Second, even if you have a million reasons, you can’t.

So, here’s what you need to know to determine who owns a license plate number. Check out these steps:

  • Go to the closest police station and tell them what happened.
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Please explain in detail what’s going on and why you have to check a car’s information by its number plate. 

For example, let’s say you are at a crime scene, and you remember the license plate number of the person who did it.

Try to give the police as many details as possible, as this will help you find the bad guy and track down other information.

  • Ask for a court order to check the plate number.

With this document from the police, you can look up a license plate number by the owner’s name or the other way around. Without this paper, getting FRSC to help you with this job will be hard.

  • Go to the Federal Road Safety Corps office.

When you get there, give the FRSC officers all your reasons with a police report. You will be asked for more information to back up what you say. Make sure you work hard on your saying and any papers with it.

If the officers believe you, they will get the information you need from the government’s database of transportation information, such as the type of vehicle, the owner’s name, the number on their ID card, and so on. 

And, of course, you can get the criminal’s address from the license plate so the police can come and catch them.

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Can you provide a plate number without calling the FRSC?

Yes, but you will have to pay a lot more money. In this situation, you’ll need to hire a private investigator to do it for you. You can find these services online, but you can’t be sure of their quality, so you have to be extra careful.

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FRSC plate number check

The system will then show whether the license plate is valid or not and what kind of car it belongs to.

This search will help you find a fake Nigeria plate number, saving you the stress of calling the FRSC in vain.

How To Check Plate Number Owner Online

Smart living is the key to the 21st century. The internet has made the whole world feel like a small place. Every day, a lot of information is shared on the internet.

To find out about a plate number, go to, type the plate number into the space provided, and click “Submit.” It will then show you all the information about that plate number.

You can hire an FRSC agent or staff member if you want all the information. All the information is linked in the database now that your NIN is linked to your driver’s license.

How To Check Plate Number Owner Via SMS

This is the simplest way to do it because you can do it with or without a device connecting to the internet.

Send [Verify Plate Number] to 33324 from your phone’s SMS menu.

Example: Send the license plate number AWK456AA to 33324 to confirm it.

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After you send this, you will get the plate number information in a few minutes.


A plate number is a very important right needed to keep things running smoothly on the roads. To be safe, you should have the legal right to own or drive a car.

If you’ve read this article carefully, you should know that we’ve talked about how to check a plate number owner in Nigeria.

Staying out of trouble on Nigerian roads is important. Also, ensure you’re not driving around with a fake license plate.

I hope that you have gained something from this.


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