Best Free to Air Decoders in Nigeria


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With the incessant increment in the TV subscription fees, do you know that there are free to air decoders in Nigeria that can grant you free access to your favorite TV channels?

Do you know that you can watch your best and favorite TV reality shows, news, sports, and entertainment channels free of charge without having to subscribe on your decoder?

With a healthy satellite dish, decoder and a professional technician, you can do that to your satisfaction without any cable TV subscription plan.

On this note, we will be discussing the best free to air decoders in Nigeria, why you should choose any of the satellite receivers, their prices, maintenance, and all.

Best FTA Decoders and Satellite Dishes in Nigeria

Without doubt, Strong and Unique sat decoder are the most patronized free to air decoders in Nigeria.

Some of the reasons why people prefer Strong decoder and the Unique sat their ability to successfully track tons of free to air frequency within a short and long parameter.

following is the list of the top-notch, reliable and best free to air decoders in Nigeria with their respective prices.

  • Strong Multi-functional Free To Air Satellite Decoder
  • Unique SAT Ultra HD FTA Satellite Receiver
  • Viewsat HD FTA Decoder
  • TSTV Decoder
  • multTV Decoder

Top six Free to Air Decoders in Nigeria

Apparently, there are tons of FTA decoders and reliable satellite dishes out there but your ability to know and spot the best and most reliable of them all is what matters.

Free to air decoders in Nigeria

1. Strong Multifunctional FTA Satellite Decoder

In Nigeria right now, the best free to air decoder is Strong multifunctional satellite decoder and it is the best selling and most patronized non pay per view decoder in the market.

Strong FTA decoder became the most preferred because of its numerous functions which enable things to be more easier and convenient for its prospective users.

With Strong satellite decoder, user can process and store up over 7000 channels on it. And being HD enabled, the decoder enhances the quality of the motion pictures of all the channels.

Not limited to that, Strong satellite decoder as a free to air cable TV also supports blind scan and as such, making the task of searching for the available FTA channels on the satellite easier.

2. Unique sat ultra HD FTA satellite receiver

The Unique Sat ultra HD satellite receiver is yet another good free to air satellite decoder for watching unsubscribed television channels.

This satellite dish comes at an affordable and pocket friendly price considering its features, functions, and variety of free channels on it.

What’s more, on the Unique SAT Ultra HD receiver, you can watch, for free some interesting channels like My joy TV, MBC action, etc. You can track and save up to 10,000 free channels on it.

In the same vein, Unique SAT FTA decoder has one exceptional feature which enable it users to record any content of their choice to an external storage device through the USB port.

Lastly, with its 3D broadcasts compatible via the HDMI, the video resolutions on this satellite receiver are 1080i/p, 720p, and 576i/p which they all supports HD.

3. ViewSat HD FTA Decoder

The ViewSat HD FTA decoder also plays same role as other free to air cable network TV decoders in Nigeria. It’s affordable and also enhances tons of free channels storage.

Equally, ViewSat HD has screen resolutions of 1080p+i , 720p and 576p+i with a content recording function, and also embedded with multicast card Reader.

Although not much is information is known about the durability of this FTA decoder, its selling price is, however, affordable and pocket friendly.

4. PowerSat 999SM FTA Decoder

PowerSat 999SM decoder like all other free to air cable TV decoders in Nigeria is also working perfectly. It’s affordable, accommodates tons of free channels and comes in full HD.

When accurately setup with a compatible satellite dish, PowerSat FTA decoder has PVR, WiFi, and YouTube support and it can receive folds of FTA channels in one command.

While this decoder can be used to stream live activities on Youtube, it can equally be used to store contents and files into external devices through the USB port.

5. Digicom HD FTA Decoder

Another popular FTA decoder in the Nigerian market is Digicom. This decoder is durable, it has multi-language OSD and offers actual value for money.

If properly setup with a compatible LnB and satellite dish, the Digicom decoder can acquire up to 200 free channels in a single command.

To save yourself from the incessant increment in the channel TV subscription fee, you can get yourself a Digicom decoder to watch your favorite channels like Joy TV, MyTV, MBC TV, CANAL +, and lots more.

6. MultiTV Free To Air Decoder

MultiTV FTA decoder also offers a lot of popular TV channels to its users free of charge. Although it’s owned by one renowned company in Ghana, yet the satellite area of coverage or bandwidth extends to Nigeria.

The only disadvantage to MultiTV FTA decoder is nothing more than the fact that it’s not available in all the states of Nigeria. Which means, it can only be enjoyed by selected few.

Other than the above fact, MultiTV Free to air cable network TV remains one of the best non pay per view decoders in Nigeria. Some of its other features include full HD, already made PVR, USB port, and more.


The increment in the cable TV subscription fee in Nigeria has gotten to the stage in which many Nigerians can’t help but complain about the Pay TV companies exploitations in the country.

On this note, the decoders or satellite receivers highlighted above are considered to be the best free to air decoders in Nigeria.

They are affordable, offer tons of convenient features, store up more than 3000 free channels, support full HD, teletex support, etc.


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