Best Cinemas in Port HARCOURT With Real Value For Money

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As a passionate lover of good movies, this article will introduce you to the best cinemas in Port Harcourt that you should visit with your loved ones.

This blog post will also provide you with the Cinemas contact addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information in case you want to generate a ticket.


Hence, take your time to go through it and pick the one that interest you the most. And of course, all the movie theaters in Port Harcourt to be discussed are top-notch.

Best cinemas in Port Harcourt

Writing this piece on the best and highly patronized cinemas in Port Harcourt became inevitable as a result of people’s lamentations.

Unfortunately, most movie theaters and cinemas people visited in Port Harcourt are without value-added service.

Thus, we have compiled an updated list of all the top-notch cinemas in Port Harcourt right now.

1. Genesis Deluxe Cinemas

Genesis Deluxe Cinema is one of the leading cinemas in River State. In fact, it is the most advanced movie theater and cinema center in the whole of Nigeria in 2020.

What’s more, Genesis Deluxe Cinema broke a record in 2020 and as such, became the first cinema center to ever show a movie in 3D in West Africa.

This feat and achievement alone skyrocketed the reputation of the movie theater to an enviable height.

At the moment, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas boast of 8 other cinemas situated across Nigeria, and each center has over 5000 comfortable sitting capacity.

The above feats among others have made Genesis Deluxe Cinema became a household name in Port Harcourt and among all movie enthusiasts across the country.

However, this first class Cinema Hall is located at 39, Tombia Street, Genesis Center, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

2. Filmhouse IMAX

There’s no gain kicking against the obvious that Filmhouse IMAX is one of the best cinemas in Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria.

Best movie theaters in Port Harcourt

Currently, Filmhouse IMAX movie theater centers across Nigeria are having one of the largest and enviable cinema screens in the country.

As at the time of compiling this list, FIlmhouse IMAX is currently operating in 9 other places in Nigeria apart from Port Harcourt.

None of these places is ever operating below the standard or good will of the brand name, which has been established to be high level of excellence.

Just like other leading cinemas, Filmhouse IMAX is now showing movies both in 2D and 3D now. These, among others are what makes Filmhouse IMAX one of the best movie theaters in Port Harcourt.

And of course, Filmhouse is definitely a place you should visit one of these days with that rear gem in your life. Trust me, they are going to provide you with real value for your ticket money.

The Filmhouse IMAX Cinema can be located at Port Harcourt Mall (Spar) 1 Azikiwe Road Port Harcourt. Their telephone numbers include 09024973098, 09024973072.

3. 5D Cinema 9Ja

You obviously don’t want to visit substandard and without-value cinema in Port Harcourt again in your life, do you? If yes, the kindly take a look at the 5D Cinema 9ja and see if its suit your taste.

Without regret, 5D Cinema 9ja is among the leading cinemas in River State and Nigeria as a whole that can boast of 5D movies.

Of course, you will agree with me that 5D screen will takes the movie experience to a different whole level.

Not limited to that, 5D cinema 9ja also combines the 3D environmental and physical effects for its visitors viewing pleasure.

What is stopping you from trying this thrilling experience out? For movies and ticket inquiry, visit 5D Cinema 9ja viewing center at G.R.A. Phase 2, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

4. Mr Virgin Film Productions Ltd

Are you a frequent visitor of cinema because you love seeing good and new movies? Just like everyone, I bet you really do.

Well, Mr Virgin Film Production will offer you more as the Cinema is built on standard and value with lots of state-of-the-art facilities.

Naturally, human being are pleasure-seeking animal and we are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pains and displeasure at all costs.

As such, Mr Virgin Film house and movie theater is one of the best places you can visit in Port Harcourt to laugh away your worries.

The cinema is located at Omoura Street Omuoda, Omagwa Road, Aluu Area Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

5. Silverbird Cinemas

As a movie lover and cinema frequent visitor, you must have heard about Silverbird Cinema. And it’s possible that you are hearing it for the first time.

If that should be the case, Silverbird Cinema is a subsidiary of Silverbird groups, a brand name of an enterprise owned and control by Senator Ben Bruce.

On this note, it’s important we state that Silverbird Cinema is one of the best cinemas in Nigeria, as it set the pace and standard for others to follow.

Best cinemas in Nigeria

The cinema is also boasting as one of the largest movie theaters in West Africa, having a whooping seating capacity of over 9000.

Lastly, the cinema can be found in four other places in the country. To visit the Port Harcourt viewing center, Silverbird is located at Former Obi Wali Cultural Center, MILE 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt.

6. Fairview Cinema

Similarly, the Fairview cinema is another fun-filled movie center in Port Harcourt you will naturally want to visit with your loved ones to seek out pleasure.

Who wouldn’t want to see a thrilling movie in a place like Fairview cinema anyway? There address is 5 Odu Street, Stadium link Road, Port Harcourt.


In the end, visiting to any of the above-mentioned best cinemas in Port Harcourt alone is not ideal as the real fun and pleasure will not be ascertained that way.

As I said earlier, human being are pleasure-seeking animal and we are programmed to seek pleasure and do away with pains at all costs.

Endeavor to visit any of the leading movie theaters in Port Harcourt with your loved ones and create an unforgettable experience together. That is the drill!

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