What does the name Jagaban means and why is it attributed to Tinubu?


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As a Nigerian who resides particularly in Lagos, you must have at some point wondered as to what does the name Jagaban means and why is it attributed to Tinubu?

Most often, when you mention the name ‘Jagaban’ in Nigeria, the first thing to come to mind is the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Then other things and meaning may follow suit because the name has become a street name that everyone uses.

So if you are still looking for an appropriate answer to the above thought-provoking question, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, you’ll be exposed to what the name Jagaban means and the category of people that are often called that name other than Tinubu. We will also tell you why this name is attributed to the current Nigerian president, Tinubu.

What does the name Jagaban means?

Current Nigerian President popularly known as Jagaban of Lagos

The word ‘Jagaban’ literally means ‘leader of warriors’. It was coined from the chieftaincy title that was bestowed on Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu by the Emir of Borgu.

The Chieftaincy title conferred on him is “Ja a gabar Borgu” which can be translated to means “the leader of Borgu land.”

In Yoruba Language, the title can be translated as “Asiwaju of Borgu land.” This meaning is what the late Emir of Borgu, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Haliru Dantoro III explained Ja a gabar to mean.

The second thing to come to mind when you here the word “Jagaban” is the song made by Ycee which he later made a remix with Olamide.

The word ‘Jagaban’ as used by Ycee in the song depicted Ycee’s status as the Jagaban of Music industry.

Around that time, the word Jagaban was so popular and used as a slang in Lagos. According to research, it was originated and used by the cultist, area boys, yahoo boys, etc.

On this note, the meaning of ‘Jagaban’ could be translated to mean the ‘Boss of Bosses’ in this context. As in someone who is in control.

It could also depict someone who is powerful, someone who is in charge and has influence in the industry, on the streets, in the community, etc.

Above all, one thing that is very certain is the fact that the name always goes with a fearful meaning and anyone that is referred to as “Jagaban” is meant to be respected or feared.

It’s important to state at this juncture that the name Jagaban did not just appear out of nowhere. As stated earlier, Tinubu is the man Christened with such title.

So if you are wondering what the name Jagaban means, we’ve just exposed you to the two meaning it carries.

Why is Bola Ahmed Tinubu is often called Jagaban

If you ever wondered what does the name Jagaban means and why is it attributed to Tinubu, now is the time to give you the answer.

Having mentioned above that Tinubu was bestowed a Chieftaincy title known as “ Ja a gabar Borgu” by the late Emir of Borgu.

There and then, people heard of the title but couldn’t pronounce it correctly because of the language and accent barrier.

Ever since the coronation, Tinubu has been popularly referred to as “Jagaban” instead of “Ja a gabar” by his fans or followers.

As a matter of fact, not many of his followers or fans that call refer to or call him Jagaban knew that the name “Jagaban” is a chieftaincy title.

And they are not aware that the name was bestowed upon him by the late Emir of Borgu, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Haliru Dantoro III.

On naming Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the Ja a gabar of the Borgu Kingdom (situated in Niger State), the late Emir expressed his emotions and said good words about Asiwaju.

He made it known that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was there for before he ascended the throne.

As such, the best thing he can do to show appreciation is to give him a Chieftaincy title that will help him in his political career.

And of course, it actually worked as he proposed. Even though people don’t know this, they believe the word Jagaban means a powerful person.


It is the believe of many Nigerian that the name was randomly picked and given to Tinubu because of his fame, influence, and political affluence.

Little do they know that it’s a Chieftaincy title bestowed on him. So, we must state that the translation ‘Boss of Bosses’ as used above is just secondary.

Note that the name Jagaban is attributed to powerful people, people with influence as well as people who — regardless of the circumstances— can get things done.


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