5 Cheapest & Best Data Plans For Netflix in Nigeria


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Do you need lists of affordable and best data plans for Netflix live-streaming in Nigeria? If yes, congratulations on coming down here as we will be presenting you with various data bundles for Netflix including their prices, and how to subscribe to them with ease in Nigeria.

Before we delve into the data plans, it is ethical to state that Netflix is a highly celebrated Video-on-Demand provider in Nigeria that offers movies, TV series, documentaries, etc., streaming and downloading.

Historically, Netflix’s video streaming service has been in existence for some years in America before it came into the limelight and was made available for Nigerians in 2016. Ever since, the VOD provider has grown into a household name in Nigeria.

Without further delay, we shall be discussing the best data plans for Netflix in Nigeria, their validity, prices, how to subscribe, and more. We will also look into the various Internet Service Providers’ network services in Nigeria.

Best Data Plans For Netflix in Nigeria

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Netflix Subscription Plans In Nigeria

Basically, there are 4 Netflix data subscription plans officially and currently available in Nigeria and they are; the mobile plan, the basic subscription plan, the standard subscription plan, and the premium subscription plan.

Mobile Plan

The lowest Netflix plan available to Nigerians is the mobile plan. The plan costs N1200 and can be used only on mobile and tablets, hence the name mobile plan. For this Netflix plan, most basic data plans would work for you. If this is the plan you want to subscribe to, you can be certain that your normal monthly data plan will cover it.

Basic Netflix Plan.

The most used Netflix subscription plan in Nigeria is the basic plan. It is affordable and cheap and it can be activated for just N2,900 only. However, the basic plan can only be used on the screen one at a hand. Here, there’s no room for Ultra HD or HD.

This plan is also not very data-intensive, but you’ll need to start asking yourself what is the best data plan for Netflix in Nigeria. This is because from here on, things start to get expensive.

Standard Netflix Plan

The Netflix standard plan is also a famous plan among Netflix users. It has some features that are not available in the basic subscription plan. This plan can be used simultaneously on two screens and the subscription fee is N3600.

This is the plan I currently use, and I know that if you don’t ask the question “what is the data plan for Netflix” before buying into this plan, you might end up going back to your DSTV or GoTV subscription because the HD here consumes about 1gig of Data per episode movie.

Yes, you heard me right, I watch mostly seasonal movies, and an episode usually lasts 45mins to 50mins on average. So for every episode I watch on this Netflix plan on my television, I consume about 1Gig of Data.

Premium Netflix Plan

The highest Netflix subscription plan in Nigeria is the premium plan and the subscription fee is N4400. There are Ultra HD and HD access, it can be accessed using four devices at a time and it can equally be used on TV, Tablets, and laptops.

If I use about 1gig of data every 45mins on the lower plan, this should give you an idea of how much data you’d need to watch Netflix in Nigeria with this plan.

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Best Data Plan for Netflix VOD in Nigeria

The available Netflix data plans in Nigeria will be discussed under two-segment namely; Netflix data plans for heavy internet users and affordable data plans for normal Netflix users.

Best Netflix Data Plans for Heavy Users or Streamliners in Nigeria.

Here, these sets of data bundles are available for heavy or massive data users. To enjoy it, each of the plans requires its subscriber to have MIFI and be financially buoyant for monthly data subscription bills.

Before I cut to the chase, you have to understand that the best data plan to watch Netflix in Nigeria, especially for the standard plan and the premium plan has to be an unlimited data plan. For the other two lower plans, you can manage with your normal sub, even though it will get exhausted faster than you’d anticipate.

The following are the best data plans for heavy Netflix users or streams in Nigeria.

1. Wifi.com.ng | Unlimited data plan

With WiFi unlimited data plan, you can download or stream any TV series, movies, documentaries, and more on Netflix here in Nigeria with just N12,500 monthly subscription fee. Cool, isn’t it?

2. Smile | 100GB, 40GB, 15GB

Smile is another data plan for heavy Netflix users in Nigeria. Interested users can subscribe for 100GB worth of data at the rate of N18,000 or 40GB plan for N10,000 and 15GB at the rate of N4,000, all with 30 days validity period.

3. Spectranet | 40GB, 30GB, 25GB

Spectranent is one of the leading mifi providers in Nigeria and it has an amazing data bundle or subscription package for Nigerian Netflix users. With N12,795, you can get a Spectranent 40GB subscription, 30GB for N7,165, and 25GB worth of data bundle for N10,235 all for 30 days period.

4. Airtel Router Unlimited Plan (Not truly unlimited)

Airtel Router unlimited plan for watching netflix in Nigeria

The airtel router unlimited plan is what I currently use. Airtel network needs no introduction. So they have a router plan for N10,000, N15,000, and N20,000. They are all a 30-day plan. I currently use the 15k plan because I can only watch a maximum of 4 episodes or two movies a day.

This means that upon exhaustion of the normal plan, I know it would be highly unlikely for me to exhaust the daily bundle (So it’s not truly unlimited).

A N10,000 plan will get you 30GB + 1GB daily when the main bundle gets exhausted.

The N15,000 plan will get you 120GB + 5GB daily when the main bundle gets exhausted.

And the N20,000 plan will get you 200GB + 10GB daily when the main bundle gets exhausted.

You must own a router to use this plan. It doesn’t work on mifi.

Affordable data plans for Netflix in Nigeria.

For people who only stream the lower plans and sparingly watch Netflix, these data plans will work for you for watching Netflix in Nigeria.

1. Glo Sunday Data Plan | N200 for 1.25GB

Arguably, the Glo Sunday data plan is one of the best data plans for Netflix in Nigeria. With this Glo Netflix data subscription plan, its subscribers will be able to download or stream movies and TV series worth 1.25GB of data for just N200.

Most importantly, this data subscription plan can only be used to download or watch movies on Netflix on Sundays only and that’s why it’s popularly called the “Sunday Splash Data Subscription Plan”.

As a Glo user, you are automatically entitled to this data offer regardless of your current tariff plan. To enjoy this, simply dial *777# on your phone dialler, go to the weekend and night tab, click on Sunday splash data bundle and then, activate.

2. Glo Netflix Data Plan | N200 for 1GB.

This is another data plan suitable for downloading, watching, or streaming movies live on Netflix. While this plan may be similar to the Sunday Splash Plan, it’s a bit different from it as this plan can only be used at midnight from 12 am to 5 am.

To activate this data plan on your, kindly dial *777#, choose the night and weekend data plan and activate it. Once your subscription is successful, N200 will be deducted from your main balance.

3. MTN Data Plan for Netflix Nigeria | N500 for 2.5GB.

Without a doubt, MTN NG is one of the fastest networks in terms of downloading speed and live streaming reliability in Nigeria. It is widely used by old and young and it equally has data plans suitable for Netflix in Nigeria.

To subscribe to this data plan, dial *131# on your phone, select data plan, then click on the daily subscription plan, locate and activate 2.5 GB for N500.

However, it’s very important to state that this MTN data plan for downloading or live-streaming on Netflix can only last for 2 days.

Cheapest Data Plans For Netflix in Nigeria

4. 9mobile Data Plan For Netflix | N500 for 2GB.

Worthy of mention on this list of best data subscriptions for Netflix in Nigeria is 9mobile. This telecommunication network has several enticing data plans and their inclusion on this list is inevitable.

Just like the MTN data plan, the 9mobile data plan for the Netflix VOD network is valid for 3days. To enjoy this offer, dial *229*3*4# on your phone, and once you have more than N500 in your main balance, your data will be instantly activated.

5. Airtel Data Plan For Netflix | N1,500 for 6GB.

To watch or download any TV shows, series, movies, documentaries, and more on Netflix, you can subscribe to Airtel for a data bundle worth 6Gb at the rate of N1,500. To activate, just dial *141*1504# on your phone.


The above discussed are the best data plans for Netflix in Nigeria. If you know any other or better plans than the above-mentioned, please kindly state them using the comment box.


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