22 best restaurants in Cookeville TN you should try out


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Do you need a comprehensive list of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN that serves local and foreign dishes? Will you be visiting Tennessee soon and want to know the names of restaurants with the best cuisines?

If yes, then you are at the right place as this article will be reviewing the top restaurants in Cookeville TN and the class of fare they offer.

But before going further, you must note that the city of Cookeville is famous for its epic museums, the surrounding mountains, hundreds of restaurants across the beautiful city, and more.

So if you will be exploring the beautiful city of Tennessee with its airy ambiance, be informed that most of the best dinning room for food and other delicacies are based in th West Side of Cookeville.

THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Cookeville tn

22 Best Restaurants In Cookeville TN

Without further ado, the following is the review of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN you should visit soon to have a taste of the yummy delicacies they serve.

1. Seven Senses Food and Cheer

Seven Senses Food and Cheer is, without doubt, one of the up-and-coming restaurants in Cookeville TN that are you should visit.

The restaurant has, over the years, earned excellent reviews from both locals and visitors.

The food serves at Seven Senses restaurant are classic Southern-styles, fish tacos, fried catfish, club sandwiches, smoked mustard pork chops, and giant steaks.

2. Ralph’s Donut Shop

Ralph’s Donut Shop is also trying when it comes to baking delicious fries that are second to none. If you are buying donut in Ralph’s Shop as a first timer, you can get samples for free before buying.

Their donuts are so famous that it was recently voted as the best in Middle Tennessee, made the list of the “The Daily Meal” best donut makers in all America.

Not limited to that, according to the Tennessee Donut Brawl, Ralph’s Donut was also voted as the best donut bakery in the state.

 3. Fiesta Cancun Grill

The Cancun Grill has has earned itself the reputation of one the best Mexican restaurant in the Cookeville TN. Their menu includes Mexican classics such as tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas.

Fiesta Cancun Grill restaurant also combination plates that are made up of everything. Or how about carnitas, Mexican shrimp, signature specials that including chimichanga, Chile Colorado, and carne asada.

4. Crawdaddy

One of Cookeville TN West Side favorite restaurant is Crawdaddy, it serves up some of the most fascinating Cajun food outside New Orleans.

Plus, Crawdaddy’s has a big courtyard and patio that make the kitchen the perfect spot for afternoon and evening dining in the summer.

This restaurant has featured in Tennessee Home and Farm Magazine as of the best eatery in town. Crawdaddy’s has a menu full with Cajun dishes such as crab cakes, oysters, catfish, shrimp bisque, jambalaya, crawfish étouffée, pecan cobbler, desserts of Mississippi mud pie, and crème brûlée.

5. Father Tom’s Pub

Based on the North Cedar Avenue, West Side of Cookeville TN, Father Tom’s Pub serves its visitors high-quality pub food and some of the best Scotch whiskies that you will ever sample and it is one of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN.

At Father Tom’s Pub, their food menu is a cut above any old pub grub, and dishes like petit filet flavoured in red wine are served with butternut squash grits anf lemon grilled asparagus.

They also offer a deconstructed beef tenderloin with shepherd’s pie, toasted brioche, jus, and mashed potato.

6. Cream City Ice Cream and Coffee House

The Cream City Ice Cream and Coffee House offers the best ice cream in the Tennessee neighborhood and its coffee stands out above any other in the downtown Cookeville at night.

Although Cream City House might focus on good desserts and coffee, they, however, do them brilliantly compared to what their competitors offers.

There, you have the luxury of choosing your preferred flavour from all sorts of their ice cream marinates, blueberry, chocolate fudge, caramel truffle, stellar coffee, praline and cream, amongst many others.

7. Grandma’s Pancake House

You will find Grandma’s  Pancake House at the South Willow Avenue in the south central, Cookeville. Grandma’s place is ideal dinning to take your breakfast.

Famous, small, and independent for their oversized piece, the restaurant is, without doubt, a cut above any typical chain coffee shop or diner or coffee shop when it comes to the quality of the food.

The omelettes, in particular, are renowned for being huge and the ideal protein boost at the start of the working day.

8. Moogies BBQ

The first time I was at Moogies BBQ I was a bit skeptical about the place. However, after series of efforts to make the place great again, this restaurant has now become one of the go-to joints for BBQ in Cookeville.

Moogies is quite different from all BBQ I have ever tasted before, it has its own twist with absolutely new smoked flavor.

The interior of the place is cool and charming too. I sincerely enjoy this place and I’m sure you will get comfortable when you visit the place too.

9. Fuji Hibachi and Sushi

One of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN with wide selection of sushi cuisine is Fuji Hibachi and Sushi kitchen. Specifically, their rolls are really great.

Even, their teriyaki chicken is yummy and delectable. They have a great lunch specials for sushi and the prices on all there foods are affordable too.

If you are capable of it, you can get hibachi table for yourself as well as regular dishes. The meals are of good quality, fresh, and very flavorful.

10. World Food’s

One of my favorite date dinning room in Cookeville is World Foods. Though the place is literally small but it has a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

At World Food’s restaurant, you don’t pay immediately you walk in. All you need to do is to order, get your meal, and grab your favorite drink, and eat.

You only have to pay when you are done eating.

They have great and delicious pizza in pepperoni pizza, tomato pizza and cheese pizza. Imagine the crust, the tomatoes, and even the flavor!

I have nothing to say again about this place than you got to check this restaurant in Cookeville TN out.

11. The Cooke House

 A social dining eatery with unique and diverse menu. The inside of this restaurant is beautiful. Although you don’t need to dress special before they welcome you home, the Cooke House has a charming atmosphere for that.

With their special chefs, they have great brunch, lunch, dinner, as well as fall menu. Although their menu is not stable, so some of their dishes do come and go.


What makes Spankies one of the unique restaurants in Cookeville is not only the fact that they have great food and drinks, but rather, their ability to make the place a fun-filled kitchen with relaxed atmosphere.

13. Mamma Rosa

Mamma Rosa have the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten in Cookeville…and I have eaten a lot of pizza in Cookeville TN.

They have amazing homemade red sauce, serve fine Italian pizza and food, and the restaurant is similar to a locally owned Olive Garden.

Mamma Rosa food tastes so perfect, probably as a result of the fresh ingredients used by their copy Italian chefs.

14. Mauricio’s Italian Restaurant

No doubt, Mauricio’s Italian restaurant is one of the highly patronized restaurants in Cookeville TN.

If you enjoy taking Italian food, with old music, and great atmosphere, then go see them.

Forget the hyping, their food is absolutely fresh and everything with them are incredibly first class. You just have to try them out.

15. Bull and Thistle Pub

With Chef Barry 25 years of experience as the chief chef in the UK, Ireland, and Europe he had brought the flavors of England and Ireland down to the heart of the Cookeville.

Bull and Thisle Pub menu focuses majorly on free range meats and locally produce ingredients. Their Summer Salad include grilled eggplant, sundried tomato, sautéed potatoes, purée of fresh, etc.

You can also get traditional fish and chips like beer-battered fish, fresh tartar sauce serve with chill soda, and traditional mushy peas there, hence making it one of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN.

16. The Butcher’s Block at Stonehaus

This restaurant is ideal for date night, business luncheons, and group dinners. They have delectable lobster bisque that can make you forget home

And you can also get stuffed portabella like country ham, spinach, cream cheese serve with grilled salmon there.

17. Homestead Harvest Restaurant

The restaurant is located near lodging, trails and the lake. Their dining room has a semblance views of lake, surrounding nature and wildlife.

You can order for full buffet like hot vegetables, soup and salad bar that are made from scratch rolls, and choice of cobblers serve with ice cream there.

There’s fried pickles served with dipping sauce, artichoke dip served with tortilla chips, cheeseburger topped with cheese and fresh vegetables, etc.

18. Stillhouse Restaurant

Stillhouse is one of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN that serve the most delicious fried pickled Okra breaded with horseradish dipping sauce.

Their recipes, sauce, and some special desserts are the best in the neighborhood. I’ve only been there once and I would love to go back there again.

19. BBQ Shack

A family friendly BBQ haven. Their menu include smoked BBQ, comforting sides, and a variety of delicious desserts.

They also serve Jalapeño bottle caps, house-made fire and ice pack, baby back ribs, banana pudding, etc.

20. Short Mountain Distillery

Another amazing restaurant you should visit in Cookeville TN.

21. Stonehaus Winery

You can pick up some fresh home-made butter fudge bath with a seasonal flavors in Stonehaus Winery.

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22. Krystal

 An American fast food restaurant that offers its customers delicious and unique hamburgers made with fresh-steamed buns.

Krystal lovers like favorites like chili cheese pups, Chik nuggets, loaded fries, wings, etc. Krystal is, without doubt, one of the best restaurants in Cookeville TN that offers a perfect walk in services.


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