How to say I love you in Spanish and a host of other things


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Are you planning to get yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend in Spain and want to learn how to say I love you in Spanish?

Fret not, this piece will help you navigate through the rough wave of the high sea of romance in the beautiful Spanish language.

But wait, what is the best and most appropriate diction to say “I love you” in a romantic manner to someone in Spanish?

How to write "I Love You" in Spanish

After all,  the word “love” have been overused in English language. When someone enjoys a show, he says “I love this show”, and if he enjoys a book, he still said “I love that book.”

We use the word “love” for everything we care about even when we mean something different entire.

However, in Spanish, the reverse is always the case. There are several options for expressing affection!

You can precisely share your love, like, enchantment, or even passionate in Spanish without using the same expressions.

Hence, we will be sharing the various ways and manners one can say “I love you” and a host of other romantic diction in Spanish.

How to Say I Love You in Spanish and A Host of Other Romantic Words

The three words “I love you” is “te quiero” in Spanish. Literally, it means, “I want you,” although many people have opined that it is a poor translation.

How to say I Love You in Spanish

Below are more ways to say or express your romantic affection to your Bonita in Spanish:

How to say “I like you” in Spanish — “Me gustas” or “Me caes bien”.

How to write “You’re My Other Half” in Spanish — “eres mi media naranja”

“My Heart” means — “mi  corazón” in Spanish

You can say “I love you with all my heart” in Spanish as — “Te amo con todo mi corazón

How to say other romantics words in Spanish

“I can’t live without you” means “No puedo vivir sin ti” in Spanish

How to write “I need you” —  “Te necesito”

“I miss you, my love” means — “Te echo de menos mi amor” in Spanish.

“I can’t wait to see you” — “No puedo esperar a verte”

How to say “Will you marry me?” in Spanish — “Te casarías conmigo?”

“You have all my heart” can be translated to Spanish as — “Tienes todo mi corazón”

You can say “I want to be with you forever” in Spanish — “Quiero estar contigo para siempre”

How to write “I’m thinking of you” in Spanish — “Estoy pensando en ti”

“You’re the love of my life” in Spanish — “Eres el amor de mi vida”.

“I’m in love” can be said in Spanish as — “enamorada / enamorado”

“My heart is yours” means “Mi corazón es tuyo” in Spanish.

“My heart beats for you” in Spanish — “Mi corazón late por ti”.

How to say I love you in Spanish.

“I adore you” or “you enchant me” can be said in Spanish as — “Me encantas”.

“Beautiful” means — “hermosa” or “hermoso” in Spanish.

How to call someone “pretty” — “bonita” or “bonito”.

How to say “My Love” in Spanish — “mi  amor”.

Hot to write “My life” in spanish — “Mi vida”.

How to say “My king” in Spanish — “Mi rey”

How to say “My sweetness” in Spanish — “Mi dulzura” 

“My dear” means “Mi querido” in Spanish

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My “Angel eyes” means “Ojos de ángel” in Spanish

“True love” means “Amor verdadero”


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