Jobs in UK That Nigerians Can Easily Get


Living and working in the UK is a dream come through for an average Nigerian. This article provides you with the list of jobs in UK that you can easily get as a Nigerian. You need to know that a work permit is required before you can be allowed to work in the UK. There is no doubt that the UK hospitality industry offers great opportunities to workers from other countries.

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How to get a UK work permit

If you are going to work in the UK as a Nigeria, you will need to apply under the point-based system (PBS). The PBS manages migration for those wishing to enter the UK for work. You must have a job offer from a licensed sponsor and a valid certificate of sponsorship.

Easy jobs Nigerians can get in UK

Below is the list of the different jobs that you can easily get as a Nigerian in the UK.

  • Fundraisers

There are lots of charity organizations that always need passionate and enthusiastic individuals. Charity institutions hire people as fundraisers and pay them on hourly basis. This job does not require any experience or educational qualification.

  • Customer service/Sales Assistant

In the UK, customer services assistants are required by big stores all the time and you and you can start earning good money by applying for such job. 

  • Entry level cook

Hotels and restaurants often hire people with related cooking experience that were mentioned in ads. This is a job that you can easily get in the UK as a Nigerian.


  • House Maid/Cleaner
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There are lots of house maid jobs available in the UK for all genders. As a Nigerian with a pleasant personality and good communication skills, you can easily get such jobs.

  • Postman/Woman with Driving

There are lots of big stores, post offices, and companies that need the services of professional drivers who would act as their postmen or women. This is an easy job for you, so long as you have the necessary driver’s permit.

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General Job search engines and classifieds in the UK

With the sites listed below, there is a good chance that you will get a response from the firm you sent your application to. These sites include, The Guardian, The Independent, Career Jet, Glassdoor, Indeed, Jobsite, Reed, Monster,, Manpower, Expat Arrivals, Transitions Abroad.

What makes living and working in the UK attractive?

There is no doubt about the high cost of living in the UK but with the very low unemployment rate, it is a country to work in. There is strict equality in the workplace irrespective of gender or race and the paycheck is great as well. The working condition is also very conducive and accommodating.


There are lots of work leaves like bank holidays, parental leaves, time offs, etc provided to an employee in the UK. Another important thing to note is the exceptionally functional system that is in place in the UK.

The minimum wage in UK

The fixed minimum wage in the UK at the moment is fixed at 1, 463.80 Pounds but you must be at least 25 years to get this national minimum wage

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