10 Top Travel Agencies In Nigeria To Help You With Travel

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Some of the best travel agencies in Nigeria are Wakanow, TravelStart, and Touchdown.

The “japa” fever is heavy in the air in Nigeria. The dream to move is real, whether it’s escaping harsh living and economic conditions, seeking greener pastures, exploring new educational horizons, or just catching a breath of different air. I can’t say I blame them; the urge to move is strong in me, too.

But hey, let’s face it—making those travel dreams come true isn’t just about packing bags and heading to the airport. It’s a whole process! The to-do list is long, from visa applications to finding the best flight deals to ensuring you’re not stranded upon arrival. And this, my friends, is where the heroes without capes come into play—travel agencies.

Now, if you’re wondering which travel agency in Nigeria has your back, worry no more. We’ve scoured the length and breadth of our beloved country to bring you the top 10 travel agencies in Nigeria that stand out not just in services but also in making sure your travel dreams don’t end up being just that—dreams.

So, whether you’re looking to study in Canada, explore the streets of Dubai, or maybe catch a football match in the UK, these agencies are your go-to for making the process as smooth as pounded yam with egusi soup.

They understand the nitty-gritty of travel requirements, the shortcuts through bureaucratic red tape, and how to find deals that don’t leave your wallet in tears.

Buckle up as we take you through this curated list of the top travel agencies in Nigeria, tailor-made to launch you into your next adventure without a hitch. 

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Remember, in the world of travel, having the right agency by your side is like finding the perfect jollof rice to match your fried plantains.

The Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria                                   

Below is our comprehensive list of the top 10 travel agencies in Nigeria in no ranking order: 

1. Wakanow

Wakanow is one the traveling agents in Nigeria

Imagine a travel agent who knows about snagging the best travel deals and who’s also a wizard with visa applications and hotel bookings, that’s Wakanow for you. 

Established in 2008, it has grown to become one of the top 10 travel agencies in Nigeria and even Africa. Whether it’s a business trip, vacation, or that dream honeymoon, Wakanow’s got the sauce.

Beyond just booking flights, they offer a Pay Small Small™ service that’s a game-changer. It lets you lock down those travel plans with a small deposit and pay the balance in convenient installments. No more excuses about tight budgets!

You can reach them through their website at wakanow.com or slide into their DMs on social media platforms. They’re pretty active and always ready to assist.

Location: Plot 8, Elegushi Beach Road, Ikate Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos.

2. Travelstart


Picture this: an online travel agency that rolls out the red carpet, making you feel like a VIP from the get-go, that’s Travelstart for you.

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With its roots in Sweden but fully embracing the Naija spirit since it landed here, they’re all about making travel simple and affordable. They cover all bases, from booking flights to sorting out your stay and even car rentals.

Their website is a breeze to navigate, offering you the best rates across a wide range of airlines and hotels worldwide. Plus, their customer service? Top-notch! They’re like that friend who’s got your back, ensuring your travel plans go off without a hitch, making them one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria.

They have no physical offices to go to, but their digital doors are always open.

Check them out at travelstart.com.ng for some sweet travel deals, and follow their social media for the latest travel tips.

3. Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd

Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd

If there’s an agency that feels like it was tailor-made for corporate moguls and business travelers but still caters to leisure trippers with the same zeal, it’s Zenith Travels.

I love them because they are pros at handling corporate travel—from flights to accommodations and even organizing crucial business meetings abroad. I have used them before and can give them a stellar review.

But here’s the kicker: they’re not just about business. Looking for that perfect family holiday package or a solo adventure? They’ve got you covered. With Zenith, it’s not just travel; it’s an experience tailored just for you.

And to me, they deserve to be among the list of the top 10 travel agencies in the Nigerian space.

You can check out their website zenithtravelgroup.com for all the nitty-gritty details.

Location: 67 Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos.

4. Gadeshire Travels and Tours Limited

Gadeshire Travels and Tours Limited, nestled in the heart of Abuja, is not just a travel agency but a portal to the world. Focusing on creating unforgettable holiday and vacation packages, Gadeshire offers an expansive range of services, from sports management consultancy to event creation, showcasing a unique blend of travel and event planning prowess.

They stand out for their sports events creation and management, offering comprehensive services, including sports marketing, sponsorship sales, and even sports equipment distribution. 

Their expertise doesn’t stop there; Gadeshire excels in event services, transforming venues, and managing mega events with a touch of class and efficiency.

The Gadeshire team is known for their professionalism and dedication to providing tailored services that cater to the individual needs of their clients. 

Whether it’s a leisurely vacation, a corporate event, or a sporting affair, Gadeshire crafts memorable and seamless experiences. To me, it is one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria.

For those looking to explore their services or make inquiries, Gadeshire’s digital presence is robust. It has a user-friendly website and active social media platforms.

Location: 28 Covina Crescent, Sun City Estate, Galadimawa District, Abuja

5. Touchdown Travels Limited

 Touchdown Travels Limited

Touchdown Travels Limited is a leading figure in Lagos’s travel agency scene. It offers a flexible Easy Pay travel payment plan that makes dream travels accessible and affordable.

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For more information on their offers or to start planning your next journey, their online portal, touchdowntravels.net, provides a comprehensive overview of their services and direct contact options for immediate assistance​​.

Location: Obokun St, off Coker Rd, Ilupeju, Lagos

6. Aeroport Travels and Tours Limited

Aeroport Travels and Tours Limited

Aeroport stands out for its dedication to customer satisfaction and professional service delivery and definitely deserves its place on the list of the top 10 travel agencies in the Nigerian space. 

Their expertise in corporate trip bookings and educational tours makes them a versatile partner for various travel needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for their clients.

 Their commitment to exceeding client expectations has garnered them recognition and awards, solidifying their position as a top travel agency in Nigeria.

Aeroport’s online presence, through its website aeroporttravels.com, offers an extensive look into its services, from flight bookings to comprehensive tour packages, highlighting its commitment to creating unbeatable travel experiences​​​​.

Location: Ajao Estate, Lagos

7. Njetours Limited

Njetours Limited

Njetours Limited is a global destination management company that goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless travel experience. 

With a suite of services that cover everything from international and local airline reservations to visa processing assistance and travel insurance, Njetours prioritizes convenience and comprehensive support for their travelers. 

They’re particularly noted for their ability to offer a 24-hour emergency travel service, ensuring that no matter where you are, help is just a call away.

The company’s commitment to worry-free travel experiences is evident in its meticulous attention to detail and a broad range of services designed to meet the varied needs of both individual and corporate clients.

Diving deeper into their offerings, Njetours’ partnership with tour operators and travel agents across most destinations ensures a robust support system for international travelers. 

For those interested in exploring Njetours’ wide array of travel solutions, visiting their website njetours.com provides a wealth of information and easy access to their expert services​​.

I have used their services before, and I can boldly say they are one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria.

Location: Suite E329, Ikota Shopping Complex, Lagos

8. Dinspira Travels Nigeria Ltd.

Dinspira Travels Nigeria Ltd.

Dinspira Travels Nigeria Ltd. is celebrated for its specialized focus on Canada immigration advisory and study abroad services. 

Established on the foundation of providing quality professional immigration and educational consultancy services, Dinspira is dedicated to assisting professionals, families, students, and business people in achieving their travel and educational ambitions. 

Their personalized approach ensures that every client receives services tailored to their specific needs, whether for career opportunities, further education, or migration.

Dinspira is a beacon for those looking to navigate the complexities of moving abroad, particularly to Canada. 

Their expertise extends beyond immigration and education, offering customized tours for travel enthusiasts across Nigeria, catering to various travel aspirations.

Their website, dinspira.com, serves as a portal for prospective travelers seeking to explore their services, offering detailed insights into their offerings and how they can assist clients in realizing their travel and educational goals​​, making it one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria

Location: Suite 26, 2nd Floor Chimeganum Plaza, Port Harcourt.

9. Jands Travel Network

Jands Travel Network

Jands Travel Network, based in Enugu, has carved a niche for itself in the travel and tours sector with its dedication to providing premium services and efficient travel arrangements. 

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Founded by Chioma Obi, Jands offers a comprehensive array of services, including flight and hotel reservations, tour packaging, visa assistance, and more. 

Their commitment to making travel plans stress-free through convenience, effective time management, and speedy service delivery sets them apart in the industry.

Jands’ focus on delivering quality service without compromising value makes them a preferred choice for many travelers. They take pride in their ability to offer cheap and affordable flights without undermining the quality and value of the travel experience.

For those interested in the personalized and dedicated service that Jands Travel Network offers, reaching out via info@jtn.com.ng or visiting their premises in Enugu would be the first step towards a delightful travel experience. ​

Location: 34 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu State

10. Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited

Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited

Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited, operating from Lagos, has transformed the way people view travel by focusing on demystifying it. This agency is passionate about opening up the world to everyone, making previously unattainable destinations accessible. 

They specialize in creating travel packages that highlight the benefits of travel, emphasizing experiences over costs. 

Whether it’s visa processing assistance, cruises, tailor-made packages, honeymoons, short getaways, family vacations, travel insurance, or even organizing for international exhibitions and conferences, Diamonds and Pearls ensures a bespoke service that caters uniquely to each client.

With consultants trained to go the extra mile, every customer is assured satisfaction, receiving what has been promised or more. This agency thrives on making travel accessible and fulfilling, ensuring clients see the world in new and exciting ways.

For those drawn to Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited’s personalized and luxurious approach to travel planning, exploring their offerings on dandptravels.com would be a step into a world of travel possibilities designed to exceed expectations​​.

To me, it’s definitely one of the best travel agencies in the Nigerian space, and I would definitely try them when traveling.

Location: Plot 6B, Mike Adegbite Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


That concludes the list of the top 10 travel agencies in Nigeria. We hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any issues or questions, please raise them in the comments. We are more than happy to reply. If you want to read more articles like this, please check out our website.


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