15 Places to Learn How to Code in Nigeria


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Decagon Institutes, NoCode Lagos, Andela Learning Community, Sabi Programmers, and Switch Coding Academy are some best places to learn how to code in Nigeria.

In today’s digital age, knowing how to code isn’t just for techies—it’s a valuable skill anyone can learn, offering a passport to countless opportunities. 

Imagine creating your own apps, designing websites, or even solving big problems in your community using technology. This is our reality, and Nigeria is riding the wave, emerging as a bright spot on the global tech map. 

15 Places To Learn How To Code In Nigeria

For those eager to dive into the world of coding, Nigeria is filled with doors waiting to be opened, each leading to new paths and possibilities.

Nigeria’s tech scene is bustling with energy and innovation, making it an exciting place for anyone looking to learn how to code. From the lively streets of Lagos to the historic charm of Kano, there are countless “Places to Learn How to Code in Nigeria.” 

These places aren’t just about sitting in a classroom and looking at a computer screen. They’re vibrant communities where people from all walks of life come together to explore, learn, and create with technology. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who knows a bit about coding, there’s a spot for you.

We have carefully selected 15 outstanding places across Nigeria that offer a wide range of coding experiences. Some are boot camps where you can learn everything about coding in a few months, while others are more relaxed, offering evening or weekend classes. 

There are also online platforms that let you learn at your own pace, right from the comfort of your home. Each place has its unique way of teaching, but they all share the same goal: to help you understand coding and how to use it to bring your ideas to life.

By taking the first step, you’re not just learning a valuable skill but opening up a world of possibilities. Let’s dive into the vibrant tech landscape of Nigeria together and see where coding can take you.

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As we explore these 15 incredible places to learn coding in Nigeria, we inspire you to think about what you want to achieve with coding. Each of these places offers a unique journey into the world of technology, filled with challenges, learning, and fun. 

The 15 Best Places To Learn How To Code In Nigeria

1. Sabi Programmers Training Center – Ondo State

This is one of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria. One of its key features is that it immediately makes graduates of its training program job-ready.

The training program covers front-end and back-end development, meaning its graduates are trained in full-stack coding. It’s most definitely a place you should consider if you want to teach or train your family members on matters of coding.

Visit website here.

 Learn How To Code In Nigeria

2. Andela Learning Community (ALC) – Online

Andela’s Learning Community is a platform offering a wide range of programs to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry. 

From beginner to advanced levels, ALC provides courses in software development, data science, and technical leadership.

Their programs are designed to be accessible to learners across Nigeria, with online platforms and physical meetups in various cities. 

One of the highlights of Andela is that they offer extended mentorships and access to a large community of like-minded people who share opportunities with each other.

Visit website here.


The list of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria would not be complete without mentioning Switch Coding Academy. They are not to be compared in terms of intensive code writing and app development.

They are very focused on community development and talent discovery. The training regimen takes one year, and after it is completed, the graduates are posted to companies for three months to gain real-life experience and problem-solving skills.

To join them, however, you would need to have basic coding knowledge already, but if you eventually join, they are willing to provide stipends for accommodation, transport, etc Now, isn’t that nice?

Visit media handle here.

4. Decagon Institute- Lagos and Abuja

Decagon Institute is a tech training centre that offers an intensive, full-time program in software engineering. With campuses in Lagos and Abuja, Decagon provides a comprehensive curriculum covering programming languages, web development, and software engineering principles. 

The institute also offers support services such as accommodation, meal plans, and laptop provision for students.

Decagon also operates a “study now, pay later” system for students from indigent backgrounds, making it a hotspot for a variety of students.

Visit website here.

5. NHub Nigeria- Plateau State, Jos

NHub Nigeria is the first innovation and technology centre in Northern Nigeria, located in Jos, Plateau State.

It is a hub for startups, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, offering co-working spaces, training programs, and incubation services. 

NHub’s coding boot camps and workshops teach participants practical skills in software development, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

This is definitely one of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria. It also has mentorships, access to funding for tech startups, and job opportunities for excellent students.

Visit website here.

6. TechQuest STEM Academy- Nationwide

This list wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this particular entry. Why? Because I have a friend who graduated from this community, and till today, he describes the school with positive qualities.

TechQuest STEM Academy is an educational initiative that promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education among children and young adults in Nigeria. 

TechQuest offers coding, robotics, and digital literacy training to students nationwide through a combination of in-school programs, after-school clubs, and online courses.

The school is more concerned with problem-solving and training the new innovators and inventors of the future, students adept at problem-solving and charting a path where there was none.

Visit website here.

7. Moringa School- Partner locations in Lagos and Online

When I first heard the name of this school, I was initially amused that it shares a name with a popular herb. Still, eventually, I came to accept it as one of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria.

Moringa School is a leading coding boot camp that offers comprehensive training in full-stack web development. With partner locations in Lagos and online, Moringa School’s curriculum is designed to meet the demands of the tech industry, focusing on market-relevant programming languages and frameworks. 

The school’s blended learning model combines online coursework with in-person instruction, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

The school also provides networking opportunities, and job placement support to help graduates launch successful careers in tech

Visit website here.

8. Univelcity- Lagos

Univelcity is a tech school in Lagos that offers courses in software development, data science, and product design. 

Through its intensive, hands-on training programs, Univelcity equips students with the practical skills and industry knowledge needed to thrive in the tech sector. 

The school’s curriculum is developed in collaboration with industry experts and covers topics such as programming languages, database management, and agile project management.

Visit website here.

9. CodeLagos – Various Locations Around Lagos

CodeLagos is an initiative by the Lagos State Government to promote digital literacy and coding skills among residents of Lagos. 

CodeLagos seeks to empower individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy through a series of free coding workshops, boot camps, and online courses. 

The initiative also partners with schools, libraries, and community centres across Lagos to provide coding education to learners of all ages.

CodeLagos offers a wide range of coding programs, including introductory courses for beginners and advanced workshops for experienced developers.

10. Lambda School Africa Pilot- Online

Lambda School is an online coding school that offers a 9-month full-time program in software development. Through live instruction, project-based learning, and one-on-one mentorship, Lambda School prepares students for careers in tech. 

The school’s income share agreement (ISA) model allows students to defer tuition until they secure employment, making it accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In addition, Lambda’s curriculum covers topics such as web development, data science, and mobile app development, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped for success in the tech industry.

Visit website here.

11. Re:learn by CcHub- Lagos, Abuja, and Online

Re:learn is an educational initiative by CcHub that focuses on promoting digital literacy and technology education in Nigeria. 

Through a variety of programs, including in-school workshops, holiday coding camps, and digital skills training, Re:learn seeks to empower students and teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age. 

The initiative also partners with schools, governments, and NGOs to advocate for policies that support tech education and innovation.

Re:learn offers a range of resources, including teaching guides, lesson plans, and online courses, to help educators integrate technology into the classroom.

Visit website here.

12. The Roothub- Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

The Roothub is a tech training and incubation hub located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, which provides training, mentorship, and support to aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. 

Through its coding boot camps, workshops, and incubation programs, The Roothub equips participants with the skills and resources needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures. The hub also serves as a community space where members can collaborate, network, and share ideas.

The Roothub also offers co-working spaces, maker labs, event spaces, and access to a network of mentors, investors, and industry experts.

Visit website here.

13. Data Science Nigeria (DSN) – Lagos and Online

Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is a non-profit initiative that aims to build a vibrant data science ecosystem in Nigeria. 

Through a variety of programs, including boot camps, hackathons, and mentorship initiatives, DSN seeks to democratise access to data science education and empower individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the field. 

The initiative also partners with universities, government agencies, and corporate organisations to promote data-driven decision-making and innovation.

DSN offers free resources, including online courses, tutorials, and datasets, to support individuals in learning data science and machine learning concepts

Visit website here.

14. Start Innovation Hub- Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Start Innovation Hub is a tech incubator and innovation hub located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, that provides training, mentorship, and support to tech startups and entrepreneurs. 

Start Innovation Hub helps startups develop and scale their businesses through incubation programs, co-working spaces, and networking events. 

The hub also offers software development, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship training programs to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry.

I once signed up my friend for their program, and I can tell you for free that they are one of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria.

Visit website here.

15. WAAW Foundation’s Coding Bootcamp- Nationwide

WAAW Foundation’s Coding Bootcamp is a program aimed at empowering young women with digital and coding skills. Through its coding workshops, hackathons, and STEM camps, the foundation seeks to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and empower women to pursue careers in STEM fields. 

The boot camp also offers scholarships, mentorship, and internship opportunities to support women on their journey to becoming successful tech professionals.

Conclusion on Places to Learn how to code in Nigeria

And that brings us to the end of the list of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria; we hope you enjoyed reading through.

Coding and web development are on the rage now, and finding a good place is paramount to making it easy for you to break into the market. Choose the school that best matches your interest and start today to walk down the path of a profitable tech skill.

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