How to become an air ticket booking agent in Nigeria


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There is no much to say on how to become an air ticket booking agent in Nigeria because the business is simple and straightforward to establish.

Of course, if you know the basic involve in its set-up. Hence, this article will unravel the top-notch methods involved on how to start an air ticket booking agent in Nigeria.

To begin with, an air ticket booking agent’s work is stressful and can be tiring sometimes. It’s different from other types of office work.

For instance, an air ticket booking agents can be called upon in the midnight and they are usually expected to work overtime.

So if you will be doing this job, you have to be cool-headed and reserve because customers will always put off their aggressions and disappointment on you.

Most especially in the case of a booking mix-up, cancelled flights, reservation hiccups and other kind of mishaps.

As an aspiring air ticket agent in the ticketing and reservation department, you also need that ability to withstand high noise in the airport environments.

Before moving forward, it’s paramount we take a look at the meaning of air ticket booking as well as the duties of air ticket booking agents in Nigeria.

What is air ticket booking?

The Air or Airline ticket booking is a lucrative business opportunity with ticketing reservation agency or airline Companies.

Without any iota of doubt, there is always much to do in this career opportunity as it is very common for the target audience to change their schedules.

Who is an Air Ticket Agent?

An Air ticket agent is a person who is primarily saddled with the responsibility of selling air tickets and making reservations for customers that wishes to travel.

You must note that an air ticket at career job is competitive because of the level of certification required.

How to become an airline ticket booking agent in Nigeria

There are tons of ticketing companies out there that doesn’t care about your level of education, an Ordinary Diploma Certificate is enough.

And there are some airline companies that prefer and value an air ticket agent with prior experience in the field.

Requirements to become an air ticket booking agent

To become an airline ticket booking agent in Nigeria, there are some basic requirements you need to meet.

Some of these criteria for entry level are as follows:

  • The applicant must be above the age of 18 and some companies prefer 20 years;
  • An air ticket agent is expected to have a good writing and sound communication skills;
  • Speak and understand at least one local language in Nigeria;
  • Must possess the ability to work at any time of the day;
  • Computer literate; etc.

Roles and responsibilities of air ticket booking agent in Nigeria

  • Customer service.
  • Selling and scanning of tickets.
  • Seat assignment and checking of customer baggage.
  • It is also the duty of an airline ticket booking agent to book or cancel flight reservations, etc.

How to become an air ticket booking agent in Nigeria

Having explain the key concepts in the topic of discourse; it’s important we head straight to the main business of the day.

On this note, it’s safer to say that there is no special task involved on how to become an airline tickets agent in Nigeria.

All you need to do is to take care of the following:

1. Take relevant courses and training

In your sojourn to become an air ticket booking agent, taking relevant courses on booking, reservation, and ticketing will help horn your skills.

There are numerous courses online and offline you can register to get yourself familiar with the role.

As a matter of fact, taking these courses will make you a better candidate by giving you an edge over other applicants.

What’s more, some ticketing companies only employe ticketing agents with at least a diploma course on reservation and airline booking.

If you will be going for physical training, you might find the following list of aviation schools that offers booking and reservation training worthy.

List of flight schools offering booking and reservations training for ticketing agents

The following flight schools in Nigeria are offering training to intending ticketing and reservation agent in the aviation industry.

  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)
  • Universal School of Aviation
  • Landover Aviation Business School

2. Go for computer training

Unless you are a computer savvy, you are advised to go for a computer training before applying for any job in the aviation industry.

Ideally, an air ticket booking agent must be able to use the computer efficiently and effectively without any hitch.

After all, we are in technology age where most airline companies are using computers and software for booking instead of the traditional paper filing.

Software programs abound that can be used to making, confirm, schedule, reschedule, and cancel reservations.

3. Prepare your CV or Resume

In the course of applying for ticket booking and reservation job, all that you need to speak for you is your curriculum vitae.

Therefore, take your time to prepare a catchy and interesting CV for yourself. You can engage the service of an expert in this regard.

Once your CV, cover letter, and all other requirements needed for this job are set, you can proceed to the next step.

4. Apply for the job

Once you have all the relevant certificate and you are computer savvy or have learnt the basic of using a computer, then you are good to go.

What is next is for you to go online for any available vacancies in the ticketing and reservation companies and apply.

There is no much to do here, just follow as much as airline Companies you can on social media and once they announced they’ll be an air ticket agent, you apply.

Apply by simply sending your CV, cover letter, certificates, and all other documents you have that are relevant to the job to the hiring company email.

If the airline company you applied to see you as an ideal and perfect applicant for the job, you’ll be invited for further interview.

And if the reverse is the case, you keep applying till you land that dream job. You don’t have to relent until you acquire what you desire.


Becoming an air ticket booking agent in Nigeria means you are ready to face all the downside of the job.

That is to say, you are ready to work overtime, ready to accept customer’s blame and aggression on things you don’t do, ready to adjust to the airport noise, etc.

Hence, if you follow the aforementioned steps on how to become an air ticket booking agent in Nigeria, you’ll definitely land your dream job in no time.


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