Jobs that allow coloured hair and unconventional dress style

If you have ever been faced with the task of looking for jobs that allow coloured hair, tattoos, unconventional dress style, or other fashion choices, then you will know how difficult that can be.

With tattoos, dreadlocks, piercing, coloured hair, and so on, there is no more gorgeous ways of expressing individuality choices via unique styles these days.

Even where the supposedly fashion things like piercing, coloured hair, and tattoos are accepted and seen as “normal-ish” by some people, it’s not too others.

In fact, there are places where your offer, appointment, job opportunity, or other kind of collaboration will be refused just because of your hair colour.

So, in that case what will you do? Will you dye your hair back to its original colour and style?

Or will you keep marching and striving hard to find that dream job of yours even if it means forever?

Well, I have an alternative idea here. This article will present you with a comprehensive list of different types of famous jobs that allow coloured hair.

Jobs that allow coloured hair, tattoo, piercing, and more

But before then, be informed that the fact that these establishments to be mentioned allow unnatural and coloured hair in their organization doesn’t mean it’s your right.

Therefore, don’t see this list as something total and categorical. It is all about in-house choices and the nature of the job.

Without further ado, let’s carefully take a look at the niches or jobs that allow coloured hair and unconventional dress style in their establishment.

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Jobs That Allow Alternative Hair Styles

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1. Tattoo artist

Without any doubt, the tattoo drawing industry allow people with unnatural or coloured hair to work in the business realm.

Isn’t piercing, blue hair, dreadlock, and the likes the propelling force of the business?

So if you are fanatic of coloured hair and wouldn’t mind plying your job opportunity in the tattoo drawing industry, then go for it.

2. Writer

If your writing skills is strong and unique, why don’t you venture into writing business — either as a copy writer or novelist?

There is more freedom in being a writer to coloured hair and dressing in an unconventional styles as you pleases.

You are your boss, your home could be your workplace, you can work for several people at a time, you have time to spend with families, etc.

Therefore, it goes without saying that writing job is one of the employment opportunity that allow people with coloured hair.

3. Personal trainer

You can become a gymnastic coach or instructor just to get the freedom of dying your hair to any colour of your choice.

After all, the people that will be needing your service as gym coach or personal trainer don’t mind the colour of hair you put on or choice of dressing.

What they really care about is your ability to give them efficient aerobics and other cardiovascular fitness that will make them healthy.

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4. Photographer

The major question that any successful photographers will ask or be asked is how well can he handle the camera. Nobody ask or challenge them for having dreadlocks.

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Choosing to venture into the photography business have nothing to do with hair style or hair colour. What matters is the passion to take it serious or see it has a huge leap.

So if you are the type that needs freedom in his choice of dress sense, one that can’t do without dreads, then you may want to seek refuge in the photography business.

5. Bartender

Have you ever seen or heard of a place where employer question a bartender for his or her reason for dressing in an unconventional way?

Perhaps, maintaining a flashy hairstyle and call to action dresses is one of the attribute of a good bartender.  

Still, it goes without saying that most of the customer-facing job like bartender, sometimes, requires lenient dress codes.

But your ability to find out a specific bar in your area where there’s freedom for fashion choices will determine your determination to work with a coloured hair.

6. Clothing stores

Clothing store is another place you can work, freely, without being questioned for your dressing sense.

Most especially, when it’s the same store that sells all kinds of clothes that are regarded as “unconventional”.

So far you focus and handle your employer’s business well, and at the same time create amazing relationship with the customers, that your blue hair will never be questioned by your boss.

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7. Hairdresser or salon assistant

Name a better place to dye your hair colour to look nice and perfect than a hairdressing salon.

Being a salon assistant with a coloured hair will symbolizes one thing: you are proud of what you are doing in your organization.

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Thus, hairdresser or salon assistant is one of the leading jobs that allow coloured hair and unconventional dress stylea.

8. Cosmetologist

Keep it in mind that if you do an unconventional hairstyle but styled it to look neat and nice, you will not have problem working as cosmetologist.

9. Portrait artist

There is nothing unconventional in the portrait artist or fine art business world. The business in its self sees “conventional” in the world “unconventional”.

Therefore, if you can paint or draw to the moon and back, working as a fine artist will give you the opportunity to style as you wanted.

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10. Backup artist

Can you sing, play piano, backup an artist, or dance? If yes, then go to the music industry and unleash your potentials while putting on your coloured hair without issue.

At least, for what is worth, nobody will ever question a musician or his crew for dying their hair, piercing, putting on dreads, or dressing in an unconventional way.

All these acts that were considered unconventional in many job and business establishment are actually the unique selling point in the music industry.


Of course, the list of jobs that allow coloured hair and unconventional dress are endless, but the above mentioned are the bigger ones.

So whichever niche or business establishment you are hunting for a job in, endeavor to do yourself a favor by researching on individual organizations before applying.

This will tell you if it’s a good idea to apply or if there is no point applying at all.

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