15 Best Places To Live In Ontario, Canada


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Are you planning to move down to Canada and now wondering where the best places to live in Ontario, Canada is? Are you considering a change of environment but don’t know which of the best cities in Ontario to live in? Well, this article will open your eyes to some of the best places to raise a family in Ontario, Canada.

Accordingly, Canada has many beautiful provinces with incredible cities you will definitely love, but from all these provinces, you will come to realize that Ontario actually has the best cities to live in.

Statistically, findings tell that Ontario has a population of about 14.60 million people or thereabouts, putting it on the list of the most loved and popular provinces in Canada.

While the province of Ontario is not the main choice for the incredible Canadian residents, it is actually the province out of the twelve (12) provinces in Canada that receives and welcomes the highest number of tourists.

So if you are looking for the best place to raise a family, start a business or settle down permanently, Ontario should be one of your top priorities. You can find the perfect schools and colleges for your kids, plus ideal professional opportunities they can use to further their careers.

There and then, with all these beautiful and wonderful things about the incredible province of Ontario, how do you decide which place to live there? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as this article on the best places and cities to live in Ontario is here to guide you.

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Finding and choosing the best place where you and your family will settle down in Ontario is not that easy considering certain factors. However, letting your priorities lead while choosing a home will eventually take you to a peaceful abode.

Without further delay, the following are the top cities in Ontario that are safe, secure, and free from any social vices.


Without any doubt, Toronto will continue to be one of the best and ideal cities in Ontario that anybody who seeks peace of mind will keep moving down to. The location of this city is awesome and its multicultural sceneries are things to adore.


The city of Toronto possesses a smiling economy, and it ensures that every household has and lives a comfortable life. In the city, there’s a museum, art galleries, parks, cultural activities, diverse restaurants, nightclubs, etc. Isn’t this too much and magnanimous of a province with 2.9 million or thereabouts population?

Well, all these services and social amenities are meant to keep bachelors and family alive in Toronto. Although the cost of living in this province is quite expensive yet there are amazing job opportunities every in the city.

Similarly, there is always a short winter session in Toronto compared to some other major cities in Canada but that being natural, the criminal activities in the city is also at a low rate.

However, if you are the type that prefers a quiet scenery environment to a crowded place, Toronto is not the option for you because the city usually witnesses a lot of traffic, mostly during rush hours.

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Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and it is one of the best places in Southern Ontario to live. Ottawa is a province filled with history, this is even obvious judging from the buildings and museums. But yet, this city also has some gems in Parliament Hill and Victorian architecture.


If your reason for relocating to Ontario is to keep off from hectic life, then Ottawa is highly recommended because, despite the fact that the city is one of the most populated provinces in Canada, it equally offers small towns.

Moreso, the beautiful city of Ottawa is known for hosting series of festivals year-round, and with its ideal and pleasant weather condition, your chances of enjoying diverse outdoor activities every day are very high.

Additionally, there are guaranteed healthcare services in the city, living expenses are affordable, amazing job opportunities, low crime rate, and a very secure ambiance perfect for building and raising a family.

Although Ottawa is not an ideal possibility of nightlife variety because of its long winter which is a disadvantage if you are looking for warm weather. But the most important thing is that the city keeps all its residents safe, and it’s the perfect city for families but not bachelors.


If you desire Toronto but can’t afford the living expenses there, Waterloo is very near to Toronto and it could be the best option for you if you really want to live close to the place and also desire a city with affordable cost of living.

Waterloo is one of the idle places in the province of Ontario

The city of Waterloo is one of the idle places in the province of Ontario to live with families, thanks to an affordable cost of living, low unemployment rate, etc.

Compared to Toronto, living in Waterloo means you will be receiving the same average paycheck or salary and yet, spending it less, and as a result, you will be to save for retirement.

In the same vein, Waterloo also made this list of the best places to live in Ontario because it housed most of the technology companies in Canada, thereby providing employment opportunities and options for students.

In this city, the winter is very harsh compared to Ottawa, there is an average transport service but yet, the city still boasts two of the top universities for domestic and international students.


If you need an environment that offers some ambiance and peace, Oakville is one of the few towns in southern Ontario that can give you that.

Downtown Oakville

Oakville is a remain of Greater Toronto, and it has a various variety of recreational areas and green spaces for children.

Oakville is located near the magnificent Lake Ontario Waterfront, providing the town with a breathtaking landscape.

The town is also popular and highly celebrated for its sporting population. Sporting activities like Hockey, canoeing, skating, lacrosse, and soccer are some of the major sports that took over the town.

It goes without mentioning that Oakville has a variety and diverse restaurants, the cost of living there is affordable, it has a low crime rate, etc.

However, it’s worthy of mentioning that Oakville is not a perfect place for permanent settlement, but the best place to start a career in Ontario.


The beautiful town of Burlington can be found in between Oakville and Hamilton, it is situated along the lake, and this gives it unique scenery.

Burlington made the list of the best places to live in Ontario

Burlington made the list of the best places to live in Ontario because it offers several activities that are ideal for a bachelor and families.

In Burlington, there are numerous nightlife activities, cultural events, entertainment for all kinds of ages, shopping, employment opportunities, low crime rates, etc.

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6. Cobourg

This is yet another fantastic place you and your family can move to in the province of Ontario. Cobourg is a relatively small town with beautiful scenery.

Town of Cobourg

The total number of inhabitants of this peaceful town has been estimated to 20,000. Although the number is usually on the rise during summer as there is no best town in Ontario to own a cottage than Cobourg.

The cost of living here is relatively affordable, the crime rate is at the lowest level, unemployment has been seriously tackled and the weather condition is perfectly good for raising a blessed family.

7. Vaughan

The incredible city of Vaughan is situated in the north of Toronto and it is housed all the most popular and famous tourist attraction centers in the whole of the Great Toronto Area.

Vaughan is one of the best places to live in Ontario

There are so many things in Vaughan that are best among their equals. For instance, the Vaughan Mills is arguably the largest mall in the country and Canada’s Wonderland situated in Vaughan is the largest and most patronized amusement park in the whole of Canada.

The city has a population of over 300,000, and the cost of living too is relatively affordable. There are abundant job opportunities and the crime rate is low too.

8. Aurora

Another great place you can live in Ontario is Aurora. Although this town is not as celebrated as some other cities mentioned on this list, the town is, however, peaceful and has a very beautiful and domestic-looking appearance.

Population-wise, Aurora has less than 60,000 inhabitants but yet, it is consistently regarded as one of the richest cities every business-minded person will wish to invest in Canada.

9. Bracebridge

Bracebridge is a small town in the Muskoka community of Ontario, and it has been regarded and seen as a cottage county for many Ontario residents.

Bracebridge is a small town in the Muskoka community of Ontario

The town is well built around the magnificent waterfall of the Muskoka River which can be found within the town. It has a price of 16,593 or thereabouts, the cost of living there is minimal, but it’s not the best place for a person looking for greener pastures. It’s too remote.

10. Stratford

Stratford is known for its incredible annual festivals and it is the home of the international Canadian Pop singer, Justin Bieber.

Each year, a different part of Stratford acts different variety of the noble Shakespeare plays as drama and they view it as part of their annual Stratford Festival.

Essence, Stratford has an estimated population of about 32,700, the weather is not harsh, the unemployment rate is 5.6%, the crime rate has been seriously tackled and all these make the town to be one of the best places to settle in Ontario, Canada.

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11. Paris

Paris, Ontario was voted as the “Ontario’s Prettiest Town,” and as such, if you desire a very nice place with amazing sceneries, Paris, Ontario is recommend to you.

Paris, Ontario was voted as the “Ontario’s Prettiest Town, (best place to live in Canada)

The town is lined with cheese stores, open-air cafes, candy shops, delicious bakeries, etc. The cost of living here is a bit high considering the population, there are fine dining restaurants and an abundance of activities that suits any family priority.

12. Almonte

Also on the list of the nice places to live in Ontario, Canada is Almonte. A town with a scenic mill that has 19th-century vibes located at the outskirts of Ottawa.

The town is good for family settlement as it has several social amenities and social services that can keep one alive.

nice places to live in Ontario, Canada is Almonte

There are abundant galleries, antique shops, boutiques as well as fine diverse restaurants in this amazing small town.

13. Elora

The town of Elora is located at the boundary of the spectacular gorge and situated along the Grand and Irvine River banks. These rivers give Elora a mouthwatering landscape.

If you are looking for the best place to discover upscale boutiques, visual arts, natural beauty, culinary flavors, diverse culture, and architectures, go to Elora, Ontario.

14. Niagara

As the town is popularly called, Niagara-on-the-lake, the town is located at edge of the Niagara River and nestled on Lake Ontario shores. Also surrounded by rivers.


Niagara is famous for its beautiful wineries and the aesthetic summer  Shaw Festival. The town is very safe and secure, with standard schools and colleges for kids to attend.

If you are on a low budget, Niagara-on-the-lake is one of the most affordable places to live in Ontario, Canada.

15. Port Hope

Port Hope remains a heritage community nestled on the Northside shore of the popular Lake Ontario. It has urban and rural community vibes which make the town to be lively. There, every day is always a holiday.

Port Hope remains a heritage community nestled on the Northside shore of the popular Lake Ontario

The population is small, the crime rate is minimal, there are job opportunities Make and the Capitol Theatre is located in the community too.

There are varieties of restaurants there, showrooms, recreational centers, etc. And if you enjoy hiking too, the Port-Hope Conservation Area is there to serve you better.


At this juncture, you must have found your next destination city or town on this list of the best places to live in Ontario, Canada. These places mentioned contain cities, towns, and villages that are suitable for any type of family’s life and bachelor’s affairs.


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  1. Toronto is a dump for a lot of people. There have been two ‘terror’ type attacks in the last 5 years. It’s overcrowded and overpriced. Housing for both renting and ownership is unattainable for a lot of young families.

    The people who can safely rank Toronto #1 are older people who got into the market 10+ years ago with high family incomes to stay out of scummy neighborhoods. Probably half of Toronto is unliveable for families. If you’re a bachelor who doesn’t care and wants a roommate in a box in the sky it’ll all be okay. Wages are lower compared to say, Ottawa as well- despite the higher cost of living. Nevertheless, perhaps a weighted ranking based on other factors would attract more positive feedback

  2. I don’t see how Toronto is #1. There is no way it’s safe to raise children there.
    Just got an Amber Alert last night, a child abducted in the GTA.
    I don’t know anyone with children who is happy and feels safe in the GTA.


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