Jobs in Belgium That Nigerians Can Easily Get


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Moving abroad is one thing, being able to make a life there is another different ball game. To make a life, you need a job at least to earn some money. So if you are considering Belgium as your way to a better life, then buckle up, we have a short ride for.

There are lots of jobs in Belgium that you can get as a Nigerian; all you need is the right information to guide you in your quest. The purpose of this article is to provide you with the needed information to land your dream job in Belgium.

If you are reading this article, that means you are a Nigerian residing in Belgium or planning on moving over to Belgium. You must have a work permit in order to legally work in Belgium. Belgium is located in Western Europe with Dutch, French, and German as the official languages.

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Easy to get jobs in Belgium

When you are in Belgium and looking for jobs you can easily land, you should consider works in the:

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With the requisite skill set, you can easily get any of the above listed jobs in Belgium.

Requirements for working in Belgium as a foreign national

In Belgium, you will need to have a work permit before you can apply for a long stay visa. There are three different types of work permit in Belgium, they include:

  • A permit

With an A permit, you can work for any employer for an unlimited period of time. This particular permit is given to those that have worked and lived in Belgium for four years on a B permit visa.

  • B permit

This particular permit is only valid for one employer and runs for one year. It can be renewed by the same employer and usually for the same job classification. Once you change employer, your new employer must apply for a new B permit. If you have renewed your B permit for up to four times, you can receive an unlimited A permit.

  • C permit

This particular permit is valid for all professions and employers. The C permit is valid for a short period of time and must be renewed every year.

The B permit in particular is the standard form of work permit for most foreigners. You need to know that the B permit is the responsibility of the employer that is wishing to hire you.

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Why it is attractive to work in Belgium

Belgium has been a prosperous European country for years and the salary is always above average. They might not be as high as what is obtainable in countries like France and Germany but it’s still very attractive.

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In Belgium, there is a 13th month’s salary and bonuses and there are employers that even pay 14th month’s salary as well. While working in Belgium, you are entitled to a holiday bonus of 85%of a month’s salary.

All employees in Belgium are mandated by law to contribute 13.07% in social security payment while employers contribute up to 34.58%.  Belgian employees also enjoy a double holiday pay as it corresponds to 92% of the gross monthly remuneration which is paid in May every year.


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