Packing for an International Relocation – the Ultimate Guide

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Wondering how to best approach packing for an international relocation? Sit back and read our guide on packing for a move with ease

Packing is one of the most complex and challenging parts of any relocation. Likewise, international relocation is one of the most intricate relocation types out there. So once you start thinking about packing for an international relocation, you are bound to experience some stress and anxiety.

Worry not, as Atlantic Ride has created an ultimate guide that will help you pack for your relocation like a pro. Get ahold of all the tasks that are related to packing with some help from our team.

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Leave unnecessary items behind

International relocation is bound to be expensive – that’s no secret. While there are some costs that you can do nothing about, there are many others that you can impact with your actions. Take the things you relocate as an example. If you leave behind most of the items that you don’t use frequently, you will save your energy and money on your move.

Most movers charge based on the weight of the cargo you are relocating, which is why it’s logical that the cost of your move will decrease as you start discarding items. That being said, don’t start packing before you declutter your items. You will waste your time if you pack something that you later decide to leave behind.

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Make a plan on what you plan to relocate and what you wish to leave behind

Gather the materials before packing for an international relocation

How are you supposed to pack your possessions if you don’t have all the necessary packing materials? From packing your biggest furniture pieces to packing an essentials bag for your move, you can rest assured that you will have to use different types of packing materials. That’s why you should schedule a trip for supplies such as cardboard boxes and protective packing materials.

Keep in mind the fact that you can always find some supplies in alternative ways. For example, you can look for boxes in your local supermarkets, and you can find some of the necessary materials in dollar stores. There are always different ways to save your hard-earned dollars.

Disassemble your furniture when moving

If you have ever moved before, you certainly know that the best (and easiest) way to relocate your furniture is by disassembling it. There are many items in your household that you can take apart, pack in protective packing materials, and send them off across the world. Thus, make sure you assess which of your household items could be safely disassembled. Make sure to wrap every piece you detach in protective material and do so right away. You can then decide whether you want to hire movers to relocate your belongings or ship them to the new location.

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You can take apart a lot of the furniture you own

Seek some assistance for your vehicle

One of the biggest problems about packing for an international relocation is finding the right way to transport your vehicle halfway across the world. It’s a good thing that there are many ways to transfer your vehicle with ease, and most of them revolve around professional movers. That being said, there are many moving companies out there. Be mindful of the fact that the best movers are booked months in advance. So don’t wait until the last minute to find your perfect moving match.

Packing your electronics

Electronics are among the most expensive items people have in their households. We all know how costly just one flat-screen TV can be. Now factor in the cost of different gadgets and gaming consoles, and the total price of your electronics quickly reaches staggering numbers. That’s why it’s always best to pack your electronics in their original boxes. Those boxes were designed to keep your gadget in optimal shape when in transit, making it the perfect (and the cheapest) item you could use. Just don’t forget to wrap your electronics in protective packing layers too. The more value an object has, the more critical it is for you to secure it.


Taking good care of your electronics will definitely pay off in the long run. /alt: a home office with a PC to worry about when packing for an international relocation

How to pack your glass items for an international relocation

There is probably nothing more fragile than glass items, such as mirrors, vases, and different sculptures. But, once again, the solution lies in protective packing materials, as they will help keep your items safely wrapped and damage-free. If you are transporting a mirror that you can’t part ways with, consider specialized mirror boxes. They were designed with the sole purpose of making sure your mirror doesn’t break during long transit times.

Packing clothes for a move

You certainly have some experience with packing clothes for a trip. Unless you are a casual packer, you must know how difficult it can be to pack for a short journey – so imagine how complicated packing for an international relocation can be. If you know that the key to success is in packing light for a trip, you will know that the same rules apply to an international move.

Instead of packing up every single item that you have in your wardrobe at the moment, the best thing would be to part ways with the items that no longer fit. When it comes to off-season clothing, you can always use vacuum-sealed bags and save a bunch of space. When packing for a long-distance relocation, the one thing you will definitely want to do is save as much space as you can.

How long will it take you to pack for your international relocation?

If you are trying to calculate when you should start packing for an international relocation, we hate to disappoint you by telling you there isn’t a right or wrong answer. The right time certainly isn’t a week or two weeks before your move – there’s simply not enough time to go through all of your items in such a short time. However, you can never go wrong by starting to pack eight to six weeks prior to your moving day. That gives you just enough time to tackle all of your belongings without any stress and tension and to do it safely.

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