Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Easily Get

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The past few years has seen an influx of foreigners into Korea in search of employment opportunities to improve their livelyhood. The focus of this article is to provide Nigerians with a concise list of jobs in Korea that they can easily get. As a Nigerian reading this piece, you can always bank on the information we provide here at all times.

Interview for  job in Korea

In this article, we will provide details about work in Korea that Nigerians can easily get. You have to bear it in mind that there is no one method of getting in this country. We will try as much as possible to provide you with the best means available to land a job in Korea.

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You have to know that the Korean working culture is totally different from what is obtainable in Western countries. So, you have to make up your mind to enjoy the Confucian hierarchy.

Requirements for working in Korea

Before we delve into jobs in Korea that you can easily get as a Nigerian, it is very important that you understand perfectly the requirements for working in the country of Korea. An F-series to Korea greatly improves your chances of getting an employment in Korea.

This F-series visa is not easy to come by but it’s still the easiest means of getting a job in Korea as a Nigerian. Having a Korean university degree will also improve your chances of landing a job in Korea. Speaking Korean will also help you no doubt but note that many of the Korean companies that are open to visa sponsorships for foreign employees are specifically searching for employees that are fluent in other languages other than Korea.

Easy jobs to get in Korea

You need to know that a good number of foreigners that are working Korea are working as native English teachers. Here is the list of the top jobs that can easily get in Korea as a Nigerian.

1. Sales jobs

There are lots of sales jobs available in Korea for foreigners, especially in the automobile and motorcycle industries. If you are good in the marketing and sales business, getting a job in the many industries in Korea will be very much easy.

2. Content Development/Editor

You can also easily get jobs for any of the companies that produce English textbooks. This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to utilize your English speaking ability without having to teach in any school.

3. Food service jobs

The food service industry is another place that you can easily find job offers in Korea. There are lots of restaurants and bars in the English speaking region of Itewon that you can easily be employed. These food service industries pay their employees minimum wage.

4. Writer/Translator

If you re multi-lingual, then you are most suited for this particular job opportunity in Korea. There are lots of Korean companies that are in search of people who can translate documents or serve as interpreters during special programmes or events.

The above listed are more open to employ foreigners in Korea

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The Minimum Wage And Basic Salary In Korea

In Korea, the minimum wage is KRW 8,350 per hour as of this 2019.

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