Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Get on the First Day


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Finding employment in Korea as a foreigner, especially as a Nigerian, often requires a strategic approach. While teaching English remains a prevalent option, exploring alternative sectors like customer service, sales, content development, food service, and tourism, can increase your chances of securing a job quickly.

Korea, with a long history of attracting foreign workers to meet its labor needs, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, technology, and agriculture, has witnessed significant growth, creating opportunities for international workers. This presents a promising landscape for Nigerians seeking swift employment.

Now, securing these promising jobs in Korea can be exciting and challenging at the same time, especially for a foreigner. Still, you can increase your chances of immediate employment with the right information and approach. 

In this guide, we will explore various Jobs in Korea that Nigerians can secure on their very first day.

However, it is vital to note that Koreans are native speakers with a better cultural understanding than foreigners. 

If you are searching for a job you can get on your first day, Rather than trying to compete with Koreans, focus on tasks you can do more efficiently than them. 

Choose a specialty and apply for jobs at companies where your experience and qualifications will benefit the organization. This brings us to the requirements needed to work in Korea. Read on to know more about the requirements for employment in the Asian country.

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Requirements For Employment In Korea

Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Get On The First Day 

As a foreigner, getting a good job and having a thriving career in Korea is possible. However, your task will be easier if you approach with good self-knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses in the job market. 

You must understand perfectly the requirements for employment in Korea. Which includes:

  • Your Korean speaking ability:  

Your ability to speak the native Korean language helps you blend easily and offers you an excellent chance to get a job quickly as a Nigerian. Over time, you can use Korean learning apps like Ling app to improve your Korean speaking abilities. 

  • Also, having a university degree or diploma in an area related to the job you are looking for can be an added advantage to get you a job.

Other specific conditions and requirements would differ based on the company and industry that you are applying to.

Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Get on The First Day

Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Get On The First Day 

Securing a job on the first day in a foreign country can be stressful, but certain entry-level positions in Korea are more accessible to foreigners, including Nigerians. 

Now, it is no secret that many foreigners in Korea, including Nigerians, find employment as native English teachers. 

Yes! We get it. English is the universal language, but let’s look beyond the ABCs, as there are various job opportunities that are relatively easy to secure in the Korean job market.

Hold on to your hats because teaching English is just the tip of the iceberg in Korea! Sure, the chalkboard might be your first scene, but the Korean job market has dynamic job roles that can put you at the forefront of exciting experiences from day one.

So, while everyone’s pondering lesson plans, Below are some types of jobs that you can potentially get on your first day as a Nigerian in Korea, with a dose of excitement and great experience.

1. Manufacturing and Production Jobs

Jobs in Korea related to manufacturing and production are potential jobs you can get on the first day. Manufacturing companies in Korea have a demand for foreign workers, especially in industries such as electronics, automobiles, and textiles. 

Entry-level positions on production lines may be available to individuals without advanced language skills.

2. Customer Service and Retail

In South Korea, English-speaking customer service positions, particularly in international companies or businesses catering to tourists and areas where language proficiency may not be a significant barrier, are some jobs you can quickly get. 

Retail jobs in popular markets or malls could also be another great option.

3. Manual Labor and Construction

Manual construction or general labor roles may be available to those with physical capabilities. These roles might not require advanced language skills and could be an immediate option for job seekers.

4. Restaurant and Food Service

Working in a restaurant provides a quick entry into the job market. There are lots of restaurants and bars in Korea. Jobs in the restaurant industry, such as kitchen staff or servers in international or English-friendly establishments, might be accessible. 

Networking in areas with a higher English-speaking population can enhance these opportunities. 

5. Freelance or Gig Economy Jobs

Look into independent work options in industries including digital marketing, content writing, and graphic design. Online platforms can connect freelancers with clients globally, providing a chance for immediate remote work.

6. Internships and Temporary Positions

Of course, in Korea, most companies offer internships or temporary positions for foreigners. These opportunities serve as stepping stones to more permanent roles and may be available to individuals with diverse skill sets.

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7. Language-Related Jobs

If you are multilingual, you are well-suited for positions that involve writing, language support, translation, or interpretation services and are particularly relevant in industries with international dealings.

Many Korean companies actively seek individuals who can translate documents or act as interpreters for special programs or events. This job opportunity leverages your language skills in a diverse and dynamic environment.

8. Tourism and Hospitality

Contributing to the unforgettable experiences of travelers from around the globe. Jobs in hotels, hostels, or travel agencies that cater to international visitors might have openings for individuals with a welcoming demeanor and basic language skills, making it an accessible and exciting avenue for immediate employment.

Working in this sector allows you to become a key player in creating memorable moments for international visitors. 

Your role may involve assisting guests with check-ins, providing valuable information about local attractions, and ensuring their stay is comfortable and enjoyable. 

The diversity of tasks keeps the job dynamic and fast-paced, offering a thrilling work environment where no two days are the same.

9. Transportation and Delivery Services

Transportation jobs in Korea or delivery services, especially those that do not require extensive customer interaction, could be immediate opportunities for job seekers.

What makes these positions particularly interesting is the dynamic nature of the job. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities, from navigating different routes to optimizing delivery schedules. 

The sense of accomplishment that comes with timely deliveries and the efficient management of transportation logistics adds a layer of excitement to the work.

Moreover, roles in transportation and delivery provide a chance to explore the city and its surroundings, allowing you to become intimately familiar with your environment. 

10. Sales Jobs

Numerous sales positions are available for foreigners in Korea, particularly in the automobile and motorcycle industries. If you possess strong marketing and sales skills, breaking into the job market in various Korean industries becomes very easy and achievable.

11. Content Development/Editor

Another avenue for employment is in companies producing English textbooks. As a Nigerian, this offers you a unique opportunity to take advantage of your English-speaking ability without necessarily being confined to a teaching role.

Although you might have native-level English while aiming for fast and easy-to-get jobs in Korea, many Koreans under 40 are practically Korean/English bilingual, so merely being able to speak English is not a considerable advantage. 

Korean companies open to visa sponsorships for foreign employees are specifically searching for employees fluent in languages other than Korean.

While the above listed jobs are some of the jobs you can secure on the first day in Korea, to guarantee a seamless transition and fulfilling work, there are a few key considerations you should make as you enter the Korean labor market. 

In order to find possible employment in Korea, keep the following points in mind:

Key Considerations for Jobs in Korea

Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Get On The First Day 

1. Working Hours

According to the Labor Standards Act (1997), jobs in Korea have a cultural history of long working hours, with the typical workweek extending to 52 hours (comprising 40 regular hours and an additional 12 hours of overtime). Understanding and adapting to this work ethic is crucial when considering various employment opportunities.

2. Holidays

The number of public holidays in Korea can fluctuate yearly, from 10 to 16 days. It’s important to know this variation as your paid annual leave accrues based on the years you have worked for your employer. 

3. Tax Rates

Workers in Korea and South Korea are subject to income tax and health and pension insurance deductions. The income tax rate spans from 8% to 35%, depending on income levels. 

4. Cost of Living

Korea’s cost of living is subject to fluctuations based on various factors, including lifestyle choices and geographic location. 

Utility and public transportation costs are typically affordable, but it’s wise to learn about the particular expenses related to the city or area you’ve selected. 

Particularly, South Korean cuisine is frequently less expensive than equivalent products from other countries; smaller companies and marketplaces typically provide more reasonably priced options than larger retailers.

While the pursuit of meaningful employment especially in a foreign country like Korea can be a daunting task, Fortunately, with the advent of digital platforms and traditional print media, job seekers have a plethora of resources at their disposal. 

Where Can You Look for Jobs?

Jobs In Korea That Nigerians Can Get On The First Day 

Searching for job advertisements that organizations put online is the easiest approach. Job Korea, Global Korea Center, People N Job, LinkedIn, Work-Net, Saramin, Craigslist, etc., are a few of the top websites where you can find available jobs in Korea. 

Additionally, employment openings are posted in English-language publications such as The Korea Times, The Korea Herald, and The Seoul Times.

If you can afford the initial costs, you might also search for possibilities through the classified ads in the local newspaper after relocating to Korea. This offers an advantage of attending in-person or walk-in interviews and improving one’s image in the sight of prospective employers.


It’s important to note that securing a job on the first day may only be realistic in some fields. Persistence, adaptability, and a proactive approach to networking will significantly increase your chances of finding suitable opportunities quickly. 

Additionally, being open to various roles and industries can broaden the chances of immediate job possibilities for Nigerians in Korea.


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