How To Get A Job Abroad before moving and without experience?


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How to get a job abroad, especially if you are moving from Nigeria with little experience is a question I know 100% of the youths have asked themselves at least once in their lifetime.

Nigeria is a country with about 200 million people that has a staggering unemployment rate of  23.1% as of 2019 and coupled with the coronavirus pandemic and other factors, you can understand why a lot of youth want to travel abroad and get a job.

This article will answer three questions:

  1. How do you get a job abroad, especially from Nigeria or other African countries?
  2. How do you get a job abroad before moving there in the first place?
  3. Lastly, how do you get a job abroad without experience?

If you have found yourself asking these questions, you are now in the right place as we are here to take you through all the process and reveal the secrets.

How do you get a job abroad, especially from Nigeria or other African countries?

There are two steps to getting a job abroad, especially from Nigeria or other African countries:

  1. Step one is to have the necessary in demand skills
  2. Step two is to begin the application.

Step one; the skills needed to get a job abroad.

First of all, getting a job anywhere in the world is a difficult task, especially for foreigners, so don’t take it personal if you get rejected in your first try. However, some in-demand skills set you apart in the ever-competitive global market. These skills include:

  1. Social media and digital marketing among other marketing skills
  2. Medical practitioners including doctors and nurses.
  3. Graphics designer and photography illustration
  1. Frontend and backend software developers.
  2. Handy craft men like carpenters and plumbers are scares in developed countries
  3. Automobile repairs and engineering among others.

If you don’t have any skill, how to you want to secure a job abroad. You have to be ably to offer something in return for payment. So, if you don’t already have a skill, try and get one. If possible, get a certification too. This will give you more advantage or leverage and even be able to negotiate even higher prices.

Step two: Applying for the job

There are two ways to apply for a job abroad from Nigeria. First is applying to the company directly or through job sites from Nigeria. The second is to procure a visa either through a travel agency, or you do it yourself, arrive in the country, and begin your job search there.

While it is much easier to travel first to your intended country or studying abroad before starting your job hunt, the cost implication might be a worry too many. Access to the right knowledge will make all the difference (Join our forum to get the latest information from first-hand travelers).

Considering the cost and challenges in procuring a visa for the average Nigerian, this article will be focused on how to get the job directly from Nigeria without necessarily traveling first. Here are some of the tips that will answer the question of how to get a job abroad from Nigeria:

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How do you get a job abroad before moving there in the first place?

Things to consider and get ready:

  1. Network:

Months before you begin applying for that dream opportunity. You should start networking with key professionals in your potential field.

You can try searching on LinkedIn and blogs that write about your field, connect with some of the top names in your industry of choice, and build a relationship over time.

Don’t forget to also rely on your old network of friends, alumni bodies, etc. go to job fairs and immigration exhibitions, if you can, make friends with citizens of your intending country.

  1. Language:

You can’t work if you can’t speak, so before even looking for opportunities abroad, learn the language first.

It is crucial to know the language of your intended country with professional and working proficiency. Learning the local language will make a valuable contribution to your CV.

Multilingual workers are, after all, always in high demand around the world.

Imagine being proficient in Chinese and English. Translators are in high demand.

  1. International passport:

One mistake people always make is applying for jobs abroad without getting the necessary documents ready. And when the prospective employee now contacts them to request specific identification like the international passport, they begin to give an excuse. And it takes a couple of weeks to get the international passport from passport office in Nigeria. This can greatly affect your ability to secure the job.

These are serious people, and the first impression matters a lot as they might not have the patience to wait for you to get the document. You should start the process of getting your international passport if you don’t have one yet.

  1. International transfer:

This applies to those who work for companies with a global presence. You could always check with the HR ask for a transfer to another country. It’s most likely that the company will take care of the expense incurred in the relocation process from visa to transportation and accommodation cost.

  1. Localize your CV:

Every country has a standard way of CV writing. For example, if you consider moving to the US, you would need a resume, not a CV. You might also consider writing it in the language of the country you want to move to. Don’t forget your spelling and grammar rules, and be original and truthful in your qualifications and experience. Your CV should always be sent attached with a cover letter explaining why you should be hired and why you want to move to another country.

  1. Education and work experience:

Unless you are applying for an internship position, most companies abroad will instead recruit from their locality than bring in an expatriate with little experience. See how you can work in Multinational companies in Nigeria, even if on an internship basis, to build global expertise. Also, try getting a postgraduate degree or a professional qualification/skill to put you ahead of the pack. Some of the most demanded skills have been stated earlier.

  1. Research the country:
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When asked how to get a job abroad from Nigeria, the answer should first be which particular country abroad. You should read up everything about the country’s Immigration policies, tax laws, healthcare, crime rate, cost of living, political system, employment rights, the standard of human rights, etc. The importance of getting this information cannot be overemphasized as it will save you a lot of dangers and unforeseen circumstances. Some of the most popular and conducive countries for Nigerians include:

  1. Competitive cities:

Avoid competitive cities like the plague. Target countries with a shortage of your acquired skills and qualification. Cities like New York, Paris, and London are an example of highly competitive job markets. The idea of getting a job in these cities sounds tempting, but your chances are minimal there. Why struggle to get a job in these countries with a surging working-class population? When other countries require your skills and experience. Look for countries where skilled labor is in high demand and have flexible immigration laws. We have highlighted some of these countries previously.

  1. Narrow it down:

Get a location in mind and search for the emerging industries, and companies then apply directly. There is a good number of companies that first consider the applications in their database before deciding to recruit publicly. If possible, avoid larger companies due to its competitive nature and focus on smaller companies where you have a better chance at employment and growth.

How do you get a job abroad without experience?

  1. Get Certified

I have already highlighted this above. This is the very first step to getting a job without experience. This is because if you don’t have experience, at least, have certification for the job.

While it’s not a must, it’s advised that you get a certificate that affirms that you know what you are doing. A proper certification could be the key to landing employment abroad with experience.
An English Language TEFL Certificate is internationally recognized and makes finding teaching jobs easier.

  1. Sell yourself

Don’t sell yourself short. Highlight your academic qualifications and awards. Showcase your side hustle. Hype yourself. In fact, create a blog and talk about your industry and reference it on your CV. If you cant create a blog, guest post on other websites and reference it on your CV.

  1. Get professional help

Let’s be honest, some people do this for a living. In fact, I have a friend who claims he can get you an Australian visa with a job, all the way from Nigeria for 2.5 million naira. And the best part is that, you only pay when your visa is out. Anyways, get a professional to construct your CV and even do the job hunt.

  1. Consider Volunteering
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Since you don’t have any tangible experience, why not get some experience by volunteering in a few places. Preferable in a related field for a while. This would go a long way in convincing the employer that you don’t just know the theory, but the practical too.

  1. Make Yourself Easy to Hire

It goes without say, make yourself easy to hire. You don’t want a situation where and employer drops you because you are too expensive. Take a lower pay and land the job there. Once you get there and prove your worth, you can begin to consider renegotiating your pay or even move to a new company.

Be professional please. I have interviewed a bunch of annoying people in the past. Don’t be that person. If the video call is by 7pm, be online by 7pm, and don’t be in your underwear.

  1. Harness the Skills You Already Have

Brush up on your skills. There’s no reason you should be out of date. Know the current trends, know the current terminologies and so on

  1. Take Advantage of Your Social Networks

Together with guest posting, post good related stuff on your social media. Talk and chat with other people in the field and make friends. These people might be the ones to point you in the right direction. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, get one.

Take advantage of your social media when searching for the jobs from Nigeria
  1. Bag Industry and Academic Referrals

A referral from someone in your field can make all the difference. Get referrals from people in your social network, your former colleagues and your lecturers from school to write you a letter of recommendation.

  1. Work Across Multiple Roles

While specialization is good, but starting out, you have to be a jack of all trade and a master of all. Basically, you have to be qualified for a wide variety of roles to stand a greater chance of getting a job abroad without experience. Simply put, the more jobs you can do, the greater your chances of finding who will hire you.

Five companies always hiring

5 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

You can conduct a global online job search from reputable websites. Some sites where you can start your search from include:

  • for job listing from all countries in the world.
  • Workopolis for Canadian jobs.
  • Interexchange for short job placement and exchange programs for young professionals.
  • Jobs in Dubai is your plug for opportunities in the oil-rich city of Dubai.
  • Transition abroad is an excellent resource for anyone looking to live and work overseas.

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