13 European Countries You Can Take Your Hustle To


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The modern civilization started with the European countries. You can think of the Greek civilization, the Roman Empire and the British civilization. They are all countries in Europe. It is a little wonder that most countries in this world were colonized by European countries.

One thing that is certain is that Europe is the most developed continent in the entire world. They actually have the best of what life has to give. Their technological advancement is superb and their economies are relatively stable.

To cap it all, some of these European countries are quite receptive to immigrants and Nigerians are making it in those countries. It is quite simple.

There are so many reasons people make it in Europe. Of course you are aware that they are better organized than Nigeria and most African countries. Nigerians who have suffered in our bad economy tend to make it easily there, for obvious reasons. But that’s a post for another day.

When they are studying, they come out with flying colors, they learn technological skills easily and they are very good in conducting businesses. Even when they are doing some blue collar and menial jobs, they excel at it.

Well, we are not interested in telling you about the reasons people make it in European countries because I believe you already know that. What we want to do is to show you the countries that will be more receptive to you and countries that can enable you make it. The choice of going to that country will be totally up to you and your agents.

As someone who is just leaving the country to hustle, it will be wrong to get into towns or countries that are too expensive. So, getting countries that are not too flamboyant will be a better choice.

Well, we have said enough, if you want to take your hustle to Europe, here is a list of European countries that can help you achieve your dreams.

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Affordable European Countries You Can Take Your Hustle To

1. Poland

For football lovers in the last decade, the mention of Poland reminds you of one name, Robert Lewandoski, the Bayern Munchen striker. It is a very wonderful country and you can rest assured that it offers the very best of what you will need to survive. Away from the economic benefits which we shall revisit in a bit, it offers lots of other benefits.

The country is culturally rich and it will bring something interesting to outdoor lovers. If you love hiking, this country provides you with exactly that. You can also visit Krakow and Warsaw which are historic sites.

If you are leaving Nigeria for Europe, you have got to be a budget traveler which means you will need countries like Poland. Their local currency is called the Polish Zloty and it can be converted to dollars. You can check the conversion here; xe.com.  Let us look at the breakdown of what you will probably need until you stabilize your stay and your pocket.

The cost of the average food you will eat per day is about 5-10 dollars. That sounds normal. Your daily budget is about 25-35 dollars and Accommodation will cost you about 14-18 dollars. Pending on the kind of work you do, you should make about 150-300 dollars a day. It is enough to handle your budget.


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2. Lithuania

One of the cheap places that you can take your hustle to is Lithuania. Their food is okay and affordable and it has lots of side attractions. You can camp on the Curonian Spit if you want to camp. More so, you can have a great time at the sand dune that joins with the Baltic Sea. The locals are great you can have a lovely time in a cottage in Nida.

The great aspect of going to Lithuania is that it is located in Eastern Europe and they are all connected by land transport and the journey will cost you very little too. Most of their neighboring countries are cheap too. The food budget for Lithuania is 10-15 dollars a day, accommodation will cost 16-20 dollars a day, and the estimated daily budget is 30-40 dollars.

Their local currency is the Euro. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. If you want to hustle on a budget, you can try out this country.

https://wikitravel.org/en/Lithuania will give you more information on how to visit and live in the country.

3. Romania

This country uses the Romanian Leu as their local currency and it is a cheap country to live in. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. There are many reasons you would want to take your hustle to Romania. For one, it promises nightlife and there are so many exciting places to visit during the day time.

For those who would want to invest in mining, the Turda Salt Mine which was opened in the 1990’s will provide you with a great business opportunity. More so, you can handle some other businesses or menial jobs to make enough money. Don’t forget that life is cheap there comparatively anyway. Your average food budget is 10-15 dollars per day, accommodation is 10-15 dollars a night too, and your daily budget will be roughly about 40-50 dollar a day.

To visit Romania, check out https://wikitravel.org/en/Romania for more information.

4. Hungary

Have you heard of Budapest? You can see it as one of the most affordable places in Europe. When searching for European countries that you can take your hustle to, you should try Hungary. While Budapest is the place to be in, you should also know that there is more to Hungary than just Budapest.

You can also stay in Drebecen or other cities in Hungary that may not be as exotic as Budapest but offers you cheaper accommodation and feeding. They are also blessed with places to explore just like Budapest.

Their local currency is the Hungarian Forint. You can check the conversion here; xe.com.  You can get food at the average rate of 15 dollars per day. More so, you can get accommodated for 20-25 dollars a night and your daily budget expenditure won’t exceed 35-50 dollars a day.

Visit https://hellohungary.com/ for more information on how to visit Hungary or to gain more information about the country.

Hungary:  European countries to take your hustle to

5. Slovakia

This European country shares borders with Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. In the north is Poland, Ukraine is in the east, Hungary will be found in its south, Austria to the west and Czech Republic in the northwest. It is a mountainous country with over 5 million people. The capital is Bratislava.

This country offers you amazing stay and holidays if you so desire to be there. There are so many museums and pieces of architectural wonders to explore. You can do bear and wine business in Slovakia because they have that in abundance.

It should be noted that their local currency is the Euros. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. Their budget everyday should not be more than 10-15 dollars. For your accommodation, you will spend about 20-25 dollars a day and your daily budget expenditure should be about 35-40 dollars.

If you are looking for cheap European Countries, you should try out this country and you can visit https://www.slovakia.com/ for more information on the country.

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6. Greece

Greece is an European country that is situated in the southern and southeastern part of Europe. It was formerly known as Hellas. The capital of Greece is Athens and it is the largest city in Greece. Greece is popular as the cradle of modern civilization as well as the Spartan warriors. It is a country of over 11 million people. It shares borders with so many European countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and others.

It is arguably one of the top romantic destinations in Europe. If you are on budget journey or budget stay in Greece, you won’t be very disappointed. There are lots of places to visit and lots of work to be done.

Their local currency is Euro so that shouldn’t be an issue. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. To feed, you need a budget of 12-18 dollars a day. Your accommodation will cost about 25-30 dollars a day while your daily expenditure if you are on low budget should be about 45-60 dollars a day.

To know more about Greece or to visit Greece, you should visit http://www.visitgreece.gr/.

Greece:  European countries to take your hustle to

7. Bulgaria

This is officially known as the republic of Bulgaria. It has borders with some countries; Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and it is the largest city too. Bulgaria is officially the 16th largest city in Europe and as at 2011; it had over 7 million people.

When you want to take your hustle to Europe, you can go to Bulgaria because it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. It has many interesting places such as the Rila Mountains, the Sunny Beach and other beaches, the seven Rila Lakes and other places of interest.

To feed, you will have to spend about 5-10 dollars a day, pay about 10-15 dollars a night for accommodation, and your daily budget will be around 20-30 dollars a day. Their local currency is the Bulgarian Lev. You can check the conversion here; xe.com.

Visit https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Bulgaria for guide on how to go to Bulgaria.

8. Ukraine

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It is very populated. It is the 32nd most populous country in the world with a population of about 42.5 million people.  Kiev is its capital and the largest city too. They practice Greek Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy as their dominant religions. In terms of land mass, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and the 46th largest country in the world.

For lovers of nature, there are so many indescribable atmospheres in Ukraine that you will enjoy. You can visit the Carpathian Mountains and have a lovely time. You will also be met with welcoming and warm locals. However, Ukraine has been officially marked as one of the unsafe travel destinations from 2016. If I were you, I did take extra precaution.

The Ukrainian Hryvnia is their local currency. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. It cost about 3-5 dollars daily to eat, 10-15 dollars for normal accommodation per night, and generally, 30-40 dollars for your daily expenditure. If you want to visit Ukraine, I suggest you look https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Ukraine for more information.  

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Ukraine:  European countries to take your hustle to

9. Croatia

The 2018 world cup finalists and runners up is a country of less than 5 million people. It is officially known as the Republic of Croatia. It is located between central and Southeast Europe. It shares borders with Serbia in the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in the Southeast, Hungary in the northeast and Slovenia in the northwest.

The capital of the country and its largest city is Zagreb. They are dominantly Roman Catholics. There are lots of centers of attraction; the Lastovo which is about the youngest nature park, beautiful cathedrals, Plitvice National Park and a great nightlife.

Croatia offers you a place to have a good life and a good business. Their local currency is the Croatian Kuna. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. You will get food for a day at 10-15 dolllars a day on the average, get an accommodation of 20-45 dollars per night and spend daily about 35-45 dollars on the average.

If you want to visit Croatia or know more about Croatia, you should visit https://croatia.hr/en-GB

10. Montenegro

Montenegro is located in Southeastern Europe. It shares borders Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia. It has a population of less than a million people, 640,000 to be exact. The dominant religion is Orthodox Christianity. Podgorica is its capital and largest city.

One of the most interesting places to visit amongst the European countries is the Bay of Kotor and it is well preserved and is also accessible to travelers and tourists. The accommodation and feeding in its major cities are relatively affordable.

The local currency of Montenegro is the Euro. You can check the conversion here; xe.com.  It will cost you about 10-15 dollars to feed every day, 10-15 dollars to find accommodation per night and a daily budget for general expenditure of 30-45 dollars a day.

For more on Montenegro or you want to visit the country, you should visit https://www.visit-montenegro.com/.  

Montenegro:  European countries to take your hustle to

11. Portugal

This a historic country that has even been made more popular by the two of the most notable figures in today’s football; Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo. You will find Portugal on the Iberian Penninsula located in Southwestern Europe. It shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. Portugal is about the oldest state in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.

Recall that Portuguese traders were the first to come in contact with Nigeria and it is a great economy for you take your hustle to. You will find feeding and accommodation costlier than the other countries we have talked about. Nonetheless, it is still one of the cheapest European countries to stay in. There are many points of adventure in this historic country. Algarve will soak you with music and there is great wine too.

Their local currency is Euros which makes it simple for you. You can check the conversion here; xe.com.  You will spend 12-17 dollars of feeding everyday on the average anyway. For your accommodation, you will budget about 20-25 dollars a day. Generally speaking, your daily budget expenditure should be about 45-60 dollars on the average.

If you want to visit Portugal or know more about the country, I suggest that you look up https://www.visitportugal.com/ .

Lisbon, Portugal:  European countries to take your hustle to

12. Czech Republic

The major feature of Czech Republic is that it is landlocked. It is located in Central Europe. It has majorly continental climate and oceanic climate. It shares borders with Germany in the west, Austria in the south, Slovakia in the east and Poland in the northeast. The country practices unitary parliamentary system of government. It has a population of about 10.6 million people.

The capital of Czech Republic is Prague which has over 1 million residents. The country has so many business and vacation opportunities for individuals and families. When you are looking for European Countries to take your hustle to, you should visit Czech Republic.

Their local currency is the Czech Koruna. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. the average food budget will be about 8-12 dollars. To get a good accommodation will cost you about 15-25 dollars a night and your average daily budget should be about 35-50 dollars a day. To visit the Czech Republic, you should go to for more information.

13. Albania

Officially known as the Republic of Albania, this is an European country located in Southeast Europe on the Ionian and Adriatic Sea. These are all within the Mediterranean Sea. It shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia and Greece. The country has great landscape of diverse nature. You will the snow-capped mountains located in the Albanian Alps, the Skanderberg, Pindus and Korab.

More so, you will find Ceraunian Mountains and sunny coasts. The capital city is Tirana. Albania is lovely country to be in. Though it has its challenges, you can make it easily in Albania. It is coming up as a rising digital hub in Europe.

Their currency is the Albanian Lek. You can check the conversion here; xe.com. You will need about 6-10 dollars to eat a day, 8-15 dollars for accommodation per night and 20-30 dollars for your daily budget expenditure. To visit Albania or to get more information on the country, check out https://wikitravel.org/en/Albania.

Albania:  European countries to take your hustle to


You will find “hustle” used all over this piece. For people that will take it out of context, the hustle here just refers to what Nigerians term “the struggle for survival and success”. It doesn’t refer to handling illegal things.

What we tackled here are not the best of European countries or the most economically vibrant countries in Europe. They are the affordable countries that Nigerians can visit to strive for survival. Maybe, someday we can handle the best countries or economically vibrant countries in Europe. Just be ready for the outrageous tax system.


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