How To Get Qatar Visa From Nigeria: A Complete Guide


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How To Get Qatar Visa From Nigeria: A Complete Guide

Qatar is a beautiful and economically stable country. Its beaches and hotels make it a haven for tourists, and it has the highest per capita income in the world, according to the United Nations. In a few years, Doha the country’s capital will surpass Dubai as the most visited tourist city in the world.

Are you interested in visiting Qatar but not sure how to go about it? Maybe you are one of those asking, how to get Qatar visa from Nigeria? For sports lovers, have you started preparations? Remember that the next FIFA world cup is to be hosted in this beautiful country. In this article, a step by step guide of the visa requirements, types of visa available and procedures in getting the visa from Nigeria will be explored in depth.

 Types Of Visa

Nigeria is not part of the Gulf cooperation council (GCC); hence, require a visa to visit Qatar. There are six types of visas available to Nigerians, and they include –

  1. Tourist Visa: this is a short term visa valid for fourteen days without extension. There is also a Qatar long term tourist visa valid for up to thirty days on rear occasions. It is issued to Nigerians who want to visit friends, family or explore some of the great tourist locations Qatar has to offer. A tourist visa is an excellent option for Nigerians seeking a vacation, honeymoon or any other unique experience.
  2. Transit Visa: as the name implies, this is for travellers who have a connecting flight through any of the country’s airport to another country for a minimum of five hours, and it is valid for ninety-six hours, i.e. four days.  
  3. Business Visa: this is issued to members of a reputable organization travelling for business meetings, conferences, professional meetups, seminars or any formal engagements. It has a validity period of thirty days.  
  4. Student Visa: this is a temporary visa issued to Nigerians going to Qatar for academic purposes. It is valid as long as the duration of the student’s programme. Applicants for this category must have received admission from a Qatar based educational institution before approaching the embassy for issuance with a letter from the institution.
  5. Work Visa: it is issued to Nigerians who are going to Qatar to pick up employment. To be eligible, the applicant must have gotten the job first, and the company is expected to apply for a No Objection Certificate (NOC), without this certificate entry would be denied. It is valid for one to three months, but applicants are expected to apply for a residency visa according to the employer’s specification.
  6. Family Visa: the family visa is issued to Nigerians who have family relations already in Qatar. The visa is valid as long as your family member who is regarded as your sponsor is permitted to remain in Qatar. However, the family member would need to apply for a residence permit for the visiting relation.
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Visa Requirements For Nigerians

  1. A Nigerian international passport valid for at least six more months from the date of intended entry with a minimum of two free pages left.
  2. Correctly and clearly filled application form with signature. The form can be downloaded here.
  3. Two recent coloured passport size photograph.
  4. One of the following document as applicable:

> Invitation letter from sponsor family member in Qatar for family visa.

> Hotel booking details for applicants of the tourist visa.

> Income tax return for at least two years.

> For the student visa – provisional admission letter and a letter from the academic institution to the embassy permitting you to apply under this category.

> For the work visa – proof of you have a secured a job, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) applied for by your new employers.

> Any other documents supporting your proposed visit.

  • Medical insurance certificate to cover your travel.
  • Proof or evidence of payment of appropriate visa application fee.
  • Recent bank statement from at least six months to show financial capacity.
  • Marriage certificate if applicable.
  • Letter of introduction.
  • Children birth certificate if any.
  • Tax clearance.
  • Minors to confirm travel authorization from parents or legal guardians.
  • Family pictures if applicable.
  • You are required to show proof of a return ticket.
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How To Get Qatar Visa From Nigeria

After making sure of your eligibility for the Qatar visa by checking the requirements above. The next step is the application procedure proper that will lead you to have the visa within your reach. You can apply for the Qatar e-visa online, especially if you are traveling for tourism or business. You can consider using the ministry of interior visa service website, or if you intend flying with Qatar Airways, you can go to their site and click on manage booking. You will be contacted within four working days with the result of your application. If successful, you can print your e-visa online.   

However, if you still prefer the good old method of physical contact. All you need is –

  1. Download the visa application form from the ministry of interior site, or it can be obtained from the embassy in Abuja.
  2. Fill it legibly in block letters and attach all the relevant documents.
  3. Pay the necessary visa fees. The transit visa is free. A thirty-day tourist visa cost about $68 while the ninety-six-hour visa cost $44. A fee of about $55 is paid monthly for the business visa. Note that the visa fee is non-refundable, and it is always advisable to contact the embassy to get the current visa fees.
  4. Submit all the documents with receipt of payment to the Qatar embassy located at –
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Suite 412, Transcorp Hilton Hotel.

1, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama Abuja.


Phone: 090 9426 4010.

  • Once your documentations are correct, you will wait for between four to fifteen working days to get a reply so it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

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