Prices Of Pumping Machines In Nigeria


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Prices of pumping machines differ.

Water supply is scarce in many parts of Nigeria. Most states do not have a functional water board that distributes water to people. As such most people are left to their fate to find their water source. 

This has made many people resort to drilling boreholes and wells. But after that, what next? You need to find out the prices of pumping machines that will distribute water to various homes in the compound. 

So if you are about to drill a borehole or replace a faulty pumping machine; then you are at the right place. 

We will discuss the different brands and prices of pumping machines in Nigeria and the factors to consider when buying one. 

The Concept Of Pumping Machine

A pumping machine, also known as a submersible pump machine, is a strong and effective machine with a motor that is hermetically sealed. As the name suggests, its entire body is submerged in the water.

This pump pulls water from the deep water system to the surface. It is more efficient than the jet surface type, which functions by pulling water from deep water through the surface.

Submersible pumps can be used for many things, like pumping water, sewage systems, oil wells, etc.

But in Nigeria, they are mostly used for pumping water into the house. There are various brands of pumping machines in the country. But these are the most popular brands- Pedrollo, SAER, Granac, Grundfos, Interdab etc.

Prices Of Pumping Machines In Nigeria

Prices of pumping machines in Nigeria.

The prices of pumping machines vary. It depends on the brand, model and size. Below are the prices of pumping machines in the market. 

Lolenzy submersible water pump 1.5 horsepower (hp)₦90000 – ₦100000
Fovol submersible water pump 1hp₦25000 – ₦30000
Finedab submersible water pump 1hp₦25000 – ₦30000
Stainless steel submersible water pump 1.5hp₦25000 – ₦30000
OPP submersible water pump 1.5hp₦50000 – ₦60000
Submersible water pump with copper coil 1hp₦30000 – ₦40000
Dredging submersible water pump₦1700000 – ₦1800000
Grundfox solar submersible water pump₦750000 – ₦800000
SAER submersible water pump 1.5hp₦155000 – ₦165000
SAER submersible water pump 1hp₦140000 – ₦150000
Interdab submersible water pump 2hp₦90000 – ₦110000
Interdab submersible water pump 1hp₦50000 – ₦65000
Pedrollo submersible water pump 3hp₦240000 – ₦260000
Pedrollo submersible water pump 2hp₦225000 – ₦240000
Pedrollo submersible water pump 1.5hp₦160000 – ₦175000
Granac submersible water pump 3hp₦80000 – ₦85000
Granac submersible water pump 1hp₦40000 – ₦45000
Granac submersible water pump 0.75hp₦35000 – ₦40000
Granac submersible water pump 0.5hp₦30000 – ₦35000

How To Select The Right Pumping Machine In Nigeria

When looking for the right submersible machine, you need to consider many things so you don’t make an uninformed decision.

The factors below will help you decide which brand to buy. So here are things to look out for when choosing a pumping machine.

1. Price

In reality, a cheap pumping machine may not be able to cater to all your water needs. That is why you need to discuss with a professional borehole engineer on the best model you can buy. 

Also, you should be ready to spend money if you want to buy a quality pumping machine. The higher you are willing to spend, the better the pumping machine with more features you will get.

It is better to go for quality rather than price when choosing your pumping machine.

2. Power output

Another factor to consider is the power output required for your pumping machine. 

This depends on the number of pipes and fixtures you have in your office, home, etc., where you plan to use the pumping machine.

Also, the diameter, flow pressure, and water outlets affect the required power output of your pumping machine. 

So if you choose an undersized pumping machine, you have just bought problems for yourself. This is because you will most likely have to pay a lot for repairs, which can be frustrating.

Have you seen why it’s not a good idea to walk into a store and buy a pumping machine just because it fits your budget or the power output is adequate for your generator? 

3. The Depth Of The Borehole

The depth of your borehole is another important factor to consider when buying a pumping machine. Many experts recommend that if your drilling is very deep, you should buy a pump with sufficient power capacity.  

For example, a 0.5hp pumping machine is recommended for a residential building. But the same 0.5hp pumping machine might not be enough for the office if your borehole is deep or there are many water fixtures or outlets.

That means you should consider the building, water outlets and depth of the borehole when buying a pumping machine.

4. Repairs And Spare Parts

Repairs and spare parts are as important as the pumping machine you decide to buy. This is because they determine how long your pumping machine will last.

Just like every other thing, tear and wear happen to pumping machines, and as such, they will need repairs from time to time.

If you decide to buy a pumping machine and find out that there are no engineers to repair it when it develops a fault, or it is difficult to get an engineer for that brand, then it is only wise to avoid buying it in the first place. 

Also, ensure that the pumping machine you choose has spare parts. After all what use is buying a pumping machine that you will not be able to change the parts when it develops a fault? 

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5. Length Of The Attached Cable

A good water pump should be made with a cable compatible with the amount of power it requires.

And the wire should be long enough to reach deep wells and boreholes. It is also necessary that these cables are waterproof to prevent short circuits.

6. How The Pump Works

A good submersible water pump brings water to the surface by changing rotary energy into kinetic energy. It does this by pulling water into the pump.

When buying a pumping machine, you should go for one that pulls up water with high rotational kinetic energy and higher centrifugal forces. 


We hope you now know the prices of pumping machines in Nigeria and what to look out for before buying. It’s not about going for a cheap brand but getting one that will last and also serve you well. Ensure you seek the advice of a pumping machine engineer before payment.


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