Nigeria Police Number; How to Call 911 in Nigeria

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Which number do you call in the case of an emergency in Nigeria? 911 like in the USA or another? Let’s quickly address this as we find the answer to Nigeria Police Number; how to call 911 in Nigeria. 

Before we go further, we must examine what an emergency really is. 

What is an emergency? 

Primarily, emergencies are occurrences that are life-threatening and require immediate attention. 

In addition, an emergency is usually a situation that unexpected and unintended. Plus, if such a situation is not attended to immediately, it can cause further damage to life, property, and the environment. 

Agencies usually involved in emergencies include the Police, Fire Department, and Medicals. 

Examples include attack/ assault, fire, road accident, and medical emergencies, e.g., heart attack, gunshots, fight, break, sexual assault, armed robbery, vandalism, etc. 

What is not an emergency? 

It’s a situation that doesn’t pose an immediate threat to life, property, and the environment. Such a case doesn’t require direct intervention by emergency agencies. 

Examples of no emergencies include noise complaints, minor theft, e.g., stealing plate numbers, and ongoing crime, e.g., drug dealing with no suspect on scene. 

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Nigeria Police Number; How to Call 911 in Nigeria

What number is 911 in Nigeria? 

Chiefly, 911 is renowned as the emergency contact number in the United States of America (USA). 

But in Nigeria, the same number is not operational for emergency responses. 

Specifically, the Nigerian emergency contact number is 112. 

This long-awaited emergency number became a reality in 2014 when the government of Nigeria approved its usage for emergencies. 

As expected, it’s a toll-free number which means you won’t be charged a kobo for putting a call through the line. 

Also, calling this number is intended for anyone within the geographical territory of Nigeria to have access to a service that shields them from incidents that threaten lives and properties, such as fire, road accidents, armed robbery, etc.   

However, this development was not fully operational immediately after the emergency contact number was approved. In 2019, 18 call centers around the country became functional for this course, which promoted the use of the emergency call line. 

Nigeria Police Number How to Call 911 in Nigeria

How to Report to Nigerian Police 

Primarily, 112 is the number anyone in Nigeria can call for attention to critically urgent situations. 

And these emergencies border around the need of not just the police but also the fire department and ambulance service. 

Nevertheless, sometimes you want to contact the Nigerian Police Force directly. Not only that, these times may require getting through to the police force in the state you are specifically. 

If that’s your goal, call them through the lines below. 

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S/No. State Command Emergency Phone Number

1. ABIA: 08035415408 08079210003 08079210004 08079210005

2. ADAMAWA: 08089671313

3. AKWA IBOM: 08039213071 08020913810

4. ANAMBRA: 07039194332 08024922772 08075390511 08182951257

5. BAUCHI: 08151849417 08127162434 08084763669 08073794920

6. BAYELSA: 07034578208

7. BENUE: 08066006475 08053039936 07075390677

8. BORNO: 08068075581 08036071667 08123823322

9. CROSS RIVER: 08133568456 07053355415

10. DELTA: 08036684974

11. EBONYI: 07064515001 08125273721 08084704673

12. EDO: 08037646272 08077773721 08067551618

13. EKITI: 08062335577 07089310359

14. ENUGU: 08032003702 08075390883 08086671202

15. FCT ABUJA: 07057337653 08061581938 08032003913

16. GOMBE: 08150567771 08151855014

17. IMO: 08034773600 08037037283

18. JIGAWA: 08075391069 07089846285 08123821598

19. KADUNA 08123822284

20. KANO: 08032419754 08123821575 064977004 064977005

21. KATSINA: 08075391255 08075391250

22. KEBBI: 08038797644 08075391307

23. KOGI: 08075391335 07038329084

24. KWARA: 07032069501 08125275046

25. LAGOS: 07055462708 08035963919

26. NASARAWA: 08123821571 07075391560

27. NIGER: 08081777498 08127185198

28. OGUN: 08032136765 08081770416

29. ONDO: 07034313903 08075391808

30. OSUN: 08075872433 08039537995 08123823981

31. OYO: 08081768614 08150777888

32. PLATEAU: 08126375938 08075391844 08038907662

33. RIVERS: 08032003514 08073777717

34. SOKOTO: 07068848035 08075391943

35. TARABA: 08140089863 08073260267

36. YOBE: 07039301585 08035067570

37. ZAMFARA: 08106580123

Conclusion: Nigeria Police Number; How to Call 911 in Nigeria

Nigeria is not left out of the countries where you can find a response to emergencies. 

This article – Nigeria Police Number; how to call 911 in Nigeria – reveals the emergency line for police, fire, and ambulance/medical services. Also, in the later part of this post, each state police command emergency phone number’s contact numbers are detailed. 

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And if you are a Nigerian and would love to get into the Police Force, you can access the information on how to do that in an article we already have on this website.


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