How To Do Change Of Name On International Passport In Nigeria


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To do a change of name on International passport in Nigeria, you can visit the nearest immigration office or website and follow the procedures diligently. 

We all know how much we cherish our names – it’s not just a collection of letters but a reflection of our identity, heritage, and, sometimes, the never-ending stories behind each syllable. 

But what if life throws a curveball, and you find yourself contemplating a change in this sacred nomenclature? 

How To Do Change of Name on International Passport in Nigeria

Fear not! This guide is here to walk you through the somewhat complex process of change of name on international Passport in Nigeria.

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Reasons for Change of Name

The name of a person defines him. Usually, people are given names at birth. However, bearing a particular name is not something that cannot be changed; specific events or events could cause it to change. 

As diverse as Nigeria’s rich culture, there are many reasons why individuals might want to change their names. 

Marriage, the dance of love, may prompt a switch to a new surname. Divorce, a chapter closing, could motivate a return to one’s pre-marital identity, a change in one’s faith could make an individual change their name to match their new belief.

Some change their names upon discovering the actual state of their paternity, and some might want a fresh start, shedding an old name like a snake sheds its skin. Whatever the reason, rest assured you’re not alone in this adventure.

Documents needed for Change of Name on International Passport in Nigeria

When embarking on the journey of a name change on an international passport in Nigeria, certain essential documents must be gathered. These documents include:

  • A letter of application to the Immigration Service’s Comptroller General.
  • A magistrate or high court issues a certificate of affirmation for the name change.
  • A newspaper publication of at least 21 days showing evidence of the change.
  • evidence of maiden names
  • Statutory proof for Nigerians abroad is also required.
  • Booklet for the passport and a duplicate of the data page.
  • Receipt (acknowledgment) slip and proof of payment for the name change fee 
  • Evidence of reason of change.

For a seamless Change of Name on International Passport in Nigeria, gather your ammunition: a divorce decree for a divorce case, a marriage certificate for the newlywed, a death certificate for widows wanting to change their names, etc., and any other legal documents supporting your change of name. 

Procedure for Change of Name

Name changes in Nigeria can be executed physically at the nearest immigration office or conveniently online through their official website. For those opting for an in-person application, a step-by-step guide is essential:

  • Visit any Nigerian immigration office: Choose an office convenient for you.
  • Apply in writing to the Comptroller General: Provide a comprehensive letter explaining the reason for the name change.
  • Attach necessary documents: Include the affidavit of change of name from a competent court, an identification card bearing the new name, and other required proofs.
  • Make an online payment (according to the stated amount on the Nigerian Immigration Service’s website). Note that this payment is non-refundable.
  • After your application is approved, submit your original passport and apply for a new one.
  • Pay online for either the 64-page Nigerian e-passport or the 32-page booklet, ranging between N25,000 and N70,000. 

Note that the price is dependent on factors such as the type of booklet, validity period (either 5 or 10 years), and even the region of application in Nigeria.

Data capture: This is when you are required to come to the office so they can take your picture (capturing), thumbprint, and electronic signature, which is necessary for the updated passport before the final issuance.

The waiting period for the new passport is typically between 5 to 17 working days. Change of Name on International Passport in Nigeria is a comprehensive process, and patience is vital. 

It’s crucial to be aware that the international passport is more than a travel document; it is a vital piece of identification. 

Therefore, any change in data requires a meticulous process to ensure accuracy and prevent identity-related issues. 

After the submission, the application might take a few days or weeks due to the bureaucratic process. Regularly checking with the immigration office is advisable for updates on the Comptroller General’s approval.

Online Procedure for Change of Name

change of name on international passport online procedures

The Nigerian immigration service is gradually embracing automation, offering some relief for applicants. 

The online application process provides a convenient alternative for those outside the country, reducing the need to travel long distances or return home solely for this purpose.

The following steps should be followed when applying online:

  • Complete the passport application: Visit the Nigerian immigration service portal and fill in the required details.
  • Select the processing country: Choose where the application is being processed.
  • Choose the reason for the change: Specify “Change of Name” from the dropdown menu.
  • Input current passport number: Begin the official application process.
  • Submit application letter: Address to the Comptroller General for further processing.

For Nigerians residing abroad, applications can be submitted at any embassy, consulate, or high commission in their country of residence. 

After approval, the online payment is made through the Remita platform.

Final thoughts

Embarking on a Change of Name on International Passport in Nigeria is a significant step that requires careful attention to detail. 

The process, whether done physically or online, demands adherence to the specified procedures and submitting necessary documents. 

As the Nigerian immigration service continues to streamline its operations, applicants are encouraged to stay informed about any updates or changes in the process.


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