How To Check BVN Details Online? No. 4 is the easiest

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How to check BVN details online includes the NIBBS lookup tool, USSD banking, internet banking, and mobile apps.

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So, you’ve probably been filling a form online or registering for an app, and then they request for your BVN, and then you don’t remember it. We’re 100% positive that you don’t want to go and stand in a long queue in your bank just to get those details.

If that’s you, rest easy because, in this article, we will be exploring how to check BVN details online via USSD and teach you everything you need to know about your BVN

Sit tight because we will unravel every mystery in this post, so read on.

How To Check BVN Details Online

What exactly is a BVN?

Alright, let’s start at the beginning. BVN stands for Bank Verification Number.

It’s a unique 11-digit number issued to every individual by their bank in Nigeria. Think of it as your financial fingerprint. This number is designed to make banking transactions safer and more secure for everyone involved.

It was introduced by the CBN BVN in 2014 to combat fraud, identity theft, and other financial crimes.

How To Check BVN Details Online: 4 Easy Ways

1. Through the NIBSS BVN lookup tool

This is my favourite of all the ways in this article to check BVN details online. The NIBSS is an agency that manages the electronic interbank interface of all banks in Nigeria. 

The agency provides the name check feature when doing a transfer. They have this nifty tool called the BVN lookup tool to help verify and retrieve your details. 

Here’s how to check BVN details online using the NIBSS’s website:

  1. Go to the NIBSS website using your mobile phone or a computer.
  2. If you have an account with them, login; if not, register with your details
  3. Provide your name and date of birth in the required fields.
  4. Enter the phone number linked to your BVN; they might send an OTP to this number for confirmation.
  5. Click the “Submit” button.
  6. Select a preferred payment option and pay the required ₦20 verification fee.
  7. If successful, you will see your 11-digit BVN displayed on the screen.

Please Note: Sometimes, the portal glitches, and the BVN lookup tool might be unavailable. You can check back after a while.

2. How To Check BVN Details Online Using Internet Banking

Nigeria has improved a lot in digital transactions and online banking, and internet banking is one of those ways.

Note that the exact steps of this method I will teach you will vary depending on your bank’s user interface. Still, the following is the general method of checking your BVN details using Internet banking:

You can check your BVN via Internet banking by following these steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to visit your Internet banking website; it should be located on the official webpage of your bank on Google. Make sure you are visiting your bank’s official page. This is why we suggest typing your bank name in Google. Please don’t click on any link in WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.
  2. Sign in using your credentials. The credentials required will vary depending on the bank, but they typically include a username, phone number, account number, etc.
  3. When successfully logged in, Check the menu for the “Account Settings” or “Account Details” option and click on it.
  4. You should now be able to view the details of your account, which your BVN is part of.

Note: Not all banks might be able to do this, though.

3. How To Check BVN Details Online Using Your Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking apps are all the rage these days; literally, almost everyone with a smartphone has one. If you use a bank, you should probably have its mobile app, so here is the process for viewing your BVN on the mobile app.

  1. Sign into your mobile banking app using relevant credentials.
  2. Click the “Account Details” or “Account Information” option on your profile picture.
  3. Select “Identification” or “BVN”; it should display your BVN for you.

Note: Just like Internet banking, the exact steps you will be required to take to achieve this will differ per app; for example, my Access Bank app has mine with a click of a button, but I can’t say the same for all banks. It depends on the user interface, but the overall process is explained above. Also, know that not all banks provide it in their mobile apps

4. How to Check BVN Details using USSD

How to Check BVN Details using USSD

This is a final straw option and can be used if all the other steps fail; this step does not require internet but requires the sim you registered your BVN on and up to #20 on that sim as a transaction fee.

The step is simple: dial *565*0# on the registered sim, and if it is valid, it will display your BVN. It is that simple.

Why Do You Need A BVN?

Here are some of the things you need your BVN for

Opening a Bank Account

You need a BVN to open a bank account in Nigeria; it allows the bank to have a unique way of identifying you across all other banks in Nigeria so they can trace your activities and prevent identity theft and fraud.

Accessing Banking Services

When performing various banking transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, fund transfers, and account inquiries, your BVN is used for verification and security, and the transaction will not move forward unless provided. You should have experienced this multiple times.

Loan Application

This is one of the most rampant usages of your BVN; it allows the bank to do a background check on your previous financial transactions and check your credit score (how good you are at paying off loans). It also allows banks to blacklist all your accounts in any Nigerian bank and take their money if you default in payment.

Mobile Banking and USSD Transactions

Your BVN will be needed to use mobile banking apps or USSD codes for transactions.

Online Banking

If you plan to use your bank’s online interface, you must provide your BVN so they know you didn’t steal the password and are trying to login. That way, they use it as a two-factor authentication to confirm that you’re attempting to log in.

Linking Your Bank Accounts

Suppose you have multiple bank accounts in Nigeria. In that case, you will be mandated to link them to your BVN so the banks can know that any transactions associated with those accounts, even if in pseudo names, are yours and will come after you for any frauds related to them.

Foreign Exchange Transactions

If you plan to purchase foreign currency, they will require your BVN to confirm your identity. For foreign exchange transactions, including buying foreign currency, your BVN is often necessary to verify your identity.

Dealing with Investment and Asset Management Firms

When dealing with any app with financial inclination, like money-saving apps like Piggyvest or any app that manages your assets for you like Risevest, you must provide your BVN for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes.


When applying for insurance policies, they will use the BVN to vet and do background checks on you

Identity Verification

Government agencies and non-government organizations use your BVN for identity verification purposes, such as during employment, voter registration, etc.

Obtaining a National Identity Number (NIN)

While getting your NIN, you must provide your BVN, as the two identification numbers are linked and can be used by governmental agencies to track your financial and other registrations like phone calls.

Accessing Government Services

BVNs are used to access government benefits and subsidies.

Why Check Your BVN Details Online?

You might think, “Can’t I just walk into my bank to check my BVN details?” Well, sure, you can. But there’s a more convenient way – doing it online! 

With the power of the internet, you can access your BVN information from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you have an internet connection—no need to wait in long lines or deal with paperwork.

Here are five benefits to checking your BVN details online

1. Instant Access to BVN Information

With a good internet network, checking your BVN online grants you access instantly, unlike the queues at some of our traditional banks

2. Convenience

You can check your BVN from your toilet, your bathtub, literally everywhere with a connectivity

3. Enhanced Security

The process of checking your BVN online is always encrypted and made secure so that you are the only person with access to that information. This is unlike at the bank, where you could write it down, and then someone would take a peep at it.

4. 24/7 Accessibility

With round-the-clock availability, you can access your BVN information anytime.

5. Efficient Account Management

With your BVN at the tip of your fingers, there are a lot of banking stuff you can do efficiently.

How the BVN works

How to Check Your BVN

Every customer of a Nigerian bank will be given a unique ID number when they sign up. This number will be linked to all of their accounts. For enrollment, people must show a valid form of identification as specified.

Bank customers will have to sign up within a specific time, or they will not be able to use their accounts anymore. A picture of all ten fingers and a face will be taken.

For security reasons, people who do banking activities (like applying for loans) have to prove who they are by using their biometric features, which will be compared to data in a central database.

People who need to update their information must do so in person at their bank branches. Account opening and credit checks at banks will ask if ANY Nigerian Bank has put a person on a blacklist.

A PIN, a person’s number, and other unique details will be used together. 

How to Sign Up for BVN

  1. Go to your bank office.
  2. Fill out the bank identification number enrollment form and send it in.
  3. Show up to have your data collected, like a fingerprint or a picture of your face.
  1. Your receipt has the transaction ID written on it.
  2. The system approves your application, makes your BVN, and sends you an SMS with instructions on how to pick it up within 24 hours.

How to check your BVN Details online and make changes to it

How to Check Your BVN

The NIBSS platform is a safe way to check and change your details. So, you do not have to go to the bank to check your name, date of birth, and phone number or to make changes.

You can quickly check and see your details through the NIBSS Validation Portal. But you must meet specific requirements before seeing information like name, address, or contact information.

How to correct and update your BVN details

Primarily, the only way to correct and update your BVN details is by visiting any bank branch that issued your BVN. When they verify that the account you claim is genuinely yours, all your details will be accessed and updated.

To make the process faster, just dial the code *565*0# using the mobile number you opened your bank account with.

Once that is done, a “successful” request will warrant a deduction of N20 from your airtime balance. Immediately after your account is charged, your 11-digit Bank Verification Number will be displayed.   

However, if you don’t have up to N20 in your airtime account balance, the request will be declined, and you will have to recharge before your request goes through.

Also, please be aware that they don’t send BVN as an SMS for an apparent reason: the information is sensitive and should not, by any means, be available to external persons. So, your best option is to write it down or save it in a place only you have access to.  

To complete the update, go to your bank with the following documents:

  • For the date of birth issue, present your birth certificate.
  • If the error comes from your new name as a result of marriage, present your marriage certificate.
  • To change your name (if not married), your bank will request a valid means of identification, such as an International Passport, National Identity Card, or voter card to verify your true identity.
  • What about a change of phone number? You must present your valid means of identification alongside your new mobile number.

Conclusion on How to Check BVN Details Online

That ends the article. In summary, the ways to check your BVN details online are the NIBBS BVN lookup tool, internet banking, mobile apps, and USSD.

What I did when going about how to check my BVN online was I made sure I used the official channels and kept my personal information safe. You should keep your BVN number safe because it is an integral part of many banking and financial activities.

If you know how to do it and use the available online tools, you can quickly check your BVN number whenever needed. This will make it easier for you to use Nigeria’s banks and financial services. 

So, following the steps above will guide you on how to check your BVN details like name, phone number, address, and all other records online.

Thanks for reading through the article; we have more like this on our blog, so look around.

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