8 Easy Ways To Check Your Glo Number In 2 Seconds


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Do you need to check your Glo number for an urgent transaction but can’t find your Sim pack or remember the number offhand again? If your answer is in the affirmative, relax as this article will show you how to check the Glo number in a few seconds without any issues.

People forget their Glo numbers for many reasons. Some have abandoned the Sim card for months, some have it on their phone but never use it to make a call, some never attempt to commit the number offhand from inception, etc.

However, whenever the need arises for them to use the number to complete a particular transaction, that is when they will be searching for code to check Glo’s number.

Well, I’m not here to persecute you for that but rather, to show you the available tested, and trusted ways you can use to know your Glo number in a few minutes.

That being said, you might look at the following ways.

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How To Know Your Glo Number

Whenever you need your Glo number and you can not find your Glo Sim pack anywhere near you, you can result in any of the following ways:

  • Check your Glo number by dialing 1244.
  • Dialing the Glo number check the USSD code.
  • Call a friend with the same Sim card.
  • Visit the Glo self-care portal.
  • Send an SMS to someone close by with the Sim card.
  • Call Glo customer service.
  • Use the “Please Call Me Back” SMS option.

How To View Your Glo number By Dialing 1244

Sometimes, you may be on the go when the need to enter your Glo number will arise, in such a situation you will be stuck and stunned as to what option is available for you to result to.

To bail you out, simply dial 1244 on the same Glo Sim card that you can’t remember its number. Once the number goes through, you will receive an automated phone call, answer it and listen to the voice calling out your Glo number for you.

At that point in time, take out a pen and write the number down. But if you don’t have a pen on you at that moment, borrow one or type the number on another phone. That’s if you have more than one phone or you can quickly use someone’s phone to write it down.

How To Use USSD Code To Check Your Glo Number

How To Use USSD Code To Check Your Glo Phone Number

Another way to check your Glo number when you need it to carry out a particular task is to dial the USSD code and follow the prompts and instructions thereafter.

This can be illustrated below:

  • Dial *777* on the same Sim;
  • Press 4 for My Tariff Plan;
  • Press 3 for My Number.

Once you pressed option 3, your Glo number will be displayed to you. Copy it out and carefully save it somewhere against next time.

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How To See Your Glo Phone Number By Making Call

In the same vein, making a call to someone close to you at that particular time that you are in dire need of the number is one of the fastest ways to know your Glo number.

To do this, make sure you inserted the Glo Sim card on your phone and ensure you have at least N1 on it to make the call possible.

After that, ask for the phone number of anybody close to you and put a call across that number, once it goes through, hang the call and check the person’s phone log.

The first number you see on his log is your Glo number. Write the number out and carefully save it in case you want to use it again.

How To View Your Number Visit The Glo Self-care Portal

How To View Your Number Visit on The Glo Self-care Portal

Also, if you have a data bundle on your phone, you can just visit the Glo Self-care official website to check your phone number there.

Be informed that the same Sim card in question must be on your phone and it’s the one you will use to access the portal to successfully know your number.

That being said, kindly click on this link to take you down to the Glo self-care portal http://hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/

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Send An SMS To Someone Close By To Check Your Number

Similarly, you can easily know your Glo number by sending a text message to anybody close to you at that particular time you need your number.

To do this, the Sim card in question must be inserted into your phone and you must have nothing less than N4 on it before the message will be delivered.

Once all these requirements are met, navigate to your phone message box, write a new message, type the recipient number and send it.

Once the message is delivered, open it on the recipient’s phone and write out the sender’s number. That is your Glo number.

How To Know Your Glo Phone Number By Calling the Glo customer service

In case you are alone and can’t find anybody to collect his number for a call or send message option, you can call Glo customer care to retrieve your number.

Although this method is too rigid because you wouldn’t be provided the number if you are unable to answer the security questions, they will ask you but nonetheless, it’s safe and very secure.

To call Glo customer care, simply dial 121 on your phone and follow the automated voice instructions thereafter.

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using the “Please Call Me" SMS

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using the “Please Call Me” SMS

Lastly, if all the options mentioned above on how to check your Glo number are not working or you can’t use them for one reason or the other, you can result to sending a call-me-back message to any friend or family of yours that uses the Glo Sim card.

To access this service, dial *125*the person’s phone number#. Like this, *125*0805XXXXXXX# and send. Once the message is delivered, open the received message and write out the sender’s number. That’s your number.

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Check Your Glo Number Using USSD Code

Other than the general *777* USSD code, you can equally know your number by dialing a specific USSD code designed for this purpose by Glo.

Without mincing words, the official code to check Glo’s number is *135*8#. Once you dial the code, your Glo number will be instantly displayed to you.


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