Easy World Records To Beat: 10 Guinness World Records You Can Break


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Easy world records to beat

Easy world records to beat are achievements that require minimal ability, are easily taught, and are frequently just plain stupid. These records exist only for the sake of being there; they are the ones that are so absurd that someone is prepared to attempt them to be mentioned in history books.

We’ve all wanted to beat records at some time in our lives. Setting a world record would be amazing. It is an achievement to be recognized as the undeniable best at anything and have your name included in the world records lists of notable accomplishments.

Picture the pride or sense of success you would experience if you knew that your life had had some influence despite the record’s insignificance, silliness, or peculiarity. 

Each of these things falls under the “good” aspect of breaking a world record, but they may disappear overnight if or when someone else breaks your record by a little margin.

Excellent for them, or suitable for you, as some world records are just elaborate party tricks. These activities are doable in the house or yard and should excite you or your kids.

Here are several bizarre Guinness world records that an average person could beat with little work and time.

10 Easy World Records You Can Beat

1. Most T-shirts worn at once

Most T-shirts put on easy world records

Although most people only wear one T-shirt at a time, every few years, it starts to become fashionable to wear two T-shirts, such as a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. More than that is absurd; why don’t you wear a sweater or a hoodie sweatshirt instead of more T-shirts?

It gets cold enough in some regions of Canada to merit this type of extreme layering. On February 17, 2019, Ted Hastings established a new world record by wearing 260 T-shirts simultaneously in Kitchener, Ontario, making him the undisputed king of layering. 

Hastings had to put on progressively larger shirt sizes, starting with medium and going up to 20XL, to make the task as easy as possible. Hastings intended to combine his desire to break this record with his effort to collect funds for a playground for a school.

Putting on several shirts isn’t the most challenging thing in the world. However, it is trickier than it seems. Getting the shirts is the most challenging aspect. 

Who in the world has 261 shirts lying around, and if they do, are they all bigger sizes? It might be necessary to make a supply run to the Goodwill or Salvation Army store before the attempt.

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2. Most socks worn on one foot in 30 seconds

How quickly can you put 28 socks on one foot? You certainly can! Well, if you accomplish 29, then you will set a record. There are not many rules for this trick. The sole requirement is that they must be placed one at a time, and Pavol Durdik of Slovakia now holds the record for this. You can use your laundry basket for this one because there are no limits to how clean they must be.

3. Tallest tower with toilet paper

We know you’ve been storing up on toilet paper, so why not make good use of those as-of-yet empty rolls by competing to build the giant toilet paper tower? The previous world record holder, Silvio Sabba, frequently included on world record lists, completed 28 rolls in 30 seconds. Only touching one roll at a time is prohibited. You can easily beat this record by using 29 rolls in 30 seconds.

4. Most cracked eggs with one hand in a minute

Most eggs cracked with one hand in one minute

With 32 eggs cracked in a minute, Ross McCurdy now holds the record. On June 16 June 16, 2011, the Washington native accomplished all of that with only one hand. 

He operates a diner specializing in breakfast, so he’s had years to hone his now-world-class egg-cracking skills while working there, giving him an unfair advantage over potential competitors, past, present, and future. Even yet, breaking that record is not insurmountable.

Breaking just one egg is a tedious household chore. It must be struck precisely to shatter and not pour all over the place or leave tricky-to-recover shell bits in a pan or dish. 

McCurdy followed the Guinness regulations, which state that no eggshell may touch the basins or cups used to collect the raw eggs. Therefore, one will need to physically break a few eggs if one wishes to construct a figurative omelet. 

And besides, it will take many eggs to discover and then repeatedly practice the ideal method to break and drain them all at once.

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5. Fast eating of a jam doughnut without hands

There are several types of doughnuts. Apple fritters are thick and filled with bits of fruit, whereas glazed doughnuts are fluffy and airy. In some areas, jelly doughnuts are referred to as jam doughnuts. 

Because jelly doughnuts are an excellent medium between weight and density, they provide an ideal choice for testing the skills of champion fried sweet pastry eaters. 

In 11.41 seconds in April 2014, San Francisco resident Philip Santoro gulped down a whole doughnut packed with jam in the regular size. In addition, he didn’t use his hands or even lick his lips once while attempting to beat records.

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The greatest and probably only method to prepare for a new doughnut-wolfing world record is to eat as many doughnuts as possible while remaining vomit-free and donning cozy, elastic-fitted sweatpants. Probably a good idea as well is to inform your doctor of your plans. They probably won’t like it, but at least they should be informed.

6. Fastest window cleaner

Burrows pulled out the bulky equipment to quickly clean some enormous windows at the National Window Cleaning Competition that was taking place on October 9, 2009, in Blackpool, England. 

Burrows glistened three framed, ordinary office windows in just 9.14 seconds. Burrows’ record, which has rightfully stood unchallenged for over a decade, should be broken slowly. Therefore it is best to start small. 

To break Burrow’s record, start washing a car window with a little squeegee, then progress to more giant squeegees and larger glass surfaces, such as shower doors, and picture windows.

7. Most balanced CDs on one finger

Silvio Sabba a great world record holder came up with a purpose for 247 of those old, flimsy, glossy containers of knowledge and music that streaming had rendered obsolete on July 12, 2015. Sabba balanced 247 CDs on a single finger in Milan, Italy.

Sabba did not balance the CDs on an upward-pointing finger as if trying to spin a basketball to break the record. He also didn’t ring the CDs around his index finger like a spindle or wear them on it. 

No, one must follow Sabba’s example to overcome him, but at least one disc higher. You’ll need to stack those CDs on top of one another to create a CD tower that hasn’t been seen since 1999 while holding your finger straight out and parallel to the ground.

What were the critical preparations made to try to break this record? Improving one’s balance, strengthening one’s forearms because 248 CDs weigh a lot, and nowadays finding that many CDs.

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8. Most bananas peeled and eaten

Patrick Bertoletti’s January 14, 2012 record in Dundee, Illinois, can come off as a bit too simple. When managing bananas, eight is better than none, which is rarely the case. 

Eight whole bananas could be peeled, and the smooth fruit inside eaten by Bertoletti in a single minute. It’s easy to forget how difficult it may be to open. One banana is a lot to consume, let alone shove in one’s mouth at once, given their size, which is pretty huge in a given period.

Eight bananas aren’t enough to break the record, but Bertoletti must have created a method for getting them open and prepared rapidly, which is what a training routine to beat the guy’s record would entail. 

You must attempt nine shots within 60 seconds. You’ll get plenty of dietary potassium even if you try to set a Guinness World Record for eating and peeling bananas.

9. Record for watching TV

A “marathon” is a run that is 26.2 miles long. A “television marathon” is when someone watches a lot of television. Although watching TV is something that one does while relaxing in luxury in front of a high-definition screen, it doesn’t imply that it isn’t a physically taxing activity that may put the body’s systems to the test. These two hobbies aren’t comparable.

Any attempt to break the record for non-stop television viewing requires staying awake, arranging for regular food and drink deliveries, and having a way to relieve bodily functions. This is true even if the goal is to become the person who watches the most television in one sitting without stopping.

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It’s more complicated than it seems, making Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso’s accomplishment of watching 94 hours of uninterrupted television in New York City in April 2016 all the more impressive. We’re sure his eyeballs were burned by the time it was through since it was a marketing event for video-enhancing software.

10. Fastest time to type the alphabet on an IPAD

Now let’s be honest for a moment. If you spend the whole weekend or the evening at home, you’ll undoubtedly be idly fiddling with an electronic touchscreen gadget. Therefore, instead of playing Mario Kart Tour or creating ridiculous tweets, you may as well be doing something more productive. 

We’re talking about achievements like setting a world record and publishing your name in a bestseller for being the greatest at randomly touching and clicking at touchscreen electronics.

In any event, Chase Samuel succeeded in doing precisely that. In Osler, Saskatchewan, on August 12, 2013, he broke the previous record by accurately and flawlessly keying the complete alphabet onto an iPad in only 2.47 seconds which is the fastest time.

What’s more impressive and challenging is that Samuel did it with just one hand. The only way to effectively prepare for this is to repeatedly practice typing the entire alphabet on an iPad until you find a pattern that makes typing the ABCs automatic. Furthermore, honing your finger skill might be an intelligent move.


We spoke about the accessible world records to beat. You can imagine the pride or sense of achievement you would feel if you knew that, despite the record’s triviality, absurdity, or oddity, your life had made a difference in some way. 

Yes, all those things fall under the “good” aspect of breaking a world record, but they may disappear overnight if or when someone breaks your record by a little margin.


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