Top 10 Reliable Nigerian Web Hosting Companies You can Choose From


In this article we’ll discuss top 10 Nigerian web hosting companies you can choose to host your website.

Now you’ve decided to build a website for your business, or even start a personal blog. To build a website, you’ve got to buy a domain name and host it on a very good hosting platform. 


Hosting your website on a Nigerian-based hosting company gives you an advantage of paying with your naira debit card, provides you with the “.ng” or the “” you’ve always wanted on a cheap hosting plan. The cost may, however,  increase as you gain more traffic.

Nigerian Web Hosting Companies to host your site

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10 Reliable Nigerian Web Hosting Companies You can Choose From

Although there are many Nigerian or African based web hosting companies, in this article I’ll list the web hosting companies best for your little business website or your personal blog.  Read on.

  1. DomainKing: Proudly used by many websites in Nigeria, DomainKing is one of the best web hosting companies and one of the most popular naira-payment hosting companies used by hundreds of Nigerian websites and blogs. The company’s hosting plan starts as low as 300 naira per month. This means you can get your website hosted on a domain for as low as 300 naira. This plan is featured with a free SSL certificate, which is recommended for SEO. There are also higher plans with quicker servers that are priced at 800-1,599 per month.
  2. Hub8: Hub8 is one of the newcomers in the Nigerian e-tech market. The web hosting company is featured with cheap but very efficient features for many webmasters in Nigeria. It is particularly featured with a free WordPress hosting plan that offers up to 500mb storage and 100mb bandwidth. The pro plan starts at just 490 naira. It is very affordable for WordPress sites.
  3. Global Hosting 247: This is another top-notch web hosting company for Nigerian webmasters that offers their basic plan, which features 1gb disk space, 15gb bandwidth, free site builder, free SSL certificate, and unlimited FTP. All these costs 2500 naira per year. The extended or Advanced Shared Hosting Package offers you 6GB disk spaces unlimited bandwidth, free site builder, free SSL certificate for just 7000 naira per year.
  4. Registeram: Just as it sounds like pidgin “register am”, this is a Nigerian-based web hosting company that offers one of the best services in domain name registration and web hosting. The entry hosting plan features one free domain, 50GB disk space, 25GB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, 5 domains allowed, 5 MySQL databases, 20 Subdomains, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, all for as cheap as 11,500 per year.
  5. HostNowNow: This is a rapidly growing Nigerian web hosting company, which offers varieties of hosting options like reseller hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting. Hosting your website on this platform is as cheap as 3000 naira per year
  6. SmartWeb Online Solutions: This is also one of the hosting companies that solve thr hosting problems you’ve been pondering about for your new website. This web hosting company has a good reputation since 2004. It offers a feature of 10GB to unlimited space depending on which subscription package you choose.
  7. Web4Africa: One of the most choiced web hosting companies in Nigeria, Web4Africa offers monthly subscription packages from 3,937.50 naira to 39,375 naira per year. Quite Affordable, right? The basic plan is featured with 5gb bandwidth, 1GB disk space; while other higher plans feature unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.
  8. WhoGoHost: As it sounds, “Who go host” is also one of the best choices for many Nigerian webmasters and bloggers. In fact, at some point, it seemed like the only existing Nigerian web hosting company we’ve got. One unique thing about WhoGoHost I that the company offers both yearly and monthly subscriptions suitable for people on a planned budget. The basic plan, known as “Aspire” costs 4000 naira per year and 4000 naira monthly. It features 1GB of storage and 4GB worth of bandwidth.
  9. Qservers: There is a comparison between WhoGoHost and Qservers about which is best. Well, both are unique and are one of the best among others. From as low as 5000 naira per year, you get a free domain, 2GB disk space, 8GB worth of bandwidth, unlimited Email accounts, and a free SSL certificate.
  10. Abollyhost: Abollyhost is a very popular Nigerian web hosting company that is proudly used by big blogs and websites. The basic plan features unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, free domain, excellent customer services, free marketing and SEO tools, 99.9% service uptime with a 30-day money back guarantee. All these classic features for just 450 naira per month.
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What to know about Nigerian Web hosting companies.

Although these hosting companies are very good and suit your regular needs, however, if you want to run a larger website like that of Konga, Jumia,,, etc, it is best for you to host it on an international hosting company. Most Nigerian web hosting companies may struggle to deliver the highest kind of service for larger sites, so it is preferable to host it on any of these:


  1. BlueHost
  2. Siteground
  3. HostGator
  4. Tiger Technologies
  5. DreamHost
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Wix.

Final Words on Reliable Nigerian Web Hosting Companies You can Choose From

There is one thing I want to mention here, consider webs hosts that have a live chat over ones that only use a support ticket. This very important because live chat can make all the difference when there is an emergency.

Take for example, my website was down for about 20 minutes sometime last year and I contacted my Nigerian web host provider, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a live chat, so it took closet two hours for them to get back to me.

But as at the time, I had fixed the problem myself, but they didn’t know that and went ahead to run their own fix and then now crashed the website again. And I didnt even know. So my site was down for an additional 2 hours before I figured out and then another 3 hours for them to get back to me.

We were never on the same page the whole time and that was a major problem.

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