How To Check MTN Number: The New Ways (Updated 2023)


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You can check your MTN number by just dialing this shortcode *663# or by dialing *123*1*1#, and your MTN phone number will be displayed on your mobile phone screen.

Many often find it difficult to check their MTN number, especially when they’ve just newly purchased it. This gives rise to a need to find out how to check your MTN number with ease.

Most people might be unable to track numerous numbers and passwords. Some might even find it difficult to retain the knowledge even after knowing the number or password.

This is why it’s important to know how to check these things when there’s a need for them.

Today, we’ll look into how to check MTN numbers differently. So in case you need to know your number at any point in time and have no knowledge about it, you can easily utilize any of the methods listed below to get the number. Let’s get to it!

how to check your MTN number

How to Check MTN Number

There are several ways how to check your MTN number. It includes;

  1. Using USSD Code
  2. Using MTN Self Service
  3. Using the Call Me Back Service Option
  4. Calling your Friend
  5. Checking SIM card packaging and documents.
  6. Calling MTN Customer Service

How to Check MTN Number Using USSD Code


Simply dial the USSD code *663# and wait a second for your number to display on your screen. This is easily one of the easiest USSD codes to remember.

Another USSD option is *123*1*1#. Once you dial it, you’ll receive a text message in the form of “Y’ello! Your mobile number is 234xxxxxxxxx”. Your mobile number will also be displayed on your screen immediately after dialing the code.

If you follow this procedure, you should see your phone number displayed immediately on your device’s screen and then come in as a text message.

How to Check MTN Number Using MTN Self Services (SMS)

  • Go to your messaging app.
  • Send the word ‘care‘ to the MTN service number 5018
  • You should receive a response SMS with a link to the MYMTN APP when that is done.

Download the app and get access to your phone number. 

The MYMTN app can also help users with various tasks and service demands as you can buy data, Airtime and do other things not only for themselves but also for friends and family, wherever they are and at any time.

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How to Check MTN Number Via Call Me Back Service Option


The call-me-back feature is another way on how to check your MTN number. It is one of the features that MTN introduces for call issues.

To use this feature, you must text ‘call me back’ to your friend or anybody in question and see your number. Simply dial *133# to perform the call me back action.

Note that you’ll need to have your friend’s number with you as you’ll be prompted to input the number.

In this case, your friend might need to stay close to you so you can see your number when you’re done performing the call-me-back action.

How to Check Your MTN Number via Calling Your Friends

Aside from the above-listed methods, you can also use this calling your-friend method. It involves calling your friend and requesting that they tell you or call your number on the phone.

This is possible because whenever you call anybody, your phone number automatically displays on the receiver’s screen so they can call it out for you to write down.

Note that you’ll need Airtime on your phone to use this method.

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Check SIM Card Packaging or Documentation

If you ca unable to find your MTN number using other methods, don’t worry! You can still try checking your SIM card packaging or any accompanying documentation. Here’s what you need to do:

Find the original packaging of your MTN SIM card. It’s usually a small plastic card with the SIM card securely placed within it.

Suppose you’ve kept the packaging, great! If not, look for any documentation or manuals that came with the SIM card.

All you need to do is to take a close look at the packaging or any printed label/sticker attached to it. Often, you’ll find important details about your SIM card. This includes the SIM card serial number, PUK code, and your MTN Number.

how to check MTN number

How to Check MTN Number by Calling Customer Service

Calling MTN customer service is another reliable option regarding how to check your MTN number. Here’s how to go about it; 

  • Dial the customer service number from your MTN SIM card. The customer service number is ‘300.’

You can call them using another sim via 08031000180 

If you are abroad, contact +2348031000180.

  • Follow the voice prompts or speak to a customer service representative: 
  • Provide any required information to verify your identity. This may include personal details like your name.
  • Ask the customer service representative to provide your MTN number

Understand that customer service representatives are there to assist you, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification.

The customer care representatives are available 24/7 for you to call for any questions with your line.

Why is it Important to Check your MTN Number

Your MTN number is your identifier in the MTN network. It’s the number your friends, family, and colleagues use to contact you.

Having your MTN number handy is crucial for managing your mobile account effectively. 

Whether you want to recharge your balance, activate new services, or troubleshoot any issues, your number is often required for verification or identification.

In addition, if your SIM card gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll need your MTN number to get a replacement SIM card. 

By knowing your nu lets you can quickly provide it to the MTN customer service representative and ensure a smooth SIM replacement process.

That’s the much I can take on the topic: How to Check MTN Number. If you have any questions, kindly drop them in the comments below.


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