5 Easy Ways On How To Check Your MTN Number

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As an MTN user, you must have had issues with how to check your MTN number. MTN is one of the most popular telecom companies in Nigeria. They are known for their great customer service and speedy internet connection.

One of the most common questions MTN customers ask themselves is how to check their mobile number, using either the app or the USSD code. In this blog post, we will discuss how to do both and a few other methods to check your number.

I think the last one is the easiest.

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1. How to check your MTN number using the MTN mobile app

The easiest way to check your MTN number is by using the mobile app. You can use your phone’s browser or go to the App Store and search for “MTN Nigeria”. Once you download it, open the app on your device and tap ‘Check Your Number’. This will show you your MTN mobile number. It will also show you your MTN package and how much money you have in your account.



2. How to check your MTN number using the USSD code

The USSD code to check your MTN phone number is *123*1*1#. Another USSD code that can display your MTN number is *663#.

3. Call your friend to see your phone number on his or her screen

Another way to check your MTN number is by calling a friend who will receive the call and see the caller’s number on his or her screen.

4. Call Customer care

MTN customer care can tell you how to check your number as well. When you call customer care, they will also be able to tell you how much money is on your account and how many minutes are left in the package.

You can reach a customer care representative by dialing 180 or 181 and then following the voice prompt.



5. Use *123# and follow the prompt

Another way to check your MTN number is by dialing *123#. Then select account information on the screen. There you can see all your account information including your phone number, your tariff plan, your account balance, your data balance, and even your sim registration status, and lots more.

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how to check your MTN number


Here’s how to check your MTN number using two different methods: You can either use an app or a USSD code.

The easiest way would probably be by downloading the mobile app and there should also be an option that says “Check Your Number” which will show you all the information about your phone plan including how much balance you have remaining on your account. If this doesn’t work for some reason, then a good next step is typing *123*1*1# or *663# into your device.



Finally, if none of those seem like options, you can always call your friend to see your phone number on their phone or dial *123# and follow the prompt.

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