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Are you thinking of moving down to New Brunswick but don’t know the best place to stay? If yes, then you are in the right place as this article will carefully unravel the best places in New Brunswick to live as well as provide you with other helpful information that will assist you in making the best choice for your move. 

To start with, it is very paramount we take a look at the history of New Brunswick itself. New Brunswick is among the Atlantic provinces of Canada and the province is bordered by Quebec (in the North) U.S of Maire (in the west) as well as the Atlantic Ocean (in the east). 

This province is among the smaller provinces in Canada, with a total area of 72,908km2 approximately. Such is equal to the size of Scotland and Ireland. New Brunswick is a unique Maritime province that is located on Canada’s east-central coast and it has a population of 798,358 people.


 The area is covered with about 80% of evergreen forest and it is regarded as a home to various wildlife. In the wood, there are many animals like bobcats, moose, black bears, white-tailed deer, etc living in it. 

Also, one of the unique things about residing in New Brunswick is that the cost of living is low and the average price of a house is about $192,0000 in line with the Canadian’s Association of Real Estate. Apart from having affordable real estate, Canadian essentials are somehow cheaper in New Brunswick. Groceries as well as other daily needs are relatively affordable. 

In addition, the province is one of the most attractive provinces of Canada for immigrants and those that desire a simple lifestyle. 

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List of best places to live in New Brunswick


Saint John is the highest industrialized city in New Brunswick, its metropolitan area has an equivalent population of 125,000 residents and it is regarded as a central port and manufacturing zone of New Brunswick.

There are lots of industries in the city that made it one of the famous cities in New Brunswick and some of them include brewing, electricity generation, etc. 


Similarly, Saint John is among the safest places in Atlantic Canada with an extremely low crime rate, the weather condition is favorable to both old and the young, there are amazing schools as well as tempting job opportunities. 

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Edmundston town is located in Madawaska county, and it is surrounded by Federal Indian Reserve popularly called St. Basile. The economy of Edmundston is based on paper production and the leading industry in this sector is known as the “Saint John Paper Industry”.

Edmundston town is one of the BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN NEW BRUNSWICK

Economically, the average income of people working in the paper industry and other sectors in the city is $66,000 per month and there are several job opportunities for the able ones. The city also has adequate social and infrastructural amenities such as health care facilities, a motorable network, etc. 

In the same vein, Edmundston is a conducive as well as a safe place in New Brunswick, the crime rate is below 5,000 per 100,000 people and the environment is ideal for raising kids. 


Miramichi is the largest city in the whole North of New Brunswick. The city is located at a spot where River Miramichi enters Miramichi Bay. Miramichi was established in 1995 by joining the Newcastle, Chatham towns, and many other smaller communities together. 

The economy of the city is centered on mining, fishing, and forestry. However, the service sector constitutes the largest employer. This means that any business stands the chance to see the end of time in the city.

Miramichi is the largest city in the whole of North of New Brunswick.

For those who love fun, varieties of local festivals are usually held to celebrate the Miramichi culture and this beautiful city also provides a range of winter and summer sports activities like golfing, skating and swimming. 

That being said, if you are looking for a perfect place to live in New Brunswick with your family, Miramichi duly recommends.

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4. Bathurst

Bathurst is located in the Northern part of New Brunswick. It has a total population of 13,000 people within the city while the larger region has an equivalent population of 80,000 residents. This town is peaceful on its own and that is why it attracts lots of immigrants. 

Essentially, Bathurst is multicultural with two prominent cultures and these are; English and French, which means if you understand any of the two languages it will be fun living in Bathurst. 

Bathurst town overview from Waterfront, New Brunswick, Canada
Credit: gettyimage

More so, the city’s major pride is in terms of abundant natural resources which has become the main strength and backbone of the town since 1826. The cost of living there is significantly lower compared to other cities in New Brunswick, the crime rate is low and the weather condition is not too harsh. 

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Quispamsis is located 12miles towards the Northeast of Kennebecasis. It has an equivalent population of 18,000 people and it is among the best area to live in Atlantic Canada. The cost of living in the town is affordable to any average salary earner and there is the availability of recreational activities including unique amenities and recreational parks and safety environment. 


The Per capita income accruable in the city is $118,113. Also, the town offers affordable housing estates and a low rate of property tax. And lastly, the crime rate in the area is drastically low. 


Moncton is another nice place to live in Brunswick and it is also referred to as “hub city”. Interestingly, Moncton is among the three key urban centers in the province of New Brunswick. The city is well-known for its central inland location, land, and railway transportation center for the Maritimes, etc. 

The population of the city stands at 144,810 with a stable and diversified economy. Moncton is mainly based on commerce, transportation, fintech, and goods distribution. If you are a business-minded individual, starting any business from the scratch here will worth it in Moncton city.

Moncton isone of the best places to live in Brunswick

Also, the town has the best property tax rate where the property owner is paying only 2% tax for their average income. Moncton is a peaceful place with a minimal crime rate, there are nice schools for children and the atmosphere is perfect for a couple or unmarried individual. 


Rothesay is among the attractive and conducive cities to live in in Atlantic Canada, and it is located in the Kennebecosis valley. The city is best known for its historical landmarks, and it has a population of about 12,526 residents.

 For whatever purpose you are looking for a haven in New Brunswick, Canada Rothesay is also one of the best places to live. The crime rate is low and because of this, the city is safe and secure. 

In addition, the residents of the city enjoy various social lifestyles such as surfing beaches, hiking, taking a walk, and more. If you enjoy eating out, they are fine restaurants with diverse dishes too in the city.


Fredericton is sited along the Saint John River, and it is among the major urban cities (in New Brunswick) with a population of 68,126 residents. It is regarded as an educational hub due to the number of institutions that are there. Some of the great schools in New Brunswick are situated in this province. There is New Brunswick college of craft and design, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, etc. 

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Dieppe is the second-best place to live in Atlantic Canada and it is among the best major center for tourist activities as a result of its economic asset and strategic location. It is regarded as the fourth most populous city in New Brunswick with a total of 35,113 residents. 

The city offers an exceptional life for its inhabitants with employee’s average income set to be $76,963 yearly. Dieppe has several private institutions for teaching and learning. Dieppe is also characterized by many leisure, cultural activities, and sports. 

All in all, the community is not bad for giving kids proper upbringing as the crime and other deviants activities have been seriously curtailed to the barest level.


River view has an area of 34 square kilometers, and it is one of the great places to live in New Brunswick. River view is sited on the south side of the Petitcodiac River. The city is among the peaceful and uncommon exceptional places to work, live, and raise an ideal family. 

More so, findings tell us that the city has a 21,703 population and that the tax rate on housing and other properties is minimal and affordable. The crime rate in the city is equally low compared to other cities in the province. 

What is more, the residents have access to basic social amenities, recreational activities such as baseball fields, swimming pools, hockey rinks, tennis courts, bowling centers, etc.


There are many attractive things in New Brunswick other than social amenities and the conducive environment that make life enjoyable to the people. In view of this, the above illustrious write-up clearly spells out some best places you can live in New Brunswick, Canada.


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