Ten (10) Best Cities And Places To Live In Alberta, Canada

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Are you thinking of moving down to Alberta, Canada to settle down but don’t know the best city to live in? Are you planning a change of environment and need the best place to live in Alberta, Canada? 

If yes, then this article will greatly guide and show you the best ten (10) cities and places to live in Alberta, Canada.

Because where one chose to live or settle down will directly or indirectly affect or have an impact on one’s life either positively or negatively. Because of this, it is reasonably good for one to have in debt knowledge about a place one chose to reside and this is what this article is trying to let you know so that you will have more insight into the best cities or places to live in Alberta, Canada.


Fortunately, most cities and places in Alberta, Canada provides access to so many beautiful things such as parks, recreational centers, circuses and so many other things that make it best fitted for different kinds of life such as affordable housing, childcare centers with reasonable price, etc.

Alberta is among the magnificent thirteen provinces of Canada and it is one of the old segments of western Canada. Among the three prairie provinces, Alberta is one of them and the obtainable official language there is the English Language.

According to a survey conducted by one top online media station sometime around 2016, about 77.0% of Albertans were Anglophone, 1.7% francophone and 21.3% were allophone. Thus, if you speak and understand the English language very well, communication problem is totally out of your way in the cause of your migration.


Also, Alberta is the sixth-largest province by area, which when approximated, equate to 660,0000 square kilometers. This makes the City the fourth in terms of population. That is, about 4,067,175 people are living in the province. This alone is enough to guarantee you that starting any kind of business in the Province will definitely worth it.

In the same vein, Alberta is the third city with the highest GDP among the thirteen provinces of Canada and the second-highest in terms of per capita income which stands at $74,343. This did not come as a surprise because you can’t take away the contribution of Alberta out of Canada’s gross revenue.

Having said that, it is very important to, at this juncture, list out the best place to live in Alberta, Canada. And these cities to be mentioned were ranked based on their environment, security, the standard of living, cost of living, weather conducive, education, business, and more.


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Best Cities And Places To Live In Alberta, Canada


Although not limited to the below-listed places, the following are the best cities to live in in Alberta, Canada. Take your time to check them out carefully and attentively and make sure to choose the one that satisfies your choice of environment.


Lacombe is one of the best cities in Alberta, Canada and it is located 16 miles towards the North of Alberta in the city of Red Deer. It lies in the countryside of Alberta (central) and it meets the prairies which create a picturesque environment.

LACOMBE has varieties of social amenities such as a good road network, railways or Subway, airport, etc, and this makes the city to be one of the most populous cities in Canada with about 14,000 inhabitants.


Lacombe is one of the best cities in Alberta

Lacombe’s environment is very attractive and that is one of the reasons why people decided to migrate down to the city. Also, the unemployment rate of the area is very low at about 4.9% while per capita income is $97,800. This shows that as small as the place is, it is thriving economically.


The city is sited in central Alberta, amid the prairie’s rich farmland. The average income of CAMROSE is estimated to be $98,525 and this is above the national average income while the unemployment rate stands at 3.9%. Camrose has an awesome environment for both outdoor activities and scenic.

I addition, Camrose is normally referring to as “Rose City” due to the abundant numbers of wild roses that grow in Camrose’s parkland. If you are looking for the best place to settle down with your family, perhaps Camrose should be your first option in Alberta.


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Canmore is the border with Banff National park and it is located 50 miles towards WEST Calgary. It provides an outdoor lifestyle and charming scenery. Canmore has a great number of social amenities and a lovely environment which make It to be an ideal environment to start a family. The unemployment rate of the city is 5.1% with an average income of $75,848.

Canmore Alberta is one of the best places to live in Canada

It is worthy to know that the cost of property in Canmore keeps on increasing due to the large number of people who are demanding to live there. So you should be prepared to pay hefty house rent if you will seek to find shelter here.



Red Deer is at the third position in terms of population in Alberta with a total population of 108,000. Red Deer is among the most preferred place for those who want to settle down in Alberta either to start a business or create a family.

The city has a regional airport that facilitates the movement of people and goods across nationals borders, and so many other amenities such as; a metro bus system, education and health facilities, entertainment facilities like museums, ski resorts, theatre, and many more. More also, 

Per capita income is $115,055 and the unemployment rate is 4.9%


St. Albert is also one of the preferred places to live in Alberta, Canada. The lovely city is located a few miles from Edmonton (Northwest). St. Albert has a friendly and lovely environment suitable for kids, young and old ones as it has several basic amenities to keep its inhabitants alive. The population of the city is about 78,000, the unemployment rate is 6.8% and per capita income is $147,201.


Most importantly St. Albert is among the cities that are considered healthiest to live in Canada. Very neat, clean and there exists a peaceful co-existence between neighbors there.


Bonnyville is a small town with a population of 14,500 and it is sited in east-central Alberta. Bonnyville is a city with so many infrastructural amenities which make life easier and enjoyable for those who live there. Bonnyville is free from all sorts of pollution which may affect the life of inhabitants.

The town has a good road network, health facilities, educational facilities, etc. The average income of the town is $144,739 and the unemployment rate is 3.9%. At least, the people of Bonnyville are industrious and hard-working.



Calgary is regarded as a wonderful place to reside, and the population of the town stands at 1.2million. Calgary stands at fourth position among the largest cities in Canada. Calgary is stable in terms of economy and this enables many reputable businesses to build their headquarters in it.

In addition, Calgary has varieties of job opportunities due to the presence of many businesses in the area. The average income of the city is &132,568 and the rate of unemployment is 8%. Although it’s quite high but yet, if you are creative you will make your ends meet there.


Lloydminster lies across the two borders of the great Saskatchewan and Alberta. The city provides a rural environment with adequate urban services. It has lots of life-changing amenities which make it to be a lovely and conducive place to live. The average income of the city is $111,599 while the rate of unemployment is 6.3%.



Grande Prairie is sited in Northwest Alberta, the portion of Southern (Peace River country). The population of the city is about 70,000. Based on the survey carried out between 2000 and 2006, Grande Prairie was one of the fastest developing cities in the country.

Moreso, Grande Prairie has good transportation services such as the airport, major highway, metro bus system, subway or train station, etc. Per capita income is $124,030 while the rate of unemployment is 5%.


Sylvan Lake is sited at the center of Alberta with just sixteen miles towards West (Red Deer). Sylvan Lake rests on the Southeast corner of lake Sylvain. The standard of living of the people is higher compare to other parts of the country.


Sylvan Lake is sited at the center of Alberta and one of the best cities in Alberta, Canada

Sylvan Lake has a total population of 16,000 and the town is blessed with varieties of recreational activities like ice fishing, festival, beach, volleyball, winter skating, etc.


Whether you are planning a short-term or long-term stay in Alberta, Canada, the above write-up will be of help in choosing the appropriate and conducive area to live in. In light of this, you are advised to carefully go through the above listed best cities to live in Alberta, Canada so that you will be able to make the best choice.

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