10 best transport companies in Nigeria this year


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There are many transport companies in Nigeria that are doing great in their chosen course of business. So if you’ll be embarking on a journey anytime, it’s ideal you carry out a feasibility study of which offers the most thrilling road experience.

While you’re reading this post as part of your research, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best transport companies in Nigeria that can provide you the best travel expedition.

On this note, it’s important you know that the road transport standard and quality in the country has — over the years — been on a steady flow and increase, hence the glory is due to the stiffed competition among the active transport companies.

In addition, this heated competition has birthed great care and reflects in the standard of vehicles used as well as their fancy terminals — all for better customer satisfaction.

As it has been said earlier, there countless numbers of road transport companies here in Nigeria, all of them with distinct destinations, operations and services.

Some of them operate within the state, some interstate, some across the regions while others operate within their regions.

However, in recent times, some of these transportation companies have expanded the operation coast from just a transport business to haulage and logistics.

Top transportation companies in Nigeria

Without further delay, Atlanticride has compiled a comprehensive list of the leading transport companies in Nigeria, with their base, years of establishment and coverage.

Please, kindly find the below list of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria in 2020/2021 and beyond useful:

1. God is Good Motors (GIGM).

Without doubt, God is Good Motors is the biggest road transportation company in Nigeria right now with its head office situated in Benin. GIGM transport company covers more than 10 states with major terminals nestled in all the states.

Informatively, God is Good Motors (GIGM) is a large transport company in Nigeria owned by a private body. It was established in 1998 with the brand name God is Good Motors prior to its rebranding of which it now known as the GIGM.com.

Accordingly, there’s no aspect of road transport that GIGM wouldn’t suffice. Their credibility had seen them achieving great things over the years. That is to say, this leading transportation company have taken the road transport to the next level.

In fact, research shows that God is Good Motors is making it real in the industry by building standard terminals that are really worthwhile. It has an active online booking system, too, where commuters can access to book their trips from the comfort of their sofa.

What’s more, road transportation business needs standard terminals for better travellers satisfaction and such is what God is Good Motors is demonstrating in their various route states.

In addition, this transport company adopt the use of standard Buses such as Toyota Hiace, jet movers, Mercedes Benz sprinters, etc., to convene their customers to their various destination.

GIGM offers tour services, too, within and outside Nigeria where they transport passengers on holiday or road trips to neighboring Nations. All reviews, feedback and ratings about GIGM are all excellent thereby forcing us to rank it the best transport company in Nigeria right now.

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2. ABC Transport

Another leading transportation company in Nigeria that you can trust is The ABC Transport company.

It was founded in 1993 and it head office is in Imo state Nigeria. In case you’ll be visiting them for your travel or tour booking, their headquarters is in MCC uratta Rd, KM 5, Owerri, and they have other branches in more than 10 states within the country.

Statistically, The ABC Motors had tremendously done greater things in the road transport company thereby scooping several awards for doing wonders.

In fact, there was a time when the company got an impressive recommendation from different users, and as such won the National (bus operator) awards.

What’s more, like any other leading transport companies in Nigeria, The ABC Transport have — over the years — expanded their various operations outside the country with their beautiful tour fleets.

Apparently, they have numerous large luxurious buses in their parking lot meant for transporting their passengers within Nigeria and for any available tour services to the neighboring countries like Ghana, Benin Republic and Togo.

Lastly, if you’ll be relocating to your new site or moving into that newly built office of yours, The ABC Transport offers haulage and logistics, too. They deliver packages and stuffs within the country.

You can, however, book your trip with them online by visiting their official website thereby saving yourself from all the hassle and tussle of jumping queues.

3. Chisco Transport Company

If you’re planning to embark on a road journey from or to any eastern part of Nigera as a first timer, then Chisco Transport Company is sincerely recommends.

Historically, The Chisco Transport company is no doubt one of the best and oldest road transportation companies in Nigeria. Being a private owned transport company, it was founded by the famous Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu in 1978.

Chisco transport was initially founded for the purpose of transporting passengers from and to the eastern Nigeria, but now, their coast had been expanded and as such, have active branches in many parts of the country.

Hence, to engage them in any type of transport services, you can visit them in their head office which is now situated in Lagos at No. 104, Funsho Williams Avenue, Surulere, Nigera.

Be that as it may, Chisco transport also run tour services at affordable price to other West African States. Their drivers are well trained, and customer satisfaction has always been their slogan.

Lastly, as old as this road company is, it still offers beautiful and thrilling road travel service to their potential users using their amazing luxury coach buses to unravel the fun.

So if you’ll be using their company anytime soon for that your proposed tour and holiday travel, save yourself the stress of going out wide to book a travel ticket, you can do that online at the mercy of your dinning table.

4. Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.

The Young Shall Grow Motors is another old but leading road transport company in Nigeria that is known every bit of road that leads to any state, town or village in the eastern Nigeria.

Ideally, the Young Shall Grow as a private owned transportation company — in the East — was established in 1972 making it fall into the class of the oldest transportation companies in the country.

In a bid to expand their wing, the Young Shall Grow had moved their headquarters to Lagos, and they can be found in Mazamaza, along old Ojo road.

Being regarded as the best transport company by it users, “The young” as romantically called by the old and young offers fun-fill and entertaining travel experience in the industry.

They are widely known for providing comfort, fun and luxury all of which come at very affordable prices. Without doubt, the Young Shall Grow Motors is one of the transport companies in Lagos to reckon with right now.

However, the company is not having an online booking platform — for now — so all trips are to be booked physically at any of their terminal before the journey will take off.

5. GUO Transport

GUO Transport Limited is one of the richest transport in Nigeria (2020) and it’s renowned and famous among travelers in the country. Being a subsidiary of G.U. Okeke & Sons Ltd., it was incorporated in 1980.

Their mission was to provide road transportation and customer friendly service across several states and cities within Nigeria plus other neighboring African countries using comfortable buses.

Apart from their several bus terminals situated in different part of the country, GUO transport company has a very large fleet of luxurious buses ranging from the comforting 7-seater vehicles down to 59-seater luxurious vehicles.

All these and others are being used to provide safe, thrilling, affordable and hitch-free transportation across over 200 destinations in Nigeria. The company offers a classy mini-van option, too, for a road travel.

Nonetheless, Guo Transport also offer charter services, tour, haulage and logistics, hoteling, etc. They have standard and quality terminals all over Nigera; most especially in state like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Onitsha, Owerri and Yola.

All in all, GUO transport company hotels are built around their terminals all in a bid to ensure that their passengers are not left alone — in case of midnight arrivals. Fantastic, isn’t it?

6. Cross Country Motors

Cross Country Motors is another transportation company that is keeping it real in the transport industry. This transport company is very famous among the youth and students as it offers affordable and discounts trips to NYSC members.

In the beginning, Cross country Motors started its first operation in Nigeria around 2001 and but now have numerous terminals spread across various States in Nigeria. Their head office is situated in Yaba, Lagos at No. 345 Murtala Mohammed way.

Equally, Cross Country offer a unique transport service and experience to travelers. It housed trained and qualified drivers who knows and understand different roads that lead to over 26 states in the country.

Not limited to that, the leading transportation company also have over 500 comfortable and standard buses in their various terminals. With Cross Country Motors “city bus” fleet, it covers a long distance routes across many states in the country.

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7. Ifesinachi Transport Ltd.

Ifesinachi is a household name in the Nigeria transport industry. It is one of the richest road transport company in 2020 as it specializes in affordable and cost-effective, safe and comfortable travel and trips.

From inception, the company’s mission had always been to rendered a customer satisfaction service painted with a team of expert drivers that brings quality delivery.

Ifesinachi Transport is one of the divisions of ifesincachi industries conglomerate; a large private owned business operating across numerous states in Nigeria.

Ifesinachi, however, started road transport operation in 2000 and ever since then gained a firm footing as well as clout for it professional trips and travel services. They cover routes from Lagos, Abuja and Enugu but don’t have any booking platform for now.

8. Peace Mass transit

In the Nigeria’s transportation industry, Peace Mass Transit is arguably one of the most trusted road transport companies with affordable rates. It has a vast transport network as it transverses across several Nigerian states and regions.

Consequently, Peace Mass Transit have quality buses and standard terminal too. They also offer a online booking thereby making things easier for the customers.

While this leading transport company in Lagos routes cut across the major states in Nigeria, they basically focus on the Eastern region of the country.

However, Peace Mass Transit popularly known as PMT is probably on of the most common transport companies in Nigeria that covers the major cities around the country.

9. Bonny Way Motor

While other top notch transport companies in Nigeria gained there recognition through the use of up-to-date luxurious vehicles and terminal, Bonny Way Transport company gained it’s own popularity through their glorious parcel and inter-city delivery services.

Importantly, they offer other unique services too and their buses are maintained and well furnished.

What’s more, Bonny Way Motors operates with 52-seater luxurious vehicles across the nation as well as international destinations.

Not only that, it also specializes in courier services, haulage and supply of automobile parts. You can, however, book a trip with them via their official website and you can visit them at their main office in Otto, Lagos.

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10. Efex Executive Transport Company

Efex began it transport operations 9 years ago and ever since then, it has tremendously grown into one of the best transportation companis in Nigeria.

This transport company is getting new visitors on a daily basis as a result of it expert handling and stress-free international destinations like Ghana, Benin Republic, Cote d’Ivoire and Togo.


Although there are hundreds of transport companies in Nigeria, but the above mentioned is the best companies that offer world class road experience that you’re likely to get in a flight. So of you’ll be traveling anytime soon, do patronise any of the mentioned best road transport companies in Nigeria this year.


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