Rich dad poor dad quotes and rules explained

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Rich Dad Poor Dad quotes and rules have changed many lives. Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter wrote this life-changing book, and they enlightened people about success.

One of the remarkable things you’ll learn from the Rich Dad Poor Dad quotes and rules is that to be successful in life, you need to have a plan. The rich don’t work for money. They have so much money they don’t have to work for it. So even if you are born poor, that’s not your fault, but if you die poor, then that’s your fault.

Another notable thing about this book is the rules and quotes. If you’ve been hoping to understand this book, then this “Rich Dad Poor Dad rules and quotes explained” article is for you!

Rich Dad Poor Dad Quotes and Rules Explained


Rule number one: You Become Wiser Through Experience

Robert Kiyosaki used his credit card for the monthly payment when he purchased his first commercial properties investment. Financial specialists advised against it him. Only a modest amount of money was coming in each month from the investment. Afterwards, he’s made a point of claiming that the experience of going through the deal made him a better investor every time.

Rule number two: Giving more means receiving more

So according to him, the more you give, the more you’ll get back in the long run. Giving can take the form of increasing one’s own productivity at work or wishing to spread one’s own good fortune to others. 

Rule number three: Stop thinking negatively

He mentioned he never gets depressed when the people he owes ask for their money. He sees them as a source of inspiration. A lack of funds pushes him to seek additional sources of income so that he can pay them back when they return. 

Rule number four: Focus

According to Kiyosaki, narrowing one’s focus is preferable to expanding one’s horizons. F.O.C.U.S. is an acronym he came up with as a personal rule of thumb for success: “Follow One Course Until Successful” is the acronym for this. He said he never got into another business after starting his real estate investment until he succeeded in the field.

Rule number five: Difficult Times Open Up New Possibilities

Robert Kraft could purchase five golf courses from a bank at a discount during the current American real estate crisis. Before the financial crisis, he was being offered the same property for an exorbitant $260 million. What does this really mean? Even in difficult times like an economic crisis, you can find opportunities. 

Rule number six: Design The Business Properly

As Kiyosaki points out, having a great product is only half the battle. Designing a good business is important too. A business should keep raising money automatically, rather than constantly needing someone to raise capital.

Rule number seven: Make sure you know why you’re putting in so much effort.

People should conduct their research and learn more about different ways to make money, he said. 

Rule number eight: Don’t Worry About Failures

Many successful business people have suffered setbacks along the way. Robert’s advice was to never fear failing, even though he had lost $1 million. There were some notable examples of successful persons who had been unsuccessful: Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump.

Rule number nine: Make It A Point To Acquire Resources

Regular asset acquisition is a goal of a well-thought-out company. The Rich Dad company, founded by Robert Kiyosaki, is expanding its assets by adding franchising, releasing a new book, and so on. Regularly implementing these strategies helps the business generate more revenue and expand its customer base.

Rule number ten: Manage Your Money, Stop saving

Instead of saving money, he advises people to invest their money in other things such as oil or gold. He suggests hedging money instead of saving it because the value of a currency is regularly falling.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Quotes Explained

These Rich Dad Poor Dad quotes and rules will help you see life differently. And just like its rules, his quotes show how understanding the difference between assets and liabilities, being financially literate, being entrepreneurial, generating passive income, starting your own business and how to avoid getting into too much student debt are all key components that will lead you to financial freedom.

1. “Most people go along with the crowd. They do things because everybody else does it.”

You may be the type of person who is afraid of what others will think if you follow your heart. Regardless of what other people say, focus on yourself and your particular ambitions. People are afraid of being rejected if they state that differs from the majority. 

2. “The fear of being different prevents most people from seeking new ways to solve their problems.”

This is one of the memorable quotes on Rich Dad Poor Dad. All it means is that it’s fine to want to take a different approach to life or be unique. You don’t have to fear how people will perceive you.

3. “Money comes and goes, but if you have the education about how money works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth.”

Many people don’t understand that money isn’t permanent, and that’s what this quote is about. Money is not a permanent asset, but if you understand more about money, such as how it works, how to increase it, and so on, you will be well on your way to accumulating generational wealth in no time. 

4. “If I have to work there, it’s not a business. It becomes my job.”

Kiyosaki says he owns businesses that do not require his presence, so which means if he starts a business where he needs to present always, then it’s not a business. It’s a job. 

It’s understandable why he would say something like that. Passive income has long been a cornerstone of Kiyosaki’s philosophy.

Basically, the Rich Dad Poor Dad quotes and rules teach you about life, family, and how money works. 

Robert Kiyosaki has experienced his share of losses, bankruptcies, and other criticisms. However, he believes people can have better financial status if they will study, learn, work hard and work around obstacles that stop them from achieving their success.

These carefully chosen “Rich Dad Poor Dad quotes and rules explained” article highlight most of the beliefs and teachings of Kiyosaki.

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