15 Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery for Africans


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Medicine can be, irrefutably the most expensive discipline of study. However, it is a degree on a high level of demand by the human race as we need more qualified doctors and medical practioners to save human lives from endless sicknesses and diseases. Hence, it is a degree of honor, respect and courage, and humanity. It is the only degree that crowns someone as a doctor without taking a doctorate degree. This article will show you 15 Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery for African Students

Benefits of Studying Medicine and Surgery Abroad

You get to study with students from across the globe, mere with new experts, and creatives; share ideas and become a more dignified and smarter individual.

You have a wide range of options and a large knowledge base to feed on.

Getting a Scholarship to Study Medicine and Surgery abroad familiarizes you with new and up-to-date facilities and equipment used in the medical world of the 21st century.

Furthermore, you’ll also get familiar with the culture and lifestyle of the country you’re studying in. Hence, you’re a student and at the same time, a tourist.

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Here in this post, we’ll list colleges of medicine awarding admission to international brilliant minds from Africa and other developing countries. These institutions give Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery abroad.

  1. University of Auckland John Hamel MacGregor Award in Medical Science.

This scholarship is open to domestic and international students across the globe. It is suitable for Bachelor’s degree level and postgraduate research programs at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  1. University of Melbourne Baillieu: Research Scholarship.

Scholarship are available from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia for Medical students at graduate level.

  1. American College of Surgeons International Guest Scholarships
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Scholarships are available international students (graduates) who are interested in medical teaching or research and after the program will agree to research in the US.

  1. Doctor on Demand Scholarships – Health organization

“Doctor on Demand” are scholarships offered to medical students, or any student who study in a related fields, to enable you study at a university in the US.

  1. UCLA David Geffen Scholarships

This type of medical school scholarships are offered by merit-based for students (including international students) admitted in the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The school provides financial support that will cover 100% of 4 years cost of attending the medical school – including tuition fees, housing and other school related expenses.

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  1. Swansea University Medical School (SUMS) Centenary Master’s Scholarship 2020/21 for International Students.

The Swansea University Medical School is awarding international students who are enrolling into a postgraduate taught Master’s programme in the medical school in 2020/21. Download the Application Form and reasoning the full requirements here

  1. International Medical University, Malaysia. Scholarships 2020/2021 for Undergraduate Students

The International Medical University, IMU has opened scholarship opportunities for international students who are willing to enroll in undergraduate programme at the University for the 2020/21 session. Deadline for various programmes vary for indivisible programmes selected for scholarship. Make an online application here

  1. DAAD African Paediatric Fellowship Programme (APFP) 2021 for African Students.

It has been agreed upon that DAAD cooperates with the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme (APFP) by offering up to six In-Region Scholarships for Master studies at APFP for the intake 2021. Read full details and Eligibility

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  1. Study in Dubai: Top Medical Colleges in Dubai for Aspiring Medical Students

To attract more international students and encourage quality research, the UAE is investing heavily in its education system. One area of education the country is particularly focusing on is medical education. The country has several highly rated medical colleges offering the full range of medical programs, including certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees as well as specialized bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees….Read more

  1. University of Birmingham Scholarship for International Students

To reward outstanding achievement and to help ensure that fears about finance do not constrain prospective international students from considering study at the University of Birmingham, we are pleased to offer a number of prestigious international scholarships*.

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  1. American College of Surgeons: International Guests Scholarship

The American College of Surgeons offers International Guest Scholarships to young surgeons from countries other than the United States or Canada who have demonstrated strong interests in teaching and research. The scholarships, in the amount of $10,000 each, provide the scholars with an opportunity to visit clinical, teaching, and research activities in the U.S. and Canada and to attend and participate fully in the educational opportunities and activities of the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress. Read More

  1. The University of Sheffield Scholarships

The University of Sheffield, in the UK offers a large variety of scholarships in various disciplines of study for undergraduates and postgraduate students. However, excellent grades in English is a crucial requirement for eligibility.

The University also welcomes Nigerian students and other international students for application. Click here to apply

  1. Newcastle University Scholarships
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The Newcastle University Scholarship in London offers 40 scholarships for international postgraduate students who have an excellent academic score. Nigerians are favorites to this Scholarship in the previous year. We believe this year will not be left out. Follow the Link above and Apply ASAP.

  1. The University of Cologne Scholarships for International Students.

Scholarships are open for PhD students at the University of Cologne. The Deadline is December 15th, 2020. Click here for more details.

  1. The Clarendon Fund

This is a fully-funded scholarship for Master’s and Doctorate students at the Oxford University. This scholarship takes care of your all your fees including tuition, books, allowances and accommodation. It is open for international students including Nigerians. Click here to apply

Hope you have enjoyed our list of 15 Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery abroad. Thank you for reading.

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