Top 20 Countries With The Best Doctors in the World


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Countries with the best doctors in the world typically include the United States, Germany, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. These nations exemplify excellence in medical education, healthcare infrastructure, and innovative treatments.

As globalisation has progressed and more people have access to education and travel abroad, standardised medical practices have gradually evolved. 

It’s a common misconception that American doctors are the greatest in the world, but plenty of other countries also have excellent medical professionals. 

Countries like Japan and South Korea are often cited as examples of those with excellent healthcare systems. 

Europe, for instance, is home to numerous nations with excellent healthcare systems, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

Many countries worldwide have excellent medical professionals nowadays, making it challenging to pick a top medical power.

However, for the sake of this blog post, we will be taking you through 20 Countries with the best doctors in the world. 

What Measures Are Used to Rank Countries with Best Doctors in the World?

Countries With The Best Doctors in the World

The criteria for choosing the countries with best the doctors will be examined to explain how the ranking is made. Of course, comparing death rates between countries is a terrific way to determine whether doctors are good. 

The success rate for specific treatments could indicate the quality of the doctors. In addition, the rate of complications for specific treatments is another indicator of a doctor’s competence.

It’s also crucial to remember that the rate doctors succeed depends on various circumstances. 

For instance, medical practitioners with access to many nurses are more likely to provide adequate patient treatment. 

Similarly, it has been shown that doctors who have better access to pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment provide better treatment for their patients.

Top Countries with the Best Doctors in the World

Many people perceive the United States to have the best doctors, but the truth is that many other countries also have highly qualified medical experts. 

For instance, the healthcare systems of Japan and South Korea are widely regarded as among the best in the world.

Let’s look through these top 20 countries with the best doctors in the world in no ranking order:

1. The United States

Countries With The Best Doctors

The United States has one of the best healthcare systems among the top 20 countries in the world. 

The American healthcare system is likely the most expensive farce in history. 

The United States has also produced a spectacular crop of internationally renowned and prize-winning medical professionals. Denton Cooley was the first surgeon to implant an artificial heart successfully.

Included are Virginia Apgar, an anesthesiologist and teratologist; Alfred Blalock, a surgeon known for his work on the Tetralogy of Fallot; Charles R. Drew, a pioneer in blood transfusions; and others.

2. United Kingdom 


Many famous physicians have originated from the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The Scottish physician, microbiologist, and pharmacologist Alexander Fleming are the most well-known among British-born doctors.

As the world’s first antibiotic, Fleming’s penicillin has made him famous. He quickly joins the list of historical greats due to his discovery of penicillin.

He shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with two other people: a British man named Erns Boris Chain and an Australian named Howard Florey.

English physician Edward Jenner came up with the first vaccine to combat smallpox. He has benefited millions of people with his work in the field of immunology and is hence often referred to as the “father of immunology.”

3. India


Regarding healthcare, India is among the countries with the best doctors. India has some of the best doctors in the world, both nationally and globally. 

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According to the statistics, Indians make up a disproportionate share of the medical profession in Western countries, as confirmed by the president of the American Association of Indian Physicians, Dr. Anupama Gotimukula. 

More complex medical procedures are referred to Indian specialists in developing African nations and less developed nations. 

The real explanation is that India is thought to have the best medical facilities and physicians available for any kind of medical care. 

Compared to their Western counterparts, Indian doctors see a more significant number of cases. Students in that country receive more intensive instruction than those in other nations.

4. Germany


Germany frequently appears on the top lists of countries in several fields. Germany would have been among the top 5countries with the best doctors even if this list hadn’t relied so much on the opinions of highly regarded medical professionals.

One of Germany’s most illustrious doctors is Rudolf Virchow. His contributions to public health are legendary, and he is often credited as the man who established modern pathology.

The “Pope of Medicine,” as his peers affectionately nicknamed Virchow, is also credited for developing social medicine and accurately recognising and treating several ailments, including leukaemia and embolism.

Ernst Haeckel is one of the most influential figures in the history of biology. Haeckel was a physician, biologist, and naturalist who discovered and named several previously unknown species.

5. France

Jean-Martin Charco

Jean-Martin Charco

Source: Research Gate

Jean-Martin Charcot, a renowned neurologist, was born in France. He is frequently referred to as the “Father of Modern Neurology” or the “Father of French Neurology” due to his significant contributions. His studies on hypnosis and hysteria have made him particularly well-known.

In France, the most well-known surgeon is Alexis Carrel. Carrel received the 1912 Nobel Prize in Medicine for co-developing the first circulatory pump used in organ transplantation.  

His techniques for suturing are widely recognised. Naturally, Rene Laennec is the first person who comes to mind when we think about French physicians. Laennec is credited with creating the stethoscope, one of the instruments most frequently associated with the term “doctor.”

6. Switzerland

The country is thought to have one of the most significant healthcare systems worldwide. Numerous doctors from this small but affluent nation, known for its chocolates, have significantly contributed to the mental health field. 

Carl Jung

Carl Jung

Source: Britannica

Without a doubt, one of the most well-known medical professionals is psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Jung is credited with creating analytical psychology, which considers the individual mind. Gamers familiar with the Persona series of video games are knowledgeable about Jungian and Jung psychology. 

Hermann Rorschach developed the Rorschach test, a psychological assessment intended to probe into an individual’s character qualities. 

The psychological scholar Jean Piaget is most recognised for his theory of mental development, which emphasises individual intelligence.

7. Canada

The country is well known for having some of the top healthcare systems in the world, a fact that is regularly used as a jab at the expensive healthcare system in the United States. 

Canadian physicians have made substantial contributions to the medical field as well. Perhaps the most well-known of all is Frederick Banting.

Insulin, a peptide hormone associated with diabetes, is credited to Banting as codiscovery. 

In 1923, Banting and Scottish physician John Macleod shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine. He continues to be the youngest recipient of the honour. 

Canadian Roberta Bondar is a renowned space medicine researcher. 

She became Canada’s first neurologist and female astronaut to go into space. Her contributions to space medicine research have garnered her considerable recognition.

8. Italy


Carlo Urbani

Source: WHO

The doctor who saved millions of lives was found there in the 2000s. The highly contagious viral disease known as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was initially identified in 2003 by the Italian physician Carlo Urbani. 

He developed the then-unknown ailment, which ultimately led to his death. But not before letting the World Health Organisation (WHO) know.

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Two well-known ladies from Italy are Maria Montessori and Rita Levi-Montalcini. The doctor who developed the now-familiar Montessori teaching method is recognised for her contributions. 

In addition to being well-known for her neuroscience studies, Levi-Montalcini co-developed the nerve growth factor with American Stanley Cohen in the middle of the 20th century.

9. Australia


The best-known Australians are the several physicians who have won the Nobel Prize for their contributions to medicine.

Howard Florey is the most prominent of these. One of the most significant medical discoveries in history, the discovery of penicillin, is primarily acknowledged as having been made by Alexander Fleming.

However, Florey oversaw the initial clinical studies and ultimately worked with Ernst Boris Chain to turn penicillin into a viable medication, saving millions of lives.

A bacteria linked explicitly to peptic ulcers, Helicobacter pylori, was discovered by Robin Warren and Barry Marshall. In 2005, Warren and Marshall received a joint Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their contributions.

10. Greece


The inclusion of Greece on this list only makes sense. Hippocrates, known as the “Father of Medicine,” was born in this nation. 

He is credited with bringing modern healthcare to Greece and elevating medicine to a legitimate profession.

He was the author of the well-known Hippocratic Oath, a rule of ethics in medicine still in use today.

Galen is another renowned Greek doctor. 

Galen is regarded as the most outstanding medical scholar of antiquity and is honoured for his contributions to the study of anatomy, pathology, and neurology, among other scientific disciplines.

His works had a profound impact on Western medical research, especially in the field of anatomy.

11. Israel


Israel is on the global list of countries with highly skilled medical professionals.

A significant portion of its funding is dedicated annually to the practice and research of licensed physicians in the medical area. 

They can provide medical services to the general public everywhere, from the centre to the outskirts.

They also get consultations from patients all across the world. Annually, this nation organises worldwide conferences and numerous research projects on various ailments to increase doctors’ awareness. 

Israel presently has some of the world’s most significant healthcare systems. 

12. Belgium


In recent years, Belgium has proven to be a fantastic nation for creating the best doctors. 

The establishment of first-rate medical facilities, including clinics, hospitals, research institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry, has been facilitated by this nation. 

In addition to general physicians, there are highly qualified and experienced specialists in every other field.

13. Norway


In the 2022 rankings, Norway is ranked third globally with the best and most highly esteemed doctors. 

One of the most outstanding healthcare systems in the world is generally acknowledged to exist in Norway.

It’s also a wealthy nation in terms of health education and medical research. Over the years, its healthcare system has achieved various notable degrees of success. 

The quality of doctors Norway has been training has also improved. Today, Norwegian doctors are world-class in every medical speciality and have achieved expertise in cutting-edge biotech research fields.

14. Sweden


Sweden is a European nation known for its top-notch healthcare system. Most money comes from grants from the government. 

All the necessary medical supplies are available, and the facilities are in excellent condition.

Since they receive professional training, Swedish physicians are highly renowned for their work in the medical and healthcare domains. 

The Swedish medical school that provides the most significant treatment for patients in Sweden’s outer regions graduates a broader range of physicians each year.

15. Japan

The country takes great pride in its inventive populace and strong economy since Japan possesses far more advanced technology than any other country in the Asia-Pacific area. 

It is considered one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world.

Along with having a booming technological economy, Japan is known for having the best doctors in the world. 

As a result, graduates in the medical field are highly qualified and conduct themselves with outstanding professionalism. 

The nation’s well-established medical education system for students serves as the cornerstone of the Japanese healthcare system.

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16. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is also ranked out of the top countries in the world for producing doctors. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital city of Abu Dhabi combines public and private healthcare systems.

Patients in Abu Dhabi can receive various medical treatments and procedures and are free to select the healthcare provider of their choice.

Although private healthcare in Abu Dhabi might be costly, many providers provide cutting-edge medical equipment and high-quality services. 

With programmes like the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), which oversees the public healthcare system in the emirate, the government has worked to increase the accessibility and calibre of healthcare services in Abu Dhabi.

17. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Without doubt, Costa Rica is one of the best countries in the world for medical tourism since it offers excellent healthcare at reasonable costs. 

Due to Costa Rica’s reputation for expertise in dentistry, acupuncture, and herbal medicine in Dubai, as well as in fields like cosmetic surgery, reproductive treatments, and alternative or complementary therapies, many individuals visit there for medical care.

At 71.85 on the medical tourism index, Dubai rounds out the first section of our list of the top 12 nations in the world for producing doctors. 

Many people visit Dubai for medical tourism to obtain reasonably priced medical care. 

The city’s numerous contemporary clinics and hospitals provide various medical services, including dental care, reproductive treatments, and cosmetic surgery. 

Many of Dubai’s hospitals are manned by skilled medical personnel and furnished with cutting-edge equipment.

18. Dubai


Source: Healthcare

The cost is one of the key benefits of medical tourism in Dubai. Dubai is a desirable alternative for those wishing to cut costs on their healthcare because medical care there is frequently far less expensive than in other nations. 

Furthermore, the city boasts several hotels and resorts that provide discounted rates for medical tourists, facilitating individuals’ stays while undergoing treatment.

19. Denmark

The Danish universal health care system, which is mostly funded by income taxes, offers Danes essentially free medical care. 

The majority of exams and treatments are free for all permanent residents, and they are also all eligible to a national health insurance card.

20. Finland


Finland’s healthcare system has a care system score of 80.9, making it produce the top 20 best doctors in the world. 

Finland’s healthcare system is renowned for providing high-quality care and being universally accessible. 

All citizens and residents are entirely covered by this system, which is financed by taxes. 

Patients in Finland are allowed to select the healthcare provider of their choice from a variety of public and private providers. 

The nation has made significant investments in digital health technology, and electronic health records are utilized extensively nationwide. 

The effect levels, liveness, accessibility, and patient-centeredness of Finland’s healthcare system are well appreciated.


What are the countries with the best doctors in the world? Being healthy is worth more than all the money in the world. The government should fund the construction of numerous medical centres, hospitals, and clinics to cater to people’s needs. 

Medical doctors are the backbone of every healthcare system and essential to any society. Higher-quality medical professionals might be expected to emerge from nations with well-established educational systems.

It may seem challenging to answer the question, “Which country has the best doctors?” In contrast, the globalisation of medicine has occurred due to rising international travel and education levels in recent decades.


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