12 fast growing cash crops you can start farming today


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If you are passionate about turning your interest in Agriculture into a business, why not capitalize on these fast growing cash crops to be discussed?

There is no shortage of opportunities anywhere. If you want to do it regardless of whether you have acres of land or just a piece, you can do it.

Venturing into agribusiness can be lucrative and profitable. Even if you will be starting out with indoor garden, you can still find a cash crop that you can grow and sell to consumers or directly to companies.

The fact that those farms are in small scale doesn’t mean the fast growing cash crops you planted wouldn’t meet a significant need.

In fact, they’ll turn a large profit at the end of the year once you harvested them. Select crops like bamboo, soybean, lavender and garlic, are being cultivated world wide.

All in an attempt to meet a sizeable market demand while occupying small acreage on the farm. If you are really in for the agro money, then you need to grow cash crops.

Profitable cash crops

12 Most Profitable Fast Growing Cash Crops

Without further delay, the following are some of the lucrative and most profitable cash crops you can consider in the agricultural sector.

1) Lavender

Without doubt, lavender is one of the fast growing cash crops that can bring enormous profit to small-scale farmers.

Lavender plant is a native crop of most countries situated at the Mediterranean Sea but it can survive and be grown in colder environment like in the Midwest.

Essence, lavender is a flower plant and it is great for small farm owners because they can sell it in several ways to different customers.

As a matter of fact, this cash plant can be sold in the market as-is, and it can equally be processed into soaps, essential oils, body lotions, etc.

It can be used in and for everything. It works well as food flavoring, medicines, fragrances, etc.

2) Soybeans

Also, soybeans is another wonderful cash crop you can capitalize on as a wannabe agriprenuer. It is lucrative and economically profitable.

Soybeans plant belongs to the same family with corn. They thrive and grow well in similar conditions as well.

Hence, if you’ll be growing this crop, you’ll never have any reason to regret it. The crop can be used in food for making milk and cheese, it used in feed, and tons of other products.

3) Bamboo

This cash crop is already popular in Africa and Asia. Nonetheless, bamboo farming is gaining popularity across the world.

According to research carried out by Grand View Research, it was estimated that the global bamboo market worth $69 billion.

And the way and manner people demand for it in the United States have made small-scale farmers in the U.S. develop interest in growing it — even more.

Lastly, Bamboo trees are majorly sold as a potted plant and sometimes, as landscaping feature. Thus, what makes it more profitable is that it can grow very quickly.

You can plant and grow a lot of Bamboo produce within a ton of space, and the products can be used for varieties of things such as fabric, fencing material, and food.

4) Cilantro

Cilantro is a popular herb and a cash crop, too, that doesn’t require much land to grow. If you have enough backyard, you can grow enough in your garden.

Other than the fact that Cilantro has a unique flavor, it is often use as a medicine for where someone is having trouble digesting.

Hence, medicinal companies and pharmaceutical companies that make supplements demand for it.

5) Basil

Next on the list of top cash crops you can cultivate on your farmland is Basil. Basil is a popular medicinal herb used differently on international cuisines and dishes.

If you have the intention of going commercial, you can grow it outdoors or indoor (even in a small container) garden for personal use.

However, if you will be growing it outdoors in large scale, Basil thrives well in warm and humid environments.

Once harvested, you can supply them to grocery stores, companies or food producers, or directly to the market for the final consumers.

6) Ginseng

No continent grows ginseng than Asia; particularly Korea and China. Nonetheless, Ginseng as a cash crop is a popular plant in the health industry.

It’s often used in the production of variety of teas, supplements, and medicines. Hence, making it lucrative with probative value.

That being said, you must be enlightened that ginseng do take awhile before it yield. But once it does, you can expect enormous profits.

7) Corn

In the African continent, corn has proven to be one of the most prominent cash and edible crops for a very long time.

Commercially, the crop does require a large amount of land for cultivation. But notwithstanding, corn be used in the production of animal feed, fuel, etc.

8) Wheat

Wheat is another highly cultivates and fast growing cash crop to grow in Africa, Asia, and Great Plains states.

You can grow it indoor in your backyard or small ridges garden. But as a commercial farmer, you need acres of land to cultivate wheat if you really want to rake home millions at the end of the year.

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9) Garlic

Findings show that the global demand for garlic has exponentially grown, and in 2017, more than €500 million pounds were sold in the market.

If you’re interested in this cash crop, be informed that garlic is usually plant in the fall and harvest in the summer with minimal care throughout.

If you’re ready and willing to invest in garlic plantation these upfront, it’ll definitely pay off over time.

10) Sorghum

Worthy of mention on the list of profitable cash crop Sorghum. It is a very business opportunity in the agricultural sector.

Sorghum is a cereal that is usually used in the production of syrups and beverages. The crop thrives well in warm climates and perfects for any environment that experiences long summers.

11) Cocoa

Another cash crop that is lucrative and profitable. If you have enough capital to venture into this agribusiness, your only regret will be why you refused to start earlier.

12) Palm kernel plantation

Countries like Nigeria, India, Malaysia, etc. are known to be exporting tons of barrels of palm oil on a daily basis.

Why not grow this cash crop and join the league of the successful farmers. Of course, this business is not a get-rich-quick agribusiness; it takes time and money.

But it really worth the wait and effort if you can invest in it.


Though not exhausted, the above mentioned are the 12 fast growing cash crops you can start farming today and turn into a profitable business in few years times.


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