Nigeria ZIP Codes: All Nigeria postal Codes including Lagos Postal Codes


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Do you need the comprehensive list of Nigeria zip codes? If yes, kindly read this article to the last minute.

The Nigeria postal code or postcode is a specific indicator or numbers that one uses to receive parcels or deliver mail, and other packages to the right destination.

So if you will be buying or making order online very soon, or if you wish to know all the Nigeria postal codes including Lagos, then read on!

Brief facts about Nigeria Zip Codes or Postcodes

Usually, whenever one is filling a job application or any form online, there’s often a required field for Zip code. This is normal, for proper identification.

However, many people are used to filling +234 as their Nigeria Zip code, and this is wrong.

The +234 that many used to supply as their Nigeria zip code is the international dialing code. And it purpose is to indicate that the number is from a Nigerian user.

While Nigeria used post code, what is obtainable in some other jurisdiction is Post Code. Despite the difference in appellations, the codes serve the same purposes.

Thus, whenever you are required to fill in your zip code or postal code or postcode, you are expected to fill in any of the Nigeria zip codes to be discussed below.

Plus, these zip codes differ, each state has it own very distinct from the other. For instance; Oyo state zip code is quite different from that of Kano zip code.

On this note, you actually don’t need any zip code finder to help you out. This article should come in handy.

So when anyone asks for Nigeria zip code list, what you should give is a list of all Nigeria postal codes for different states.

All Nigeria postal Codes including Lagos Postal Codes

Similarly, be informed that when you are making an order on AliExpress, or if you will be visiting any online marketplace like eBay, Amazon and the likes soon, you’ll need a zip code.

Nigeria postal codes

Below are, therefore, the postal code or Nigeria Zip codes that you can use for delivery in any state.

Abia Zip Code– 440001

Adamawa Zip Code – 640001

Akwa Ibom Zip Code – 520001

Anambra Zip Code – 420001

Bauchi Zip Code – 740001

Bayelsa Zip Code – 561001

Benue Zip Code – 970001

Borno Zip Code – 600001

Cross River Zip Code – 540001

Delta Zip Code – 320001

Ebonyi Zip Code – 840001

Edo Zip Code – 300001

Ekiti Zip Code – 360001

Enugu Zip Code – 400001

Gombe Zip Code – 760001

Imo Zip Code – 460001

Jigawa Zip Code – 720001

Kaduna Zip Code – 700001

Kano Zip Code – 800001

Katsina Zip Code – 820001

Kebbi Zip Code – 860001

Kogi Zip Code – 260001

Kwara Zip Code – 240001

Lagos mainland Zip Code — 100001

Lagos Island Zip Code — 101001

Nasarawa Zip Code – 962001

Niger Zip Code – 920001

Ogun Zip Code – 110001

Ondo Zip Code – 340001

Osun Zip Code – 230001

Oyo Zip Code – 200001

Plateau Zip Code – 930001

Rivers Zip Code – 500001

Sokoto Zip Code – 840001

Taraba Zip Code – 660001

Yobe Zip Code – 320001

Zamfara Zip Code – 860001

Analysis of the Nigeria Zip Codes

From the foregoing, it’s important you take note of the following.

The ZIP code means Zone Improvement Plancode. Being recognized Nigeria post codes, it comprises of 6-digit distinct numbers.

The first three numbers stand for the regional group of numbers — i.e. the outgoing districts sorting.

While the last three digits represent the delivery location i.e. the urban area or the targeted post office.

Nigeria postal service

Equally, it is very important we state that you must exercise careful while filling the postcode. If you choose or write the wrong Zip code, you may encounter delivery delays.

Also, unlike what is obtainable in some countries, the Nigeria postal/zip codes don’t contains alphabets. They only consist of 6 digits, regardless of the region.

More so, the NIPOST group the country into 9 different regions, and it is each region that determine the first three digit of the six digit-code.

The last three digits code at the end of the postcode is often determined by the local post office.

Let’s take for instance now; the postal code of Lagos State is 100001: where 100 being the first 3 digits stand for the state.

And the last three digits 001 represent the head department in every region. That is, every state has a head post office with other subsidiaries.

As such, if you intend to send a package, to a particular post office other than the head office, i.e. to another subsidiary department in that locality, you will have to find the necessary combination of the department.

The Six Geopolitical Zones and Their Postal Code

There are six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria and each zone has up to six or seven states under it. Meaning the first 3 digits-code of these states will be similar.

North Central

The North Central zone is equally known as the middle belt, and it consists of mainly the Tivs ethnic group. The state under this zone includes:

Abuja ( F.C.T )

Benue State

Kogi State

Kwara State

Nassarawa State

Niger State

Plateau State

North East

The North East region includes

Adamawa State

Bauchi State

Borno State

Gombe State

Taraba State

Yobe State

North West

People in this region are usually found at the far north of the country. The states include:

Jigawa State

Kaduna State

Kano State

Katsina State

Kebbi State

Sokoto State

Zamfara State

South East

The inhabitants of this area are majorly the Ibos.

Abia State

Anambra State

Ebonyi State

Enugu State

Imo State

South South

Akwa Ibom State

Bayelsa State

Cross River State

Delta State

Edo State

Rivers State

South West

The last geopolitical zone on this list is the South West which is dominated by the Yorubas. There are six states here and they include;

Ekiti State

Lagos State

Ogun State

Ondo State

Osun State

Oyo State


The list of Nigeria Zip codes is quite important, but yet you are not obliged to know them all by heart. Knowing that of your home state off hand suffices.

Besides, coming down to Atlanticride means you trust us and our info, as such you can always come back, when necessary, for further information.


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