Ten (10) Best Neighbourhoods In Winnipeg And Areas To Avoid Living In Winnipeg


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If you’re looking to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba and want to know which areas are a good match for your lifestyle, then this blog post is a must read. We’ve compiled the 10 best neighborhoods in Winnipeg as well as the ones you should avoid living in if possible. Our list will help you get an understanding of what makes each neighborhood unique so that it can be easier for you to find one that fits your needs.

It can be tough deciding to relocate, due to the many factors that come into play. This includes weather and climate conditions in a new location, political stability (because who wants an armed conflict?), cost of living in each city or town you visit for employment opportunities, health care facilities nearby if needed at any time during your stay there – all this before even considering what schools are available post-graduation.

Firstly, let me briefly enlighten you more about Winnipeg the capital city of Manitoba in Canada, Winnipeg is centrally located on the confluence of two rivers namely; the Red and Assiniboine rivers very closed to the longitudinal center of North America.

Winnipeg as of 2016, stood as the seventh most populated municipality in Canada with a population of 778,500. In terms of health care facilities, Winnipeg has many medical centers and hospitals across the city which directly reduces the mortality rate in the city. Truly, Winnipeg has favorable climate and weather conditions.

In addition, Winnipeg serves as an economic hub of Canada since 75% of manufacturing output/products are from Winnipeg the capital city of Manitoba.

The city has also been described as one of the top advanced cities in the world due to its advancement in broadband technology for socio-economic development. And most importantly, Winnipeg (the capital city of Manitoba in Canada) is among the top affordable cities in Canada.

NOTE: Winnipeg is also a very cold place, especially at winter, so make sure to find a house with insulated windows. If you don’t find one, you can learn how to insulate your windows here. Once you’ve done that, get the right heating system and insulating materials!

Now let’s go into the business of the day:

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The following are, therefore, the ten (10) best neighborhoods in Winnipeg, and each and every one of these areas/neighborhoods will be carefully explained:


Crescentwood is one of the ideal neighborhoods to live in in Winnipeg and it is located southwest downtown of the city. Crescentwood is just about a 10-12 minute drive to the center of the city.

It is adorned with some beautiful characters and some perfect-postcard, which make the place very conducive and attractive to both the kids and adults. And this offer ample opportunities for kids to ride their bikes and as well as a play hockey game.



Norwood is a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood with a conducive atmosphere which makes It to be one of the best neighborhoods in Winnipeg. Most people normally refer to Norwood as a ‘home’ due to the fact that it has a conducive and favorable atmosphere where a responsible and ideal family can be raised.


As the name implies, the exchange district is among the top lively and flourishing areas in Winnipeg, and several elites regard it as a home. Exchange district also refers to as “Chicago of the North” due to the numbers of heritage buildings standing beside one another and this makes the area to be attractive and highly regarded.


Tuxedo neighborhood is also one of the best places in Winnipeg with a great number of parks and multifarious recreational sports.

This neighborhood has a diversity of recreational options for both adults and kids where kids and adults can have their recreational activities safely and without stress. More also, Tuxedo has a variety of amenities like cafes, restaurants, parks, etc which increase the standard of living of the people living there.



Niakwa Park is residential to the south and lots of luxury apartments are there for rent for those who want a steady and disturbance-free neighborhood. Niakwa Park has a beautiful and serene environment suitable for any type of business-minded person. It’s lively and it’s also a home for entrepreneurs.

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St. James is among the oldest neighborhood in Winnipeg, with peaceful historical background. The largest mall in Winnipeg is located at St. James and so many stores and restaurants. More importantly, St. James is known to be a safe and peaceful area since the time of immemorial and up till the present moment.


Riverview is also one of the best environment to live in Winnipeg with enormous numbers of apartments and condo buildings which are meant for rent. This neighborhood is in proximity to Osborne Village as well as Winnipeg center. This area is highly regarded as a home to many young individuals and it has many attractive and big shops and boutiques.


Chorleywood is a semi-rural community, with so many lovely and amusing sports activities there. People from other districts and parts of Canada do come down to Chorleywood for hiking, birdwatching, etc. This community is also regarded as the home of Harte Trail that is being used for about 6.5km on a deserted railway bed. This neighborhood is conducive and safe for living.


Fort Garry is located towards the south of the city and very close to the famous University of Manitoba, where students can have access to the university’s sports facilities and for this reason, Port Garry is placed among the best neighborhoods in Winnipeg.

Also, Fort Garry sometimes refers to as a home to the Manitoba university and it is full of lively activities such as entertainment, sports, and other recreational activities.


10. R17

This is just a rural community in Winnipeg and it is ranked in 2017 as a second Maclean’s list of the top neighborhood in Winnipeg. There is enough space for residents because the number of people living there is not more than one thousand. R17 is a conducive and disturbance-free neighborhood.

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The following are some of the areas to avoid living in Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba. These areas are;


North Point Douglas is sited in the inner city and it is ranked among the topmost crime rate neighborhoods in the whole city. It is known since immemorial to be faced with many financial issues and this has lead to so many problems such as social vices, homelessness, and a high degree of drug abuse. In addition, the per capita income of this neighborhood is very low compare to other neighborhoods.


South Portage is located in downtown Winnipeg, and it is among neighborhood that is facing persistent and constant crime. The frequent problem and crimes face by this neighborhood are; theft, drug abuse, assault, etc., and all these make it a dangerous place to live in Winnipeg.


Elmwood has a great number of crimes just like South Portage and these crimes include; car theft, robberies, break-ins, etc. In line with the recent survey of residents, only one-third of the people felt safe when it comes to walking around at night and this simply means the majority of people felt safe walking around during the day.

Elmwood is a Place to avoid living in Winnipeg


Polo Park as of recent has been facing several numbers of crimes which include; sexual assault, theft, etc. and this makes it to be listed on the areas to avoid living in Winnipeg.


Just recently, the city of Winnipeg has been facing a high rate of homicides and North End accounts for the highest numbers of it. In addition, this neighborhood is so bad that the whole environment is a wreck of hard drugs, gangsterism, poverty, and lots more.

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St. Matthews is another dangerous place to avoid living in Winnipeg due to some criminal act that is very peculiar in the area. Among the criminal act peculiar to this neighborhood are robbery, anti-social behavior to mention but a few.


REGENT has been making the list of the worst and bad neighborhoods in Winnipeg for quite some time now due to the high degree of recorded crime rate that is so common among the old and young inhabitants of the area. The community is known for property theft, robbery, assault, and drug abuse. To be precise, Regent has the highest degree of crime rate in all the East of Winnipeg.


West Alexander is at the best location, due to the fact that it is very close to several infrastructural amenities. However, West Alexander is not advisable to reside in due to some crimes and gangsterism in the area. In view of this is best to avoid it.

Places to avoid living in Winnipeg


The Per-capital-income of this neighborhood is too low compare to the per-capital income of Winnipeg. Central Pork also faces a high number of homicides, robberies, assaults, etc. and this makes the area to be fearful and dangerous to live in.


Spence has a bad reputation and is regarded as a bad and worst neighborhood. However, some residents are putting their best to alter their reputation (negative). The most common problems faced by Spence are sexual assault, theft, violence, and many more.

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Relocating to a new location like Winnipeg seems like a toughly decision to make due to so many reasons and in light of this, this article carefully and genuinely highlighted some best neighborhoods in Winnipeg that are safe and conducive for living and those areas to avoid living in Winnipeg due to one reason or the other.


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