Union Bank USSD transfer code (everything you need to know)


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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Union bank ussd transfer code to buy airtime, send money, and perform other banking transactions with ease.

And you will equally be exposed to the features and benefits of using the mobile banking, how to generate the PIN and lots more.

But before then, you must understand that the Union Bank USSD transfer code is much easier and convenient to use.

It benefits and important cannot be overemphasized.

Most especially, when you don’t have any means to connect to the internet.

But with the help of the USSD code, there is little or no limit to what you can do when it comes to wire transactions.

It can be used to send money, buy airtime, generate a pay code, generate PIN for cardless withdrawals, etc.

Most often, the Union Bank Transfer USSD Code is also known as Union bank codes, simply put.

Union bank transfer USSD code

What is Union Bank USSD Transfer Code

As the name implies, the Union bank Ussd codes are some sets of recognized digits that allows transfer of money from Union bank to another bank.

It can also mean a platform, where Union Bank users can easily access to check their account balance or perform transactions on the go.

As it stands, almost all the commercial banks in Nigeria have adopted this system ever since the introduction of mobile banking.

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Most banks now provide a transfer USSD code for all their prospective customers.

Hence, Union Bank have a certain digit recognized as such.

In fact, this Union bank transfer code is available for all their prospective users.

And the financial institution has made it service easier on everyone.

Benefits and Features of Using the Union Bank Transfer USSD code

  • You can recharge yourself and buy airtime for others too using the USSD code;
  • It allows its users to send money to other banks on the go easily;
  • Easily check your account balance without stress;
  • It can be used to open a functioning account via code;
  • You can conveniently save for the future;
  • The USSD code can be used to pay all types of bills through the USSD code; etc.

How to register for Union bank Ussd transfer code

To enjoy all the features and benefits that comes with the Union bank Ussd transfer code, it’s incumbent on you to register first.

Fortunately, the registration is very easy and it can easily be completed without any stress.

All you have to do is to open an account with the Union bank, after which you will be able proceed on the offline registration.

Once you’ve passed all these stages, then you can dial the Union bank mobile banking code which is *826#.

And of course, the registration for the Union bank transfer code is totally and absolutely free.

All that is expected of you is to dial *826# for the registration.

In addition, be informed that the USSD code must be dialed official number that was used to register with the Union Bank Plc.

And the transfer code registration can only be done once you’ve successfully dial the numbers on your phone for the first time.

How to generate Union bank Ussd transfer pin?

Equally, the Union bank transfer code can not be generated and secured without making use of the 4-digits transfer pin.

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Union bank transfer codes

Not when Union bank have confirmed that their customer’s security is their utmost priority.

So the transfer pin is important and essential.

You will be asked to provide it whenever you are on the verge of completing a transaction.

Simply dial *8265# on your phone dialer to create a unique transaction PIN.

Don’t tell anyone the PIN and make sure you choose a very unique but easy to remember numbers.

How to transfer money from Union Bank using the USSD transfer code to other banks

Using the Union bank mobile banking to complete some vital and important transactions on the go is totally free.

You actually don’t need a data or internet connection to browse around their mobile app service.

With just few digits, you are good to go.

So to transfer money to other banks using the Union bank transfer code, kindly dial *826*2*amount*Account NO# on the sim card you used for your registration.

After dialing the USSD code, you will receive a prompt response requesting for your transfer pin, kindly enter it correctly.

, you will receive any prompt message asking for the destination bank, kindly follow the instructions till your transaction is completed.

How to buy airtime using the Union bank Ussd transfer code.

Whether you’ll be recharging your phone or someone else’s directly from your bank, you can have a successful transaction using Ussd code.

So to buy airtime or to send someone airtime from your Union bank account using the Union bank transfer code, simply dial 826amount# on your phone.

For instance, if you will be recharging #500, simply dial *826*500# on the sim card you used to register at the bank.

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After, you will receive a prompt response asking for your transfer PIN, correctly and gently supply it there and press enter.

Within few seconds, you will receive a debit alert and another alert confirming the success of the transfer you just made.

However, if the airtime is not for you but for your friend or a family member, then dial *826*amount*recipient’s mobile no# on your phone.

Wait for a prompt response and enter your transfer pin there correctly.

Within few seconds, you will receive a debit alert and another alert confirming the success of the transfer you just made.

In the same vein, you must note that it is totally free, there are no charges for airtime top-up.

And you can recharge all networks; whether it is MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, or 9Mobile.

How To Check Your Union Bank Account Balance Using the USSD Transfer Code

You can also check your account balance using the transfer USSD code.

All you have to do is to send few words to a designated number.

To enjoy this UBN service type “Bal” on your phone message gallery and send it to 20123, you will receive your account balance as a message.

Note that service charge may be applied here. So don’t be surprised once you receive a debit alert in that regard.


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