Top 10 Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

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Some of the hardest Guinness World Records to beat include;

  • Heaviest Weight Lifted by the Human Tongue
  • Longest Distance to Pull an Airplane
  • Most Cockroaches Eaten in a Minute

Read on to see more of the hardest Guinness world records to beat.

If you dream of smashing world records, take heed: this isn’t the entry point you’re seeking. Amid the sea of hopeful contenders aiming to etch their names in the Guinness World Records, tales of victory and near-misses unfold. 

Success stories are celebrated, but let’s not forget the shadow side – the stories of those who’ve embarked on quests so daring they paid the ultimate price.

Some, like balancing CDs on a solitary finger, may appear within your grasp—a daring feat, no doubt, but breakable with the right mix of skill and finesse. 

Toughest Guinness World Records to Beat

However, in the grand theater of record-breaking, there exist benchmarks that defy even the most audacious dreams. These monumental feats stand like eternal sentinels, challenging anyone dares to topple them.

Here are some of the hardest Guinness World Records to beat;

Top 10 Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

1. Heaviest Weight Lifted by the Human Tongue

Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

This is a spectacle that might make you wince just thinking about it. Thomas Blackthorne is in the spotlight of this exceptional feat; he etched his name into the annals of strength by performing a tongue-powered lift that defies all logic.

The year 2004 witnessed when Blackthorne made jaws drop by lifting nearly twenty-seven pounds solely through his tongue. The mental image alone could make you wince, yet Blackthorne turned this into a reality. He trained for six years to hold this amount for five seconds.

An Italian TV program served as the stage for Blackthorne’s astonishing display of tongue strength. Here’s the kicker – a hook pierced through his tongue held four weights, a setup that sounds like a scene from a torture chamber.

Yet, Blackthorne held his ground, supporting the weight for over five seconds, all without inflicting any harm upon his tongue. Admirable? Absolutely. Wince-inducing? Most definitely.

2. Longest Distance to Pull an Airplane

Kevin Fast holds the record for the longest distance a human being pulled an airplane. 

Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

Kevin Fast, a Canadian priest with a penchant for pushing boundaries, managed to tug a gargantuan 416,299-pound CC-177 Globemaster III airplane for 28 feet in 2009. Before you envision Fast as a sprinter dashing across the tarmac, let’s set the record straight – speed wasn’t the essence here; it was the sheer audacity of the task itself.

It’s an achievement that’s impressive and a testament to human strength in its purest form. Imagine for a moment the colossal scale of this feat. Fast, with unwavering determination, hauled over 416,000 pounds of aircraft through sheer force of will.

That’s like a Herculean endeavor that puts every gym workout into perspective. This is one of the hardest Guinness world records to beat. 

3. Most Cockroaches Eaten in a Minute

Difficult Guinness World Records to Beat

This kind of feat makes you wonder why anyone would even consider it. But believe it Ken Edwards of Derbyshire, England, did in 2001; in a mere sixty seconds, he managed to devour thirty-six cockroaches. To put that in perspective, roughly two-thirds of a cockroach gobbled down every second. 

The mere thought of it sends shivers down our spines. And hold your disbelief because he pulled off this stomach-churning stunt right under the spotlight of a live TV broadcast on England’s morning news show, “The Big Breakfast.” Courage takes many forms, even involving something as queasy as this. I’d rather not be part of this creepy-crawly culinary club, thank you very much.

4. Most Metal Eaten

Meet Michel Lotito from Grenoble, France – a culinary maverick who defied the norms by feasting on what most wouldn’t even deem edible. And in his culinary odyssey, a significant portion consisted of none other than the metal itself.

Now, pause to ponder his peculiar menu choices: televisions, bicycles, and brace yourself – an entire airplane made its way onto Lotito’s table. These aren’t delicacies found in your local restaurant, that’s for sure!

Lotito’s appetite was broader than the usual fare. By 1997, he had consumed a staggering nine tons of metal. Yet, this unconventional gastronomic journey was spurred by a unique condition that propelled him to crave the things most of us wouldn’t consider putting anywhere near our mouths.

In 2007, Lotito bid farewell to this world due to natural causes, leaving behind a legacy of audacious eating habits.

5. Most Lawsuits Filed

Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

Jonathan Lee Riches is a name that’s hard to ignore, even if we’re treading lightly to avoid any courtroom drama. Undeniably, he’s a character worth a second glance, driven by a quest for fortune, fame, or perhaps a fusion of both. His story is nothing short of riveting.

He holds a record for the most lawsuits, an astonishing tally reaching beyond 4,000. It’s not a question of who he hasn’t sued but who has escaped his legal crosshairs. 

From the likes of Martha Stewart to George W. Bush, no one seems to be immune from Riches’ lawsuit radar. He’s even aimed his legal arrows at inanimate objects, including the iconic Eiffel Tower, in a twist of eccentricity. When he found out that he held this record, he sued Guinness.

6. Finding the World’s Biggest Diamond

A diamond weighing one and a third pounds was found in a South African diamond mine owned by Thomas Cullinan. 

This jewel’s weight, an astounding 3,106 carats in its uncut state, is worth around $400 million, which places it in a league of its own within the realm of diamonds. To put that into perspective, envision a gemstone that could fill the palm of your hand.

There was no book of records in 1905 when this record was set; however, no other diamond found has come close to this feat, so the spot was given to the Cullinan diamond.

Enter Frederick Wells, the individual who stumbled upon this unimaginable treasure. His initial reaction was disbelief – the sheer enormity of the diamond was almost too much to fathom. 

As time passed, the diamond transformed, transitioning from an awe-inspiring behemoth to more minor, equally captivating gems. Among these, some found their place within the revered Crown Jewels of England, while Queen Elizabeth II herself embraced others. 

7. The world record for holding the most world records

Ashrita Furman a Brooklyn native who’s carved his name into the Guinness World Records like no other. By day, he’s a health food store manager, and when the sun sets, he dons a different cape – one of record-breaking audacity. From the “most sit-ups in an hour” to “running on stilts,” Furman’s story is a cascade of unparalleled feats that defy conventional limits.

This is no ordinary tale; it’s a globe-trotting adventure that spans countries, continents, and cultures. Imagine a man embarking on a mission to conquer records, not just for personal glory, but to ignite innovation. 

He began working on his record quest in 1979 and has set over 600 records of which over half have been overtaken by others.

8. Most Decorated Olympian

Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

Clinching an Olympic medal is a pinnacle of athletic achievement that sparks dreams for most of us. Imagine transcending that aspiration by a staggering twenty-eight medals – a feat so extraordinary, it defies even the wildest dreams—Michael Phelps, a name synonymous with aquatic prowess, who stands as the epitome of Olympic success.

Out of those twenty-eight medals, a mesmerizing twenty-three gleam with the brilliance of gold. Phelps, the aquatic virtuoso, achieved this astounding feat over four distinct Olympic games from 2004 to 2016. 

His resolve and velocity in events like the 200-meter butterfly and the 200-meter individual medley are breathtaking – a fusion of power, precision, and sheer artistry.

Pause for comparison, and you’ll encounter gymnast Larisa Latynina, the holder of the second-place record, with a still impressive eighteen medals. As for us mere mortals, even securing a fourth-place finish would be a tale told with pride for generations to come.

9. The Oldest Person to Wing Walk

Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

It is a heart-pounding pursuit that takes walking on air to a new level. Imagine striding on an airplane’s wings while it soars through the sky. It’s not for the faint of heart, and in the early 20th century, daredevils like Charles Lindbergh brought this thrill to life, captivating spectators with awe and apprehension.

Thomas Lackey, a British man who showed age was just a number when embracing the extraordinary. Setting records isn’t a new game for him; in 2009, at the spry age of eighty-nine, he first clinched the title of the world’s oldest wing walker. But that wasn’t the end – Lackey broke his record four more times, proving that he wasn’t about to let age dictate his adventures.

2013 saw Lackey’s final triumph, as he soared to new heights at ninety-three. Talk about rewriting the definition of “flying high”! His story reminds us that the sky is no limit when it comes to pursuing our passions, defying expectations, and leaving an indelible mark on the pages of history.

10. The world’s Longest Fingernails

Hardest Guinness World Records to Beat

Shridhar Chillal of Pune, India, kept his nails for 66 years. Before cutting them, they measured 29 feet (the length of all the fingers combined).

According to Guinness World Records, the Fingernail on his thumb was measured as the longest, topping out at 197.8cm or nearly 6.5 feet. His middle fingernail was the second longest at 186.6cm or 6.1 feet.

Chillal only grew the nails on all five fingers of his left hand this long, allowing for full mobility with his right hand. He started growing them when he was 14, after being chastised by a teacher for breaking a nail.

His nails caused him physical pain and made daily sleeping difficult. He went to cut them at New York City’s Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum, where they remain on display.


Before you take that leap, remember the souls who’ve trodden these paths before you. There’s courage in trying and wisdom in discerning when to hold back. The journey to a record isn’t just about a slot in the history books; it’s a dance with the limits of human potential and, sometimes, with the fragility of life itself.

In this realm of unshakable world records, where audacity meets awe, some feats stand unyielding against the winds of time. As you contemplate your path, recognize that certain records won’t yield or waver – they’re the bedrock upon which the world of human achievements rests, a testament to the marvels and mysteries that continue to define our shared journey.

Which of these records do you think is easier to break; drop your thoughts in the comments box.


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