List Of Top Cinemas In Abuja And Their Addresses And Prices

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List Of Top Cinemas In Abuja And Their Addresses And Prices


A Cinema (according to British English) can also be called a movie theater (according to American English), Cinema hall (according to Indian English), picture house, the pictures, picture theatre or the movies.

It is a building, housing a large hall or an auditorium for watching movies, especially for entertainment. In this article, we will be showing the best cinemas in Abuja. Some of these cinemas include Genesis cinema Abuja and Genesis cinema Abuja prices. We will also highlight everything you need to know about Silverbird cinema Abuja and Silverbird cinema Abuja prices and so on. Read on.


 Abuja is a city known for taking life carefully. There’s no rush. Slow and steady. Every once in a while, one needs to distract him/herself from taking life too seriously. A sure-fire way of just relaxing and enjoying oneself is the movies.

There are lots of Cinemas in Abuja. If one is confused or searching for a pocket-friendly place to relax, network, watch a good movie or just people-watch, then this article is the right one.

Cinemas are also a great place to sightseeing as a tourist and people watch as a student of life.

List of Cinemas located in Abuja

1) Silverbird Cinema

cinemas in Abuja

The Silverbird Galleria, has always been a pacesetter and trailblazer in the world of film. The company was established by Ben Murray Bruce, a Nigerian businessman and politician in 2004 who has remained a force to reckon with. The Cinema provides lovers of movies with the best film experience, coupled with snacks and concessions.

The cinema kicked off operation at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island Lagos. It was the first cinema to open and start operation in Lagos, Nigeria in May 2004. It moved to Abuja in January 2009 and to Port Harcourt in April of the same year 2009.

Silverbird Cinemas Abuja, asides from being one of the best cinemas in Abuja, is reputed to have been the first movie house to have a twelve multiplex cinema in West Africa. It is also the first cinema to be located in two countries in West Africa.

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It is located in nine places in Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, and Accra Ghana. Silverbird Cinema is equipped with a total screen size of sixty-one, and a sitting space of about 9,319.

Asides from the twelve-screen centre in Abuja (Silverbird cinema located in Abuja), it also has an eight-screen facility in Port Harcourt, a six-screen Cinema and lifestyle store in Accra Mall, Ghana and a four-screen Cinema in Nairobi Kenya.

It is one of the largest cinema chains in West Africa.

Silverbird Cinema Abuja, Jabi Lake Mall

Silverbird Cinema Jabi Lake Mall is located at 1265A Bala Sokoto way, Jabi District, Cadastral zone BO4, Abuja.

The email address is [email protected]

Some of the movie categories shown in this Cinema in Abuja include action, animation, thriller, science fiction, biography, comedy, crime, drama, history and romance.

Silverbird Cinema Abuja Prices


  • Adult price- #1,000
  • Student price- #800
  • Children’s price-  #500


  • Adult price- #1,500 (plus promo Popcorn)
  • Student price- #1,500 (plus promo Popcorn)
  • Children price- #1,500 (plus promo Popcorn)


  • Adult price-  #1,000
  • Student price-#800
  • Children’s price- #500


  • Adult price-#1,000
  • Student price-#800
  • Children’s price-#500


  • Adult price- #1,500 (plus promo Popcorn)
  • Student price- #1,500 (plus promo Popcorn)
  • Children’s price-#1,500 (plus promo Popcorn )


  • Adult price- #1,500
  • Student price- #1,000
  • Children price- #1,000


  • Adult price-  #1,500
  • Student price-  #1,000
  • Children price- #1,000

Holidays and special days

  • Adult price- #2500
  • Children price- #2000

Requirements for the Cinema

  • An identity card
  • Money.
  • A 5-D glasses

Visit their website here for more information about the Cinema, tickets and movies are shown.

2) Silverbird Cinemas Abuja, SEC Abuja

Silverbird Cinemas, SEC Abuja is located at Plot 1161, Memorial Drive, By Musa Yar’adua Center, Central Business District, F.C.T, Abuja.

The email address is [email protected]

Some of the movie categories shown in this Cinema in Abuja include action, animation, thriller, science fiction, biography, comedy, crime, drama, history and romance.



  • #1000- (Promo. For movie ticket and Popcorn)


  • Adults: N1,000
  • Student: N800
  • Children: N500


  • N1000- (For movie ticket, Pop Corn and a  drink)


  • Adults: N1,000
  • Student: N800
  • Children: N500


  • Adults: N1,500
  • Students: N1,000
  • Children: N1,000


  • Adults: N1,500
  • Students: N1,000
  • Children: N1,000



  • Adults: N1,500
  • Students: N1,000
  • Children: N1,000

Weekdays and Weekends

  • VIP ticket: #3000

Holidays and special days

  • Adults: #2500
  • Children: #2000

Note- Promo applies to all movies except for “movie of the week”.

3) Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Abuja

cinemas in Abuja

Genesis Deluxe Cinema is a Cinema in Abuja. It is a modern Cinema equipped with a state-of-the-art environment. It has a high technology sound system, comfortable leather seats with adequate legroom, very polite attendants and generally a great ambience.

The Cinema also gives discounts and students’ pricing. It also has a concession stand where one can purchase snacks and drinks.

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas was one of the first Cinemas in Nigeria to operate a multiplex Cinema in Nigeria. The company started in 2008, but has grown over the years and now boasts of about seven Cinemas, twenty-eight screens and more than 4000 seats.

The cinema was the first in West Africa to show a 3D movie in February 2011. The title of the Movie was Green hornet directed by Michael Gondry. It is an American vigilante action comedy movie and was rated 5.8/10 on IMDb and 44% on rotten tomatoes.

Genesis deluxe cinemas Abuja is located at Ceddi Plaza, 264 Tafawa Balewa Way, Central Business District.

Their Customer service telephone is 07000300300 & 08157140000 : 9:00AM – 9:00PM


Monday Feast

Price: #1,000- (This includes ticket, film mix popcorn and a drink.)

Fidelity Tuesday (With Fidelity Cards)

Price: #500

Fidelity Tuesday (Without Fidelity Cards)

Price: #1000


Price: #700


Price: #1500(This includes the ticket and Popcorn or ticket and Hot dog).

Friday – Sunday

Price: #1,500 (For ticket only)


Price: #1,500 (For ticket only)

*With fidelity bank cards, one can watch movies at a reduced price in Genesis cinema.

4) Genesis Cinema Abuja

Genesis Cinema  Abuja is located at Abuja, Novare-Gateway Mall, Airport Rd, Lugbe, Abuja

Their telephone number is 0908 382 6732

This Genesis Cinema Abuja is part of the nine Cinemas owned and managed by the Genesis group across Nigeria.

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Genesis Cinema Abuja Novare gateway mall Lugbe promises a mind-blowing movie experience captured in both 3D and 2D.

Genesis Cinema Abuja Prices


Price: #1,000 – : [for ticket and drink ]. Before 5:00 PM.

           #1,500 – : [ for ticket and drink ]. After 5:00 PM.


Price: #1,000 – : [For ticket and drink ]. Before 5:00 PM.

          #1,500 – : [For ticket and a drink ]. After 5:00 PM.


Price: #1,000 – : [For ticket and a drink ]. Before 5:00 PM.

          #1,500 – : [For ticket and a drink ]. After 5:00 PM.


Price:  #1,000 – : [For ticket and a drink ]. Before 5:00 PM.

           #1,500 – : [For the ticket and a drink ]. After 5:00 PM.


#2,000 – : [ For the Ticket and a drink ]

#2,500 – : [For the ticket, a drink and popcorn ]

Asides from Abuja, the Genesis Cinema Abuja is also located at Palms Shopping Mall Lekki Lagos, Maryland mall Lagos, Novare Lekki Mall Sangotedo Lagos, Genesis centre Port Harcourt, Owerri Mall Owerri, Asaba Mall Delta State, Warrior Delta Mall Effurun and Abia Mall Umuahia.

Requirements for the movie theater

  • Money
  • Bank cards
  • Identity cards
  • Snacks
  • An identity card.
  • Dark glasses.

Visit here for more information.

4) Nilabam pictures

Empty cinema hall with red seats and big wide screen

 Nilabam pictures is located at 81 A.E. Ekukinam Street, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria.

Opening Hours :

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours

Sunday: Open 24 hours

5) Sunset Drive

cinemas in Abuja

Sunset drive Cinemas is located at Accra Park, Wuse Zone 5, behind Grand Ibro hotel, Abuja FCT Nigeria

Their  telephone numbers are 0907 866 9414, 0803 792 6333

Sunset Drive is a drive-in cinema in Abuja. It provides outdoor or open-air cinema services. It was opened on the 13th of October 2017. They show a vast collection of interesting movies. This Cinema is particularly interesting because one can sit in one’s car, or under the open skies, watching the movie shown and also enjoying nature without being cooped in with other people.

To enjoy the movie, one has to just drive in and park, ensuring that the headlamps are turned off. Then tune the car radio to 96.5 to appreciate the audio of the movie shown.

Individuals without vehicles can also enjoy movies at the Cinema. Foldable chairs are available. One just has to come along with a radio or any radio device.

To keep up with their movies, follow them on Instagram

Opening days.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


#1000 or #1500 per car or #500 per person. They have a free entry principle on Wednesdays.

Tickets are available on site.


7:00 pm on scheduled days.


Food and snacks can be bought in the premises but not alcohol.

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Requirements for this theatre

  • A car or a seat.
  • A radio
  • An identity card
  • Snacks

6) Tochsmileout Abuja

Tochsmileout Movie theatre is located at Katampe Rd, Kado, Abuja.

The telephone number is  0703 869 9469.

It is a very child-friendly movie theater.

7) J Cinemas


J Cinema is a Movie theatre located at Samuel Ademulegun Avenue, Phase 1, Abuja.

It is absolutely kid friendly.

8) Africa free press

It is a Movie theatre located at  24 Lateef Jakande Crescent, Gudu, Abuja.


Historical perspective of Cinemas.

The earliest and recorded public film screening took place in venues called “Vaudevilles” which could be darkened and could contain a sizeable number of people.

Thomas Edison played a part in the history of Cinemas by inventing the kinetoscope. This was used on the 14th of April 1894, by the Holland Bros. in New York City at 1155 Broadway, on the corner of 27th Street which eventually became the first kinetoscope parlour and was regarded, according to history, as the first commercial motion picture house. The parlour had up to ten machines, which were set up in parallel rows of five showing different movies. Individuals usually paid twenty-five cents to view movies on either row or half a dollar for the entire bill.

An Eidoloscope, invented by Eugene Augustin Lauste was demonstrated to members of the press on the 21st of April 1891 and was opened for the public to pay and view on the 20th of May. The venue for the films was in a lower Broadway store.

Motion pictures were demonstrated with a bioscope by the skladanowsky brothers in July 1895 at the Gasthaus sello in Pankow Berlin. This venue eventually became a full-time movie theater in 1918.

In the United States of America, storefronts were converted to small and simple theatres and admitted people with as small as twenty-five cents. It eventually became the Nickelodeons.

Design of a standard Cinema

A cinema, traditionally has a single auditorium with rows and columns of comfortable seats and a foyer, containing a box office, for purchasing tickets. Within the theaters’ lobby is a concession stand where one can buy drinks and snacks.

Other included features are film posters, arcade games and washrooms.

Multiplexes and megaplexes

The first country to operate a two-screen system was Canada. The Elgin theatre was the first theatre to do such.  It showed two film’s in one theatre in the year 1957. The owner of the theatre was Nat Taylor.

Nat Taylor, according to Canadian sources, was the first man to operate a multiplex or Cineplex system.  He eventually founded the Cineplex Odeon corporation which opened the 18-screen Toronto Eating centre Cineplex, which was the largest at that time. Multiple screen theatres have become normal since 1960. The auditoria are divided into smaller halls and a single foyer serving all. It is on record that Cinemas still operating a single screen system (uniplex) have packed up due to reduced customer base.

A large Cinema with more than 20 screens is known as a Megaplex. The first Megaplex was the Kinepolis in Brussels, Belgium. It was opened in 1988 and is equipped with 25 screens and comfortably seats up to 25 people.

Drive-in Cinemas

A drive-in Cinema is a large parking area, with a projection screen mounted at one end. It is usually in an outdoor setting. It operates after sunset and could be seasonal in operation.

Sound is provided by loudspeakers mounted at corners or is broadcast on an FM radio frequency.

Individuals who come to see the movie sit in their cars and watch the movie through the windscreen of the car or sit on the hood of their cars.

3D film

This refers to a system or an approach to showing films so it appears three-dimensionally to the viewer. Special 3D glasses are used to view the movie. The glasses can be supplied by the Cinema, or bought by the individual and carried along to watch the movie. The glasses are polarized glasses.

3D images using a system of two images projected to each of the eyes made to assume or simulate depth. The glasses deliver the exact image to the exact eye and make the images appear like they are popping out to the individual viewing the movie. It also tends to follow the viewer where ever he/she turns to.

The earliest 3D movies premiered in 1920. It also picked up speed again around 1950 as it served as an incentive to audiences. In 1953, two movies: Warner Bros “house of wax” and Columbia pictures “man in the dark” were the first movies to have 3D features and were also equipped with stereophonic sound.

In 2009, the 3D movies sparked up again and have since climbed up the ladder to include 4D and 5D movies. Businessmen and film companies in Nigeria also jumped on the wagon, as it gave the audience a different feel from the usual bore of home videos. Cinemas in Abuja also adopted such features and are part of the appeal given to the general public.


This is a system, adopted by film companies to enlarge the regular screen from about 35mm to about 10 times the size to produce image quality much better than the regular or conventional size. One would not be wrong if it’s referred to as “Super high definition”. They use a very large screen and special projectors. There is an IMAX movie theatre in Nigeria. The IMAX Filmhouse Lekki. There is none in Abuja at the moment. Using an IMAX screen to view a movie is best appreciated when the movie was filmed using IMAX features.

The IMAX screen was invented by a Canadian company and was first set up in Ontario place, Toronto, Canada.

Luxury screens

This refers to Cinemas that offer luxury services like luxurious seating on padded reclining,  leather chairs, refills of drinks and snacks, beer, liquor and wine service and a service bell. There are luxury screens in Nigeria. It is important to note that Cinemas must have a liquor license before they can serve alcohol.

Crowd control

Due to expansion and the advent of multiplexes, crowds have become a problem in theatres, especially with new movies. Holdout lines were crated preventing moviegoers from entering the hall until it is cleared out.

The Cinema experience in Abuja is an interesting one and definitely, a must-see for everyone visiting or residing in the city. As technology is breaking more ground, better movie services like megaplexes are sure to become a thing and boost the experience of moviegoers in Cinemas in Abuja.

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