Top 11 Driving Schools in Staten Island

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So eager to get on the wheel and cruise around the town but don’t have little or no driving skills? Need the list of the best driving schools in Staten Island?

If that is correct, then this article will get you covered.

There are numerous driving schools in Staten Island offering driving classes, but only a few of them were able to get good ratings from their students.

Thus, the need to compile a list of the top driving schools in Staten Island that you can trust.

This list comprises the top driving schools offering certification courses in Truck and heavy-duty wheels, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Top Driving Schools in Staten Island

Note that all the driving schools that made it to our list offer driving courses for registration fees that are not above the city average.

They also have favorable and encouraging feedback from their formal clients or students.
And we also took our time to look into the packages, courses, and certifications they are offering to their prospective students.

Hence, take your time to explore your options and decide which of them has the perfect course for you:

Driving schools in Staten Island

1. Long Life Driving School

Without any doubt, Long Life Driving School remains one of the top driving schools in Staten Island you can go to for your driving lessons.

This driving school has a lot of qualified instructors who fully understand the game with down-to-earth human relationships.

The school offers qualitative diving Lessons, 6hr Defensive driving, 5hr Pre- Lic Course, and many more.

Also, attending Long Life Driving School for your driving classes means you stand a chance to get a Car for Road Test.

To register your intention, visit their official website here for more inquiries, and you can contact their office with this number +1 718-448-5778 or [email protected].

2. CDL Academy

Another top and leading driving academy in Staten Island is CDL Academy. In this school, their specialty lies in Truck driving.

The CDL Academy’s staff are highly qualified professionals, and they’ve taught and written several driving courses for many schools in the United States.

CDL Academy offers complete classroom lessons and field training all within their campus. Don’t doubt, CDL remains the best Truck driving school in Staten Island.

If you are not from Staten Island, this driving school also offers flexible payment options and lodging for intending students to register for the courses.

3. Drive Rite Academy

Drive Rite Academy is a reputable driving school you can patronize for your driving courses.

The school provides an incredible and professional service that gives wannabe drivers the confidence to pass their road tests and ride safely on the roads equally.

4. AA&A Secure Driving School

AA&A is one of the long-serving driving schools in Staten Island, and it has registered and taught thousands of students how to handle the wheel.

This driving school’s primary aim and objective are to give solid foundation, knowledge, and skills to reduce teen and adult risk on the road.

As&A believes that quality driving education is vital in improving safe driving attitudes and managing time, visibility, and space in traffic.

Hence, if you are keen on having safe driving throughout your driving endeavor innovatively and interactively, go to AA&A then.

Their school is at 3827 Richmond ave Staten Island, NY 10312, and the office can be reached via (718) 984-0666.

5. North Ave Driving School

The North Ave Driving School was founded in 1995, and since then, they’ve been offering quality driving classes.

From auto, and CDL to Motorcycle testing, North Ave Driving School has competent and qualified instructors — licensed by the State of New Jersey — to take students on road courses.

Moreover, this driving school in Staten Island is equally licensed to administer and train 16 years students on Written and Vision Tests.

This is one of North Ave Driving School’s added advantages over some of its counterparts in the industry.

6. Trucking Truth (Felito) Driving School

If at a point in time you ever dream or ponder about becoming A Truck Driver to improve your way of life, it’s a good indication that change is about to happen in your life.

If you are ready to begin this new adventure as a driver, TruckingTruth will guide you and help you decide if trucking is a good fit for you.

There, their instructors are noble and ready to help intended Truck drivers get their careers off to a better start.

However, Ferlito Driving School is located at 2165 Morris Ave. Suite 21 Union. And you can contact their office via 908-687-0100.

7. Atlas Driving School

Worthy of mention on this list is Atlas Driving School. This driving school in Staten Island is a family business established in 2002.

Right from its inception, the driving school has been banking and operating on its goodwill and, as such, become a reputed institution for Staten Island citizens.

The Atlas Driving School’s aim and objective are to have a community of well-educated people with a solid foundation on how to drive safely on the road.

Behind their day-to-day activities, Atlas Driving School is also passionate about creating risk-aware programs for the capable drivers behind the wheel.

Like their slogan, go to Atlas today if you want to “Drive with Confidence.”

8. Diaspora Auto School

For decent driving classes and practical field driving with qualified instructors, Diaspo Auto School is one of the go-to driving schools in the industry.

Moreover, their trained and licensed instructors are always willing to train and prepare their students for qualitative road driving.

Hence, for your Pre-license package or defensive driving, Visit Diaspo Auto to become a safe and confident driver!

9. Island Driving School

Also, Island Driving School provides world-class and quality driving education to Staten Island citizens and its surrounding areas.

Their office is 816 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310.

10. Safety First Driving School

Safety First Driving School has been in the business for the past 20 years, and it remains one of the go-to driving schools in Staten Island.

You can go here for your pre-license class, refresher, defensive driving, etc. Safety First Driving School is situated at 3186 State Highway 27 Kendall Park, NJ 08824.

11. Moore HS Driving School

With over seven years in service, Moore HS is another top and leading driving school in Staten Island; you can go for your defensive driving, refresher, and all forms of driving classes.

Their office is 100 Merrill Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314, United States.

Those mentioned above are the top and leading driving schools in Staten Island that can polish your driving skills and help you quickly earn a driving license.

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