Mint Mobile Review: 7 Things to Think About in 2023.


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Review of Mint Mobile 2023 from a Real Client.

Are you wondering if the Mint mobile cell phone is worth your money? The answer is a big yes, but it is not meant for everyone. In this review of mint mobile 2023 from a real client, you will learn everything about Mint Mobile.

Reviewing some cheap plans over time, the Mint mobile has attractive plans and a comfortable cost. 

List of contents

  • What is Mint Mobile?
  • What Level of Coverage Has Mint Mobile?
  • Costs and schedules.
  • Amazing Characteristics.
  • Choices for mobile.
  • Service to customers.
  •  Review of Pros and Cons

1. What is Mint Mobile?

In this mint mobile review, we will learn what Mint Mobile is. Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual service provider under the control of T-Mobile. 

This service provider is notable for cheap prepaid plans and collaborates with T-Mobile’s network, cell towers, and 5G network.

Mint Mobile announced in March 2023 the transfer of its business portfolio to T-Mobile at  $1.35 billion. 

Despite the change in ownership and control, the cheap plans remain untouched. This information was relayed to customers via proper mediums. 

Mint Mobile Review

2. What Level of Coverage Has Mint Mobile?

As of 2023, Mint Mobiles’ level of coverage is above 62% in the United States with its launched 5G service, which competes with other providers. 

Map of Mint Mobile Coverage

The Mint Mobile Review also follows the availability of 5G coverage. It provides a system where a customer can enlarge a specific area on Mint Mobile’s coverage map or by tapping the minus sign icon on the right to search for proper 5G coverage on the T-Mobile network.

Mint Mobile Review

Are you dissatisfied with your service provider? Opting for a cheap and flexible plan with 5G coverage on its Map is a significant flex. Although these availability maps may not be accurate, this accuracy can not be less than a usable signal strength.

The experience I have Had

Considering a check on this service within 4 cities with robust T-Mobile Networks in 2018, they were only a few dropped calls during the experience around the towns.

Mint Mobile Review

An initial test was checked with the Mint Mobile 4G network, where an average speed of 20-25 Mbps was recorded. 

Then With the newly supported 5G on Mint Mobil, a test was conducted in South Florida with an iPhone 12 device, and a recorded speed of 300Mbps was marked. 

Results of the Mint Mobile 5G Speed Test

TimeDownload rateUpload rate
2/15/2023, 10:00 AM251 Mbps24.3 Mbps
2/15/2023, 11:00 AM287 Mbps 17.1 Mbps
2/15/2023, 12:00 PM308 Mbps 19.8 Mbps
2/15/2023, 1:00 PM169 Mbps17.5 Mbps
2/15/2023, 2:00 PM315 Mbps18.7 Mbps
Mint Mobile Review

As you decide to subscribe to Mint Mobile, note that network speed will undoubtedly be affected when the network is congested; regardless, at 5-10Mbps watching videos online is still possible.

3. Costs and schedules.

There’s no monthly plan on the Mint Mobile, but a flexible plan ranges to $15 per 3,6, and 6 months. There’s also a new customer plan on the platform that you can take advantage of.

  • $55 ($15/month) for the 5GB Plan
  • $60 ($20/month) for the 15GB Plan
  • $75 ($25/month) for the 20GB Plan
  • Unlimited Plan: $90 ($30/month) for 40GB

 Mints  Mobile released an update on April 14, 2023, that gives new and existing customers more high-speed data without spending too much.

4GB  monthly5 GB  monthly
10GB monthly15 GB monthly
15 GB monthly20GB monthly
Limitless (35GB monthly)Limitless (40GB monthly)

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A trick for new single-line subscribers is locking on a low-priced 12-month plan after benefiting from the new customer offer for 3 months.

5GB Plan

New Client Promotion$34 for three months
the 3-Month Plan$75 for 3 months on 
Plan for 6 months at $120
Plan for 12 months (best value) $180 for a year

15GB Plan

New Client Promotion$60 over three months
the 3-Month Plan$105 for 3 months on 
the 6-Month Plan$150 for 6 months on 
Plan for 12 months (best value)$240 for a year

20GB Plan

New Client Promotion$75 for 3 months
3 months plan$135 for 3 months
6-Month Plan$210 for 6 months
Plan for 12 months (best value)$300 for a year

 (40GB) Unlimited Plan

New Client Promotion$90 for three months
Plan for 3 months  $120
6-Month Plan$210 for 6 months
Plan for 12 months (best value)$360 for a year

There’s also a family plan account with more than one user but these subscribers must pay an advance of 3 months.

Mint Mobile Review

For Single persons, the unlimited plan is better for a low cost of  $25 per month.

Mint Mobile offers a starter kit and touts a 7-day money-back guarantee on all plans for those who are unsure. 

ALERT: When you buy a new phone and a six-month plan, there’s an existing promotion offer that offers 6 months of service for free.

4. Amazing Characteristics.

The fun fact about the Mint Plan is the availability of unlimited text and talk bonuses. This is dependent on the chosen plan for the 4G LTE and 5G service cover.

Additional plan offers include:

  • Free international calls are available to Mexico and Canada.
  • Free mobile hotspot; 10GB maximum on Unlimited plan.
  • calling and texting via WiFi.

On the service, data cannot be lost. Even when the subscription is exhausted, only high speed is reduced.

5. Choices for mobile.?

There’s now an upgrade in the Mint Mobile phone selection with more than 60 phones from varieties of brands available on the company’s site. With an existing phone or a new one, the plan can function.

Before enrolling, ensure the phone is unlocked and compatible with Mint Mobile by accessing the Mint website and entering the IMEI of the phone.

6. Service to customers.

The reason for Mints Mobile’s low price in plans according to this Mint Mobile review is that it has no physical store. Those who demand a one-on-one interaction would find this upsetting.

The eCRM functions incredibly well via communication mediums. On launching the service, a kit with instructions is sent with tips to activate the service. A real and eSim will be provided.


For more assistance, use the Mint app where you can contact the chat or service assistant. The app is a suitable tool to monitor data usage.


High-speed data usage is restricted under Mint Mobile’s plans, so the software will allow you to keep track of how much data you have left for the month and when it expires. 

Other places in the app allow you to carry out operations like paying a bill and switching your payment method.

7. Review of Pros and Cons

Although Mint Mobile can’t be compared with T-Mobile, it sure offers cheap plans.

Benefits Drawbacks
Cheaper multi-month subscriptionsno choice of a monthly plan
Available for free over 5G  Deprioritization when a network is busy
simple to activate and setupLack of actual stores
a strong app experience

Tello and Metro by T-Mobile are two prepaid options to consider as an alternative to T-Mobile. if you’d prefer to pay monthly.


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