22 Octoberfest outfits ideas


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There tons of Octoberfest outfits ideas out there, but to be discussed today are the top 22 outfits suitable for the popular octoberfest festival.

Every year, people worldwide go to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest which is a famous German festival. This German festival has been going strong for centuries.

It is renowned for its lively atmosphere, tasty food, beer, and, of course, iconic clothing. There is a wide range of clothing options for the festival, from the traditional dirndl dress to the more modern lederhosen.

To help you look and feel your best during this year’s Oktoberfest, we’ve compiled a list of 22 distinct wardrobe suggestions for you to explore.

We have everything you need, whether you want a classic style or something with a contemporary spin. Join me as we check what all the fuss over Oktoberfest clothing is about!

Best Octoberfest Outfits Ideas

Below are some of the outfit ideas we recommend for you to wear during Octoberfest:

1. Dirndl Dresses

Octoberfest outfits ideas

At Oktoberfest, the Dirndl is the standard outfit for ladies. Its Alpine roots explain why this has become a symbol of Bavarian identity across the world. The dress has a tight bodice, a flared skirt, and an attached apron. 

Traditional Dirndl dresses typically feature checkered or floral designs, however, they come in a wide range of colors and prints. Often, they’ll pair their outfits with a blouse, which is a white top with voluminous sleeves.

You can’t go wrong during Oktoberfest with a Dirndl dress, whether you choose a classic or modern design.

2. Lederhosen 

Octoberfest outfits ideas

Lederhosen or “leather pants,” are a staple item in every man’s Oktoberfest wardrobe. These shorts are typically paired with suspenders and a bib, and they are constructed of tough leather. 

It is typical for residents and visitors to wear lederhosen in honor of Bavarian heritage at Oktoberfest events worldwide. 

They’re perfect for a night out of dining, drinking, and dancing because they look great and are both functional and comfy. Putting on a pair of lederhosen is a great way to get into the spirit of the celebration.

3. Bavarian Jacket 

Octoberfest outfits ideas

During Oktoberfest, it is common for men to wear traditional Bavarian jackets. This jacket, often crafted from wool or velvet, is decorated with metal buttons and embroidery for a refined finish. It’s great for fall and winter since it keeps you warm without sacrificing your sense of style.

Because of its elaborate patterns and careful construction, the Bavarian jacket has become a symbol of Bavarian identity. If you want to make an impression at Oktoberfest, try wearing a traditional Bavarian jacket over your lederhosen or trousers.

4. Trachten Skirt

Octoberfest outfits ideas

At Oktoberfest, ladies who want something more modest than the traditional dirndl outfit sometimes choose a longer skirt known as a Trachten. 

This skirt, typically made of wool or cotton, is worn with a shirt or sweater for a casual and functional look. The skirt, which is traditionally worn in Bavaria, is known for its elaborate needlework or bright motifs. A 

Trachten skirt is a chic and comfy choice that will see you through the whole festival, whether you’re strolling the grounds or getting your groove on to the live music. The Trachten skirt is an iconic piece, making it a top pick for people who want to feel truly immersed in the Oktoberfest experience.

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5. Traditional Shirt

Men at Oktoberfest almost always wear a traditional shirt, sometimes called a Trachten shirt or a Bavarian shirt. Cotton or linen is commonly used for these shirts, and they have ornamental buttons and stitching. 

You can achieve a traditional appearance by combining them with denim or lederhosen and wearing either together.

A traditional shirt is a great option for men to wear at Oktoberfest. It is both comfortable and fashionable, and its exquisite embellishments pay homage to Bavaria’s rich cultural history.

6.Checkered Shirt

Octoberfest outfits ideas

Both men and women frequently wear checkered shirts during Oktoberfest. This timeless pattern is easily recognizable thanks to its characteristic squares, which are either a white and blue or a red and white color scheme. 

Whether you’re wearing a lederhosen or a dirndl, this hat is essential to any authentic Bavarian outfit. Attending Oktoberfest with a checkered shirt is a bright and comfortable choice, and there are many different kinds available (from cotton to flannel).

7. Trachten Blouse

A Trachten blouse is a festival classic in Bavaria and Austria, seen most frequently at Oktoberfest. It is characterized by its square neckline, puffy sleeves, and elaborate embellishments. 

The blouse is worn with the dirndl skirt or the lederhosen shorts and is often made of light fabric like cotton or linen. Because of the wide range of colors and designs available, trachten blouses are a great addition to any Oktoberfest ensemble.

8. Gingham Dress

Octoberfest outfits ideas

Worthy of mentioning on the list of top Octoberfest outfits ideas is the Gingham dress.

Wearing a gingham dress at Oktoberfest is a common fashion trend. It is generally worn with knee-high socks and casual shoes and has a white and colorful checkered design. 

The dress’s carefree and classic attitude is perfect for Oktoberfest’s joyous celebrations. It’s a great way to jazz up your Oktoberfest getup with some color and design. Also, it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

9. Traditional Necktie

When it comes to men’s attire for Oktoberfest, nothing beats a classic necktie. It is often constructed of fine silk or wool and comes in rich tones of red or green. 

Wearing a necktie is common practice when donning a suit or shirt with a lederhosen. It’s a stylish way to wear the classic colors of Oktoberfest without going overboard.

10. Embroidered skirt

When it comes to women’s attire for Oktoberfest, an embroidered skirt is a lovely and elegant choice. It is often crafted from fine cloth and decorated with elaborate needlework, frequently incorporating regional symbols from Bavaria like flowers or animals. 

A blouse and knee-high socks complete the classic outfit of the skirt. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show off your uniqueness while adhering to the traditional German attire that Oktoberfest celebrates.

11. Bavarian T-shirts

A Bavarian T-shirt is a casual top with a motif from Bavaria, Germany. These tops typically include native patterns and themes. You can wear this if you wish to dress casually but yet represent the Bavarian culture. 

You pair the T-shirt with your favorite pair of shorts, jeans, or a skirt for a laid-back, stylish ensemble.

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12. Modern Dirndl

Octoberfest outfits ideas

The modern Dirndl is a reinvention of the classic Bavarian garment, and it typically differs from the original in length, neckline, and pattern. It’s perfect for individuals who wish to dress in a fashionable and up-to-date manner while getting into the spirit of Oktoberfest. 

The dress has a voluminous skirt, a fitted bodice, and classic knee-high socks or fashionable shoes to complete the style. This modern Dirndl is the way to go if you want to put a modern spin on a traditional Oktoberfest outfit.

13. Bavarian-style Corset Top with a Full Midi Skirt

Octoberfest outfits ideas

The classic Bavarian corset top paired with a voluminous midi skirt is a common sight during Oktoberfest. The top part of the corset is often created from high-quality fabrics and decorated with elaborate techniques like embroidery and lace. 

The full midi skirt is often fashioned from a light fabric like cotton or linen, and it often has a bright pattern or design.  In addition, a trachten hat or a flower headband is a common accessory to round off the outfit.

14. Knee-length skirt with Embroidered Suspenders and Blouse 

Dressing in a colorful and fashionable knee-length skirt with embroidered suspenders and a shirt is a great way to celebrate Oktoberfest. Typically, the skirt is constructed out of a breezy fabric like cotton or linen and is adorned with vibrant embroidery or motifs. 

Usually, the suspenders will include matching stitching or buttons. This top is white and features puffy sleeves or lace. This costume is perfect for showing off your own sense of fashion at Oktoberfest.

15. Checkered Button-up Shirt with Denim Shorts 

Enjoy the celebrations of Oktoberfest in style and comfort by pairing a checkered button-up shirt with denim shorts. Sometimes, the shirt’s checkerboard pattern would be either blue and white, or green and white, two colors deeply associated with Bavaria.

Denim shorts are an easy and breezy option for the hot weather that typically characterizes an Oktoberfest visit. To top off the look, a trachten hat is a standard accessory, and shoes like sneakers or sandals are common footwear choices.

16. German-style Suspenders With Shorts And a Shirt

Octoberfest outfits ideas

The shorts, shirt, and suspenders traditional to Germany are a chic and functional choice for the beer hall. The suspenders are often made from high-quality materials like leather and adorned with buttons or embroidery. 

The shorts are frequently patterned and bright, and they are usually composed of light fabric like cotton. This shirt is often a plain white or beige button-up. Putting on this outfit is a fantastic way to feel at home at the festival while still embracing traditional German fashion.

17. Lederhosen-style Romper With White Blouse

A white blouse and a pair of lederhosen-style shorts make for a warm, festive Oktoberfest ensemble. The romper has a design inspired by classic lederhosen, right down to the suspenders and embroidery. 

To complete the look, a white shirt is worn underneath the romper; this top is typically sleeveless or has lace trim. To fully immerse oneself in the chaotic spirit of Oktoberfest, this outfit is essential.

18. Beer Maid Costume

It is common for German women to dress in beer-maid costumes at the Oktoberfest festival. It consists of a white puffy shirt, a corset, a green skirt, and occasionally a white apron. 

Knee-high socks or stockings and casual shoes are common complements to this outfit. Women who want to dress up for Octoberfest without sacrificing comfort or style often opt for the beer maid appearance.

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19. Purses

Octoberfest outfits ideas

As a general rule, the less money you bring to Oktoberfest in Munich, the better. Not only do they have strict policies against bringing huge bags into the beer tents, but they’re also impractical. They quickly become cumbersome when you’re trying to down 1-liter glasses of beer.

Take a small crossbody bag since it will not get in the way of the beer tents during Oktoberfest. In this way, you may carry only a tiny, safe bag and yet have both hands free. 

Bags with ornate crossbody straps may be found in a wide variety of Oktoberfest-related themes and colors to complement any dirndl. The gingerbread heart biscuits that are a staple of the Munich Oktoberfest are the inspiration for the design of some of the purses.

Dirndl purses (dirndltasche) are also available and are designed to connect to the front apron tie in order to match the material of the dress.

20. Traditional Bavarian Tracht For Men with Knee-Length Shorts 

At Oktoberfest, males often wear the traditional Bavarian Tracht, which consists of a shirt and a Lederhosen that end at the knee. The shorts are paired with a long shirt (often linen or cotton) and knee-high socks to create the traditional Bavarian look. 

You can pair this look with suspenders, a belt, and the traditional shoes which is known as “Haferlschuhe”. The Tracht costume is a proud representation of Bavarian tradition and culture that is worn at Oktoberfest.

21. Pink or Purple Pinafore Dress With a White Blouse

For a girly and carefree look that’s perfect for Oktoberfest, try pairing a pink or purple pinafore dress with a crisp white shirt. Pinafore dresses are normally sleeveless, have a fitted bodice, and have a voluminous skirt that ends just above the knee. 

Cotton or linen is commonly used, and it may be found in a wide range of colors and designs. You can find it in a wide range of colors and designs and is often made from cotton or linen. 

A white blouse, often of airy cotton and with a ruffled or laced neckline, is worn under the dress. If you want to dress like a true German at Octoberfest but still want to show off your feminine side, this outfit is for you.

22. Red and White Checkered Dress with a Matching Apron

Women often wear the traditional red and white checkered dress with the apron during Octoberfest. The dress has a figure-hugging bodice and a flared skirt, as well as a traditional Bavarian checkered design in red and white. Cotton or linen is used to make the dress, and it is often knee-length. 

The outfit is finished off with a coordinated apron that is worn over the dress and often has a beautiful hem or embroidery. If you want to look authentically German during this year’s Oktoberfest celebrations without sacrificing comfort or style, then this is the costume for you.


From the iconic Bavarian Tracht to more modern takes on the style, there is no shortage of options when it comes to what to Oktoberfest outfits ideas. You can find any outfit you love, whether you like the Lederhosen and Dirndl or want something brighter. 

Also, you can style your outfits by accessorizing with traditional hats, shoes, and jewelry. Regardless of your sense of fashion, you can choose an outfit that fits in with the Oktoberfest atmosphere that is perfect for you.


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